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  1. Yea that loofah design tsuba is a very famous design by kato teruaki. However it’s also one of the most faked designs out there. When I see it I instantly know it’s fake. Most of them are poor fakes too, the nanako is printed or cast. I’ve never actually seen the real loofah tsuba before from him before. I’m sure the real one must have looked amazing.
  2. Just got back the results from shinsa today. This tsuba passed Tokubetsu Hozon!!!!! 🙌
  3. Being a buyer of only very high end tosogu, Darcy’s prices are actually fairly reasonable. Especially compared to Iidakoendo or other sites.
  4. All very great suggestions. I’ve actually been eyeing lida-san’s Goto Ichijo daisho tsuba set for awhile but it’s a bit too expensive for me. Personally I feel Darcy’s items are usually the perfect sweet spot for me in terms of price an quality. btw, can anyone link a gallery for Shingendo? I can never find what they have in inventory from navigating their website.
  5. Happy new years, time for my quarterly WTB high-end tsuba post. I'm looking for a very high-end machibori tsubas (preferably 7cm+) from these schools: -Tanaka School -Otsuki/Unno School -Omori School -Ichijo School -Ishiguro School -Sekibun School -Mito/Hagiya School -Kono (Haruaki) School -Ichinomiya School -Iwamoto School -Hamano Noriyuki or Shozui -And any other amazing late Edo/Meiji tsubas If the price is over $10,000USD I require Shinsa papers. Feel free to post here or pm me, thanks!
  6. That probably one of my favorite F/K I've seen yet! the detailed inaly work and that rarely seen Natsuo long mei is beautiful!
  7. Do you know how I can get into contact to buy some of these items? specifically his tanto pieces?
  8. Gassan Sadatoshi is one of my favorite Mukansa smiths. I was wondering is this katana from him in Sōshū style? does not seem to be ayasugi hada looking at the close up photos: https://katananokura.jp/SHOP/1708-K01.html Additionally, were there tantos for sale by him? Especially that tanto in your post, was it for sale?
  9. Very beautiful! I especially love the elegance of the openwork tail turning into the stream.
  10. What does the mei say for the daisho tsuba set? Very fine and detailed work.
  11. Hi Simon, I didn't get a pm. Can you please send again?
  12. I quite like this tsuba, I like the theme and the ura side, those branches on top are very delicately carved.
  13. I really like that kozuka Bob! It’s has the Otsuki lightning and the carving is done very well. I don’t usually collect kozuka but if you decide to sell it I would be very interested in buying it!
  14. Can anyone please provide a list of the Joko ranked fitting makers in the Kinko Meikan (or you can pm me)? or even how many # of Joko ranked fitting makers there are? Before anyone points it out, yes I realize the rankings don't really mean that much but I am curios just who is considered Joko in the Kinko Meikan. I can't read Japanese and I'm not even sure how the Kinko Meikan works so I would be very grateful for this list.
  15. Okay, I realize this is a very specific request, and likely I won't find any tsubas like this here but doesn't hurt to ask. I'm paying a lot of money ($10k+) for a tsuba with an Otsuki school lightning if anyone is selling one, so please pm me or post here please. Here's some tsubas with an Otsuki school style lightning, ex: https://collections.mfa.org/objects/11884/tsuba-with-design-of-tigers?ctx=0d5130dd-4c91-4a06-a5fe-8fc2a4b8654b&idx=30 https://collections.mfa.org/objects/11873/tsuba-with-design-of-dragon-clouds-and-lightning?ctx=0bae1b9f-4a0e-4201-b42d-9508e78ae204&idx=3 https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/19295/lot/43/
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