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  1. Yep, completely different tsubas. The seller does mention "Similar products will be listed in "Edo Metalworking Edition". Please note that it is not this product.". It's very nice though. I've seen Marus Chambers, modern US smith, do a utsushi of Murakami's most famous dragonfly tsuba and it takes an incredible amount of skill and work to get it right.
  2. Sad to see his website go. It's such an amazing source of online knowledge written in English. I don't know of any other site that goes so in-depth into fittings like his.
  3. Thank for sharing David, when I read your stories with him I invision it all in my mind. Learned a lot of new things as well about Darcy. Must have been such nostalgic, fun and amazing moments shared with him.
  4. It's definitely not functional and Meiji era export/art piece. The elaborate enamel and massive size are the first give away. Yea, did you see those tiny square indents in the tsuba? very strange I've never seen them before.
  5. Saw this tsuba pop up for auction and thought it was quite interesting as it's a combination of mixed metal and enamel. Usually It's either just enamel or just mixed metal but not both: https://auctionet.com/en/1958835-hidemasa-a-Japanese-mixed-metal-and-enamel-tsuba Also there's some strange tiny square indentations on it. Does anyone know what those are?
  6. The Hamano Naohide and Omori Terumitsu tsubas in this auction I’ve definitely seen for sale on Darcy’s website in the past.
  7. Yeah, there's at least two issaku koshirae, both fairly famous: ^one of my favorite koshiraes of all time, incredible iron work ^from Darcy's website. "Blade is called Suiryuken due to the fantastic mounts with dragons and waves he made for the blade. The blade is now Juyo Bunkazai" -Darcy Going back to the tsuba, admittedly that mei is looks quite authentic.
  8. Agreed, the feet and the roughness around the chicken inlay is where I'm like rlly? no way it's anything close to the real thing. Also the composition and surface of the tsuba.
  9. So when I first saw this tsuba I blew it off as fake, since well it's Natsuo and on Yahoo Japan, and additionally never saw this chicken in his sketchbooks before. That being said I just checked the auction results and it sold for $27,441! What's your thoughts about it? Think it's hopeful people with lots of money who just wanted to bid on something "Natsuo"? or is there more to this tsuba that I'm missing? https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/l1001421571?conversionType=browsing_history
  10. https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/l1001421571?lang=en&rc=yaucc_sp this “Natsuo” tsuba has interestingly 30+ bids on it already! What are people’s thoughts?
  11. I've dealt with them before. Legit and very good dealer. Had no problems with them and very communicative.
  12. Hi, I'm looking to buy a tanto or hira-wakizashi with horimono from Gassan Sadatoshi or if anyone could put me in contact with someone who sells them. Here's are some great examples of what I'm looking for:
  13. I don’t want to miss this being an Ichijo school fan. To confirm is this on Saturday only? 11am to 3pm?
  14. That time of the year again when the SF Token Kai is coming up. Wanted to say the original post still stands and if you have any tsubas fitting my criteria and you will be at the SF Token Kai please pm me.
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