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  1. Hi! I would say 3000$ and up for a simple okashi with a Zunari kabuto. Anthony
  2. Hi! As a bystander I just wonder over what Brian wrote. If Brian has the details from John and states that the payment plan wasn’t followed. Is the lenght of the plan relevant? And who decided the lenght. Why didn’t John write, what I find most important and that is the deal breaker. The payment plan wasn’t followed by the buyer. Who is then at fault? The seller or the buyer? If the agreement was set in stone, clearly the buyer IMHO. The I think flexibility from a seller would promote him. Anthony
  3. Hi! Yesterday I won two interesting revolvers at an American auction. First one is a Colt Navy 1851, calible'36. Obviously made in the US but on the right side near the barrel there is Japanese Kanji; Kanagawa-ken...(Kanagawa prefeture...., and also Hyaku yonjushichi go (no. 147). Probably numbered in a weapon roundup in kanagawa. It’s the second Bakumatsu Colt navy 1851 I got, the difference is that my other one is a Colt Brevete, made in Japan. The second one is a Japanese made percussion revolver, calibre '38, with a belt hook. I have no clue if it is a generic percussion revolver of if they have copied an existing model maybe some of you more knowledgable members would know? The inscription on the grip says; Meiji kyunen, sen'hyakunijusan-go (Meiji nine, 1876, no 1123) Probably also a roundup. Regards, Anthony
  4. Hi! This is not a "whisling arrow" or kabura Ya (transl to turnip headed arrow). Kabura ya are generally made of wood or deer horn, carved in a way that the whistling sound was created. They doesn't resemble this arrow head at all. This is a copy of a presentation arrow. The most beautiful ones are from the Umetada school. This one is not made to use. I have a presentation arrow, somewhat smaller than this one where there are fletched with four sets of feathers so the arrow will go straigt without the normal haya or otoya rotation. Anthony
  5. Hi! Thanks for your inputs! Very valuable. Regarding the price of the Tsunemasa Daisho, I agree that the asking price was too high. Fortunately I paid less than half. I don't put to match attention to the papers since I don't doubt the origin. Also the Koto bridge (music instrument) theme is common by Tsunemasa. Great information that Tsunemasa had a relative Haruma. It seems that I need some books if venturing into the subject of Bamen tsuba makers Anthony
  6. Hi! I recently bought a Daisho tsuba set by Bamen Tsunemasa. https://www.ebay.com/itm/KOTOJI-Openwork-TSUBA-by-Armormaker-BAMEN-YOSHIMASA-of-KATANA-sword-EDO/353137755963?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 The signature in the Ebay ad correspons to Tsunemasa and can also be read Yoshimasa, from what I understand. I am very happy with it. From my studies of the work by the Bamen family, mostly armores but also 3 known yanone makers. Regarding tsuba I have only found one tsuba maker, the quite well known Bamen Tsunemasa. I found this one on Ebay, since the seller often have a different version of mei, I don't know what to make of it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/ARMOR-MAKER-TSUBA-of-KATANA-sword-BAMEN-HARUMA-EDO-3-1-2-8-0-1/293685698838?hash=item4461082116:g:mT4AAOSw2MxfMjgz I have never heard of Bamen Haruma, if that is the right translation. The mei has the same to kanji for Bamen as kanji one and two. The third one is somewhat different than the third in tsunemasa'a mei. The fourth one actually looks the same as the first, in both mei. hard to see on the pictures but the kao looks similar to Tsunemasa's. I don't know what to make of it. has anyone of you more knowledgable in Tosogu heard of any other Bamen tsuba maker than Tsunemasa? I wonder if this is some kind of gimei going wrong.... Regards, Anthony de Vos
  7. Hi! Could be a Japanese Hankyu bow, but it’s hard to see from the picture If it is asymetric. AdV
  8. Hi! How many ground layers and layers of urushi did you need? Anthony
  9. Hi! Thanks everyone for informations, links and inputs. Very appreciated. Since I have a couple of Bamen kabuto this smith interest me. I haven't been much into tosogu but this might make me to cross over to the dark side. Regards, Anthony
  10. Hi! I wonder if someone has seen a tsuba made by tsunemasa of the bamen school? I would love a picture if someone has. Regards, Anthony
  11. Hi! Nio dou rare but, as said, in a bad shape. 1940000 yen says that someone saw the potential and has the means to restore it. The seller have been pulling out plenty of kabuto and some masks. It is really a mixed bag. A mix of mundane things and real treasures. In the batch that sold two days ago, a kawari went for 2,5 miljon yen. There was a Bamen koboshi as well ????... Anthony
  12. Hi! I have seen a few S&W model 3 "Russian", calibre 0.44, with Japanese kanji, that found their way to Japan during the Meji period. S&W was early with gas tight cartriges. Unfortunately cartrige loaded guns needs a licence here in Sweden, so they are out of my reach. Cap and ball is no problem. Anthony
  13. Hi! Somewhat off topic but on request. The Enfield M/1856 two band Navy. Modern att the time with 5 rifles and grooves. This model could be fitted with the Yagathan or the cutlass bayonet. This one is made for the cutlass. one photo shows also the yagathan. After the American civil war, 30000 was exported to the Tokugawa side. They were divided in three batches marked with A, B or C att the back underside of the stock. This one lacks that markings and was probably used on the opposite side. The Cutlass was a side arm in it's own right with 27 inch blade, 1,5 inch wide. A nice addition to the Bakumatsu part of my Japanese gun collection. Anthony
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