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  1. Hi! The four revolvers from top down; 1. Made in Japan. Mixed influences from more than one brand. Japanese registration 2. Colt M/1851 Navy. Made in US and exported to Japan. Japanese registration 3. Colt M/1851 Navy. Made in Japan probably under a Colt Brevete licens. Japanese registration 4. Copy of Colt M/1848 pocket. Made in Japan, series number 1!!, I think it's a very early Japanese made revolver. Anthony
  2. Indeed Jean! Both bayonets double as sidearms in their own right.
  3. Hi! This one with Japanese holster for quick draw😁 Anthony
  4. Hi! Here is my Enfield rifle M1858 Navy If I remember right. It has Japanese round up markings and lovely cloud inlays on the barrel. They where fitted with eighter the yagathan bayonet or, more rarely, the fearsome cutlass. This one is fitted with the cutlass but you see both versions in my picture. Anthony
  5. Hi! I love Japanese Bakumatsu revolvers. Here are my lot. Anthony
  6. Hi! I got the Jumonji, I found it interesting and different to my regular ones. Thanks for the name, I didn't know. Mei Harima no kami Minamoto Shigetsugu Piers, I got the Horagai as well, do know why, I already have a nice big one. I blame my auction trigger finger. Anthony
  7. Hi! Piers, the Yonezawa at the top is 10 monme. Under There is a 50 monme Seki. Then there are two ten monme Seki were one is converted to percussion. That one is made in Kunetomo and returned there for the percussion upgrade. The one at the bottom is kind of a hybride. It’s a six monme bajozutsu. The stock and lock is all Seki but the barrel is maybe nanban and pegs are holding the barrel, not the brass or cupper bands you normaly see on both schools. The 50 monme Seki has both the original cupper and brass band as well as a set in silver with chrysantemum decorations. Anthony
  8. Hi! Yonezawa and also the sibling, Seki school are my favouries. Here are my small group. Anthony
  9. Hi! I am looking for a set of menuki with gunbai theme. Regards, Anthony
  10. Hi! I have mailed Kelly as well. They should be able to get in contact with Magnus. AdV
  11. Hi! A one off auction. I don’t think it will be repeated on the Bonham action. Some of the prices were marketX10. Something very fishy went down on the Sothenby’s, money laundring? Who knows.. Anthony
  12. Hi! Here is a nice variations of ya in a transportation box. Regards, Anthony
  13. Hi! Really? It’s in the same section-Katchu. Regarding the mempo, If you like it keep it. I have 2 Showa mempo I bought and kept, I even keep a gendai kabuto I like. Everything nice doesn’t need to be Bamen or Saotome. Anthony
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