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  1. First of all: Thank you for your help! And Yes: I shot the blade. Point Blank! Uwe G.
  2. Hi there, I got this tanto for a shooting. Nothing special but it looks nice.And I can´t figure out the signatures. Maybe you got some ideas. The tang is very rusty and that´s the best I could do. And for the koshirae maybe a Mitsumasa (late edo artist). Hope you can help. Uwe G.
  3. Seems so that I have to stay next year in Nagoya. Uwe G. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFa4WJO1YFY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6fGpAvZpcY
  4. Just another photo of Higekiri. If you are in Kyoto just visit Kitano Tenmangu. In a little museum nearby you can find the sword. Uwe G.
  5. I got it. But only as a copy. Uwe G.
  6. CSM101

    Enju school hada

    Another Enju. Uwe G.
  7. CSM101

    Tsuba gimei

    Dear Alan, I surelly don´t own the tsuba. But I had the chance to make a photo in Tokyo at the Sword Museum. So I thought I would share. This is not just one shot but 4 pics stitched together. You can see my workflow. If you have Photoshop and your are interested in my post production process I attached the psd-file as a download. But be carefull: 814,1 MB. http://daten-transport.de/?id=kS3KTwR4LzET Uwe G.
  8. Dear Paul, in the end the right light is the key. And Photoshop. You need a software that is able to work with layers. Gimp would be a another solution. At the moment you are developing your photographic skills. So, sooner or later you will find the solution. Fortunately Kirill Rivkin is also able to make very good full size photos. Hope to see you soon Uwe G.
  9. CSM101

    Tsuba gimei

    I have only a Yasuchika for comparison. Uwe G.
  10. It would be interesting to see if there is a matching dai. Uwe G.
  11. The little brother for Kogarasu maru. Uwe G.
  12. Oh, sorry! Then maybe one of the admins can delete my post. Uwe G.
  13. Another one. Not mine but I thought would share. Uwe G.
  14. The file size is too small. Usually I would use the highpass filter and then change the blend mode to soft light. Dodge/burn can also help. But with 66,9 kb it is simply not possible. Uwe G.
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