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  1. Dear gentle-men and ladies, Long story short, a presumed lightning strike made scrap metal out of my desktop computer. In order to generate some money for a new one i announced a sale of sorts, or discounts to be more precise. The details can be found here Feel free to use the contact form for inquiries or questions. Thank you in advance! And please forgive my writing because I'm currently limited to an old smartphone and the bottom part of the screen is acting kind of funny, right where the keyboard is.
  2. Easter and (guessing) Christmas. Easter I know for sure because that happened to be one of those small windows of time where I had spending money
  3. Little off topic but I love the chidori jumonji also in the picture (fifth from the right side). They look absolutely vicious!
  4. Benkei's secret pole attachment? I think there probably are pieces oversized because of the owners size.. like small swords for boys coming of age occasions. Any photos of the piece?
  5. Adam, On the link Geraint shared above, I think what you describe would be a Tempering crack as opposed to a crack perpendicular to the cutting edge - hagire.
  6. Fuuten

    Why ..

    That would have to have been one brave baby!😂
  7. All valid points. Last week there was a blade by Masayoshi that was also very cheap (went for under 5k I think). But the signature was such they didn't recognize it even though it had old koshu tokubetsu papers. I was scratching my head a bit too but I a layman at best.. I've also thought about the following hypothetical. Say a blade is the last signed piece by some old smith. Since it's the last one chances are it's not recorded anywhere. In modern some expert judges it and goes, well I don't know, perhaps some unknown smith but the blade is very good, might go for this big name if we remove the mysterious maker to raise chances with papering. Smith's name lost forever though he could have hypothetically be the origin of certain aspects of say one of the 5 traditions.
  8. Thank you for sharing your work. Gorgeous koshirae! The last koshirae, the cord wrap on the saya, I don't recognize it (the cross-knot). I don't think I've seen it before. Do you have it know if there's a name for it? Edit: I checked the one booklet I have that explains cord wraps and details different koshirae and this knot isn't listed.
  9. Hit and mi.. hit. Now how rare are places where a question like this can find an answer. I like the sugata of that blade. Nice Grey!
  10. Seems like a chest with lacquer work? This one has a design featuring coins but there are countless types and subjects. I'm not sure the coins and plaques here are lacquer themselves but they could be. I can't put my finger on it but the work makes me lean more to Chinese than Japanese but I'm not sure.
  11. Because I'm basically not knowledgable or experienced enough with all sorts of swords to do kantei, i didn't participate. However I did do a fair bit of reading because of this thread which was great. I could've thrown in some guesses but they would be short minded, and based on a few connected dots based on the hada and the connoisseur book. Ending up fairly quickly with Tametsugu or Sanekage. Wondering on Uda or whether it was a trick pony kantei (which lead me to reading about Mito Rekkô (烈公)). I enjoyed the exercise though and rarely feel like learning from home gives palpable results. Now I have an idea of where the approach failed, what worked etc. Cool thread! But what really leaves me wondering is that I was under the impression that the 'blander' circular/pool area's in the hada were a trait of Aoe (I could be mistakenly remembering this). But I wasn't really sure whether that was shingane or a trait. Plus reading the topic already gave me many "influences" on the way of thinking. Maybe its an idea to do kantei posts with spoiler tags (although for really knowledgeable people i suppose this is not an issue). Its like seeing many trailers from different sources for the same movie.
  12. That doesn't help when you find your sword after dropping it
  13. To sidestep the congratulations, allow me to make an observation and pose a question. Best investment of your life right?!
  14. Ok my bad. I for one as detailed in OP stumbled on it and it seemed interesting.
  15. That gif gives me the creeps.. and I'm unsure what it is.
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