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  1. I must say though that as far as the signature of the other one you posted is much more beautiful to my eyes. The large hefty indentations (maybe a better word for them would be carvings), don't add to the tang artistically.
  2. The inlays seem so large and can't put my finger on the specific thing or variable that makes them look 'boring' - that's not it but they appear so large and unsightly to me they just look like a bad imitation of what such inlay can be or is supposed to be. Also the dots that are 'missing' they just look like they were added to give that effect. I'm wondering whether Ford would lean towards a novice metalworker's work or just outright fake, albeit perhaps better executed than some cast of handworked imitation.. Now please don't take the above personal because this is just how it appears to me at this moment in time and I'm not even a layman or novice in this world. What do I know, curious to see more input.
  3. Everything seems off plus the work seems terrible. I would vote bin.
  4. & On 10/31/2020 at 7:18 AM, Baka Gaijin said: Hokuetsu Seppu contains studies into Snow crystals by Doi Toshitsura, Daimyo of Koga. He wrote a book called Sekka Zusetsu (A Study of Snowflakes) in 1832. Daaamn I think this is it. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sekka_Zusetsu Apologies as it took me a while to go through all information shared above - it's not exactly the tale I remember but I'm fairly certain this is the subject from the information that does match. This will surely help narrowing the search for the story. Thank you both so much!
  5. Yeah very cool patterns. I have some tea utensils with similar abstractions from crystals. I'm still trying to identify the story I opened with, or exactly where the idea came from. these kind of 'argh I can't remember' can bug me to no end. Part of the story I'm relatively sure about is the part about the subject having bargained a microscope from somewhere and also that the only way during that time to study the formations happening was to be outside in the cold. So in the story it mentions the subject being outside (I think it was said to mainly take place during nights and on the castle grounds, so subject had to be wealthy and of some power), during the night for 9 or 10 hours at a time, this is what I think I have read at some time or another. This thread might just be complete nonsense as having no one else recognizing it makes me doubt my memories even more heh
  6. Sorry for derailing this thread but to be honest I'm far more curious as to what attributes or different characteristic attracted you to this piece. Care to expand?
  7. Sorry, ~20 years. I can no longer edit my previous post.
  8. Having near zero knowledge of the actual movements or rigid guidelines I think for 39 years ago that seems impressive. No offense intended Do you have your own mountain retreat and long flowing white beard now? Seeing those videos and calculating the age you must be one cool grandpa now
  9. But.. Tengu are just the coolest folklore creatures! In those times i would opt for a mask instead of kabuto but either, Tengu's have appeal. I'm fond of the Dai Tengu's appearance/characteristics. Something about it.
  10. Oh wah, thanks for sharing that photo, what a hamon! If I find an hour free time I'm going to use it to see if I can find some more by this smith.
  11. Thank you kind gentlemen. I'm still thinking of an older period, where a microscope was really modern equipment. Perhaps I'm entangling multiple stories. Thank you both
  12. Hi everyone, For the life of me, I'm sure i once read a story somewhere about a Japanese lord or Daimyo that was obsessed with the formation of ice crystals and had some sort of microscope to see them close up. Maybe it was on Markus Sesko's website but I couldn't find it.. Someone know what story I'm getting at? Could one of you nice gentle ladies or gentleman help me out? Not being able to verify the story or locate the source has been nagging in the back of my head for a while now. Thank you,
  13. Everything posted seems to be thought out and of good or great quality. I like the tsuba. Are these you're first swords? If so great start It is a pain though when you're set on a fuchi & kashira and they don't end up fitting the blade. I've had the same problem but opting to adjust the set was something I couldn't bear. Have you decided how to proceed?
  14. Thanks for adding the link, as mentioned by Brian, it's very cool to see name, face and submission so conveniently organized. So much diversity in the submissions too, not just type but all attributes it's really a unique craft. The tanto signed Kiyofusa with choji early in the list really resonated with me. Like it's on fire.
  15. I'm not an expert but just to add I read about 'replacement' pieces made of wood such as shown above for use during the tea ceremony where being armed was not permitted. I've seen a few come around and they were shaped imitating tanto koshirae.
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