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  1. I'm always surprised when these types of yari pass by. Normally they, as far as condition goes a lot to want for unlike this one. Pricewise as well, curiously they don't seem to hold much financial value these days even though they were, as is written, difficult to make and tedious to have polished. How come there seems to be no real interest or market for these items? https://www.aoijapan.com/jumonji-yari-chikuzen-kuni-minamoto-nobukuni-yoshinao/ Just imagine.. those things are absolutely terrifying.
  2. A MSDS, its pretty funny if you consider a sword and a (material), safety data sheet. Just add a sheet of paper saying to never take it out - totally safe Oh wait, they just state that they can't send items that require those documents (although other is rather unclear). So have the buyer state no paperwork is necessary? Who decides.
  3. Likely that is only the case with any tanto over 1 shaku that is not in sunnobi shape (correct?). While those are a bit over the stated length the shape fully implies tanto while wakizashi are generally distinguishable from tanto sugata. Happily awaiting friendly correction as I may very well be wrong.
  4. Dear Kathleen, Thank you for your interest. Someone inquired about that one a little before you. If that doesn't turn out, I'd be happy to contact you. Kind regards,
  5. No its not like that - i meant the mortgage payment Good day kind gentlemen and ladies, now that I have your attention. I'm happy to report the first topic got some replies and 3 books were sold. Thank you all very much! As i forgot to include a couple items in the first topic here's round 2. Payment can be done by paypal (f&f), or bank. Sold items are shipped from the Netherlands. Prices are listed in euro. Reasonable offers considered. The descriptions are largely written by Grey and are used here with permission. Fortune Telling By Swords by Talbot Clifton 1905 ed. SOLD Axel: I bought this on the forum here, a couple of years ago. This is a really old collectable book in good condition too for the age. It has a really thick kind of paper, unsure what the correct term for that type of paper is - parchment maybe?). 3pc Haynes Index + stand - Japanese Swords Fittings and Associated Artists 1967. SOLD Axel: Everything you need looking up fittings and related arts. Lists (from memory); over 12000 artists. Nihon no Mei Yari Ten. 1967. SOLD Softbound, 8 1/4 x 11 3/4", about 48 pages in Japanese. Japanese spears of many different styles, all important and well photographed. There hasn't been a lot published on this subject. Axel: Everything about yari. I think this is a very cool book, and includes several shapes i never saw anywhere else. Via this forum the index has largely been translated. Shinto Taikan by Iimura. 1976. SOLD Clothbound in 2 volumes, with slipcases, 8 ¾ x 12”, 1,650 pages total in Japanese. This is probably the most thorough reference to swords of the Shinto period. Volume 1 is oshigata and 2 is photos, all very high quality. A great reference for swords of the last 400 years. Axel: 2 Volumes, volume 1 needs some restoration work done by a professional bookbinder (attaching the blocks of pages to the spine, the pages are still attached to each other). Say that costs you a hundred, you still make some:) Unrelated: Colby English Roadmaps 1675, written by John Ogilby (November 1600 – 4 September 1676). This is a very large book that might be interesting for someone based in the UK with an interest in maps, history and/or geography of the area. Couple of copies on Abebooks, listed for less than half that. €150+ shipping cost --> Preview Thank you in advance, Axel
  6. Hello and welcome. Would you be so kinda to post the opposite side as well? Nice tsuba.
  7. I see. Thank you very much! This could very well be one of his oldest seals as I'm finding a high amount of variations online but none exactly matching. It doesn't help his work is nearly always unsigned. Thanks again! Axel
  8. Good evening gentlemen, I was hoping someone could quickly confirm the correct reading of a translation I was given. Sorry the image is a lot darker than i thought it looked on my phone. 呉洲 (Gosu) A type of paint pigment used in ceramics (this is correct and matches the contents) 瓶子 (Heiji) Bottle Writer name: 河井 寛次郎 Kanjiro Kawai I can pretty much match the kanji above and the writing except for the potter's name. Also the red stamp is unknown to me and I can't match it to any other calligraphy on similar items. Anyone have any hints as to the correctness of the translation? Thank you in advance, Axel
  9. Yes but technique only goes so far. I can't remember where but I read an Interesting page or article on the iron ore in Bizen province with locations and notes. If I can recall where exactly I read it I'll add. I think the theory is viable regardless of location. I think in 20 or 30 years depending on when actually they are put a lot can change but yeah it remains speculation. Just wanted to throw the variable in there.
  10. Also consider the unavailability of better grade tamehagane during several periods and regions. And great job on the photos!
  11. Thank you; Grev, Jussi, Now i understand. I rarely stumble on cool stuff to share here, actually I usually see them here
  12. Hi Grev, I'm not sure I understand what you posted. I searched the reddit page for anything 'Japanese' but didn't see any other axes. Edit: it appears the one in the opening post is quite famous and called 'Nyuubu Ono 入峰斧'. More detailed photos here: https://www.narahaku.go.jp/collection/659-0.html Thanks for the link Reid(?).
  13. Really weird/unique axe apparently found in Japan. I am not sure where this topic belongs. It was here or the izakaya. But I suppose it was made by a Japanese sword smith. I think it is pretty neat. More likely something ceremonial opposed to actual use in combat.
  14. I think that name has become a staple on its own. Best advice is to pass, get a few books. Read up on what attracts you in the first place. Think on it. Buy something to be proud of.
  15. The tsuka's wrap on the first one, never seen anything like it Seems pretty intricate and well done. The fittings however..
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