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  1. Wow whats not to love?! Custom made and quality shirasaya > turn on. And love the details in the photo centered on the habaki. Beautiful photos.
  2. Nice piece👌The interior looks excellent and hue of the 'fu' is also particularly nice, less artificial.
  3. Hi everyone, During daily browsing I stumbled over some type of Japanese flower knife in a beat up (mini), shirasaya similar to the ones arrowheads sometimes have. It's pretty rough workmanship compared to nihonto but it does have a seal or marking alongside a crude carving of a dragon. The other side may have one or two kanji but I'm not sure it's not just grooves or some damage (maybe a spider?🧐). On the slim chance someone recognizes the mark or knows more about these kind of tools I'd like to learn more about it. Thanks in advance.
  4. Trying to send you some energy mate.. what a topic 😔 you don't have apologize for one bit though.
  5. Looks neat to me, monkey statues always carry a certain allure. To me it doesn't look that old, would guess Meiji period. However if you're looking for more information about it, a picture of the bottom would be helpful.
  6. It took me a while to get to it but now that I have. Thank you very much for sharing it! Great read I enjoyed.
  7. Sure is a unique example. One would think if it's ordered, created and tested in that order the could've planned the tang. I suppose it's the same thing with mekugi ana. Practicality first. The koshirae though doesn't really complement the sword (in my opinion), but again, surely unusual. Anyone who can tell / inform me on the tsuba? The habaki might be worth adding in 'the habaki' topic, imposing little piece. Gold over copper with silver waves? Edit: I'm not familiar with the following terms for habaki or otherwise. Does it indicate inside/outside, as in a 2 construction habaki? Uwagai: Silver wave carving, Shitagai: Copper with details in gold unusual shape
  8. Ok. Opinions differ. To me it's like seeing a Momoyama period tea bowl. Something about such artefacts gives me a certain feeling, an impression that brings me to a certain headspace. They speak for themselves. I do agree the photography is, for lack of a better term, lifeless or 'flat'. Some sites these days brought up the standard and it is such a major difference that photos like these are not even in the same league. This naginata still speaks to me though. Just magnificent 🤤 Edit: unrelated but I think very much worth sharing as I think it's quite a great tool, nifty?
  9. Good evening everyone, I suppose this is the right place, though its not because its for sale I feel like writing this. I've been looking at this naginata for a couple weeks now. The sugata of this sword, its atmosphere, is just awe inspiring. I sit behind my monitor with my jaw hanging, nearly drooling over my desk. This naginata (Tokubetsu Juyo and I'm not even thinking twice on why (leading to wondering how many naginata even went beyond Juyo)), is one wicked piece. I mean - look! It leaves me awestruck - https://www.nipponto.co.jp/swords/JT988980.htm
  10. I'm definitely going to check it out. Thanks for sharing (and preserving it for posterity).
  11. Honestly, I don't think anyone would bid on this one in particular with the intend to then sent it in for juyo. Otherwise the owner would've done it, or Aoi and as such it's on consignment. It is priced low for the name as condition appears good as does the work. I was only asking out of interest.
  12. In the spirit of OP, who's in for a gamble? the following might be a good investment 👌 Tokubetsu hozon and also listed on consignment. Who's up for a guessing game on how it'll end? https://www.aoijapan.com/tanto-mumei-tametsugu-2/
  13. I have a similarly pleasant memories of attending a meeting in Belfast, North Ireland and I have only positive remarks. I saw more blades than I could've imagined, learned alot and was just fully absorbed in the amazing collection of artefacts that managed to be assembled for (amongst others), my pleasure! Remember seeing an ancient Hoju blade in hand, amazing tosugu, koshirae and so much more. Had good Japanese food and a beer with fine chaps and to top it all of was brought into someone's collection at home (a Hirata daisho tsuba will never be forgotten, gorgeous set). Kyle, Ian, Peter and everyone there thank you again for making a spontaneous trip and a first meeting in a sense such an awesome experience! 🙏
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