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  1. So presumably this was after papering. I'm not sure if this would paper as is? What was someone thinking
  2. Hi all, The following blade on Aoi has some weird things above the hamachi. Is this some kind of repair work done by a smith? Also it just looks bad but the blade has Tokubetsu hozon (could be done after though). If its a repair its not mentioned which would be bad manners. Den Enju
  3. Reading I went like huh 🧐 Regarding metalworking, though I haven't checked it in a bit, Ford's forum (if I recall correctly), is a good place. edit: seems it has gone AWOL..
  4. I think that's it. Thank you!
  5. The following is something I vaguely recall and incase I'm misremembering, no offense😙 Wasn't there 'a' Kiyomitsu that was know for creating gimei swords? Somewhat unrelated as this one is signed as such. I can't remember where exactly I got it from it where I read something regarding this. To op, more pictures please! Is it in polish? If so the costs for shinsa aren't too high.
  6. Haha I'm the land of polisher waiting lists it might be a flick of the eye but wow. A lot happens in 7 years.
  7. Apologies if mentioned above, I skimmed through. I have a post for an item that was shaped like monk Jizu in which the shakujo is briefly mentioned. Regarding the sound the staff makes.
  8. Having your daughter for one, but next to that something (presumably less than but still), so valuable I'm my car would make me really uneasy. Couldn't the good man simple got some anxiety induced amnesia when he was given the form? 📃🙈 🚗 💶😞
  9. The design of 1 and 3 really speak to me. Awesome pieces and had I been smarter with cashflows I would've jumped at this.
  10. Looked like a great piece with nice patina. Someone should be happy
  11. Not speaking out of experience with this craftsman but, especially now with something like covid still lingering, communication is really important. With costly ramifications should something happen to a small craft/business. While understandable it would really bother me on a daily basis if I did not receive a reply for 2 months even if the financial impact were small.
  12. Its news for me too! Queued
  13. Looks like a steal. Katana length, in polish and papered to a famous smith. Sure its mumei but at that price - what's not to love?
  14. Looks like someone got lucky! Beautiful tsuba.
  15. Something similar would be httrack, also available via terminal (homebrew). Super handy. Unfortunately I assumed that the site would stay up.
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