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  1. What a fantastic book. Just the attention given to production not to mention what's contained, great stuff. Love the photo's too, i might use one of them as a wallpaper!
  2. Good evening everyone, Trying to find something entirely unrelated a photo lured me to the following article which for me is interesting. For longtime collectors studied on these things i doubt there will be any new information but I felt it was still more thorough than just basic information and its not copy paste information recompiled (i checked with a few paragraphs). Amongst other parts it goes into schools specialized in using these firearms and also gives some very specific instruction and details on use, instructions, to me knowing nothing it seems information comparable to the juicy details you get in the connoisseurs book. In short i couldn't find this information elsewhere so it might be worth adding it here as a reference (but obviously I can't attest to the validity and or truth to what is written - get some salt). Hope its of some interest and hopefully someone can confirm just how accurate the information is. https://medium.com/@harunakahoshino/Japanese-tanegashima-musketry-2e60b1726d48.
  3. I would assume various motifs as on this tsuba would make the work creating it a lot less tedious than just the perfect nanako.
  4. I would assume various motifs as on this tsuba would make the work creating it a lot less tedious than just the perfect nanako.
  5. You're probably right, perhaps the stamp is just the corner part that's throwing me off
  6. Looking at it a little bit closer it looks to me like a top view of horses moving in groups in the direction the arrows depict. I don't know if its a real or fake tsuba but it looks I quite interesting to me.
  7. I'm not sure if it's intended or whether I'm imagining the image but anyone seeing the galloping horses?
  8. Apologies, I didnt realize I wasn't on the last page.
  9. Ah gourd shape, something about them, always pleasing to the eye.
  10. Fantastic koshirae. Simply stunning kozuka and tsuba.
  11. Actually no. For one if I recall correctly it's the main office that is mentioned in the bribery scandal in combination with kicho origami.
  12. Good evening kind folks, Last night, I happened to stumble across a very interesting document which was freely offered and available for download. I had not seen anything like it which is why I'm putting it here as well, not many illustrations but the one photo that's in it I thought was quite sufficient. Its not too long but offers a lot of information. 14th-Century-Japanese-Swordsmanship-Illustrated-by-Skeletons-From.pdf
  13. That depends on what you use it for though, maybe you could hide a piece of paper or a coin in it and lock it somehow. Otherwise it was just a tourist or showpiece. Shame the quality of the photo isn't that great.
  14. Well that's auto correct for you..
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