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  1. Looks like a steal. Katana length, in polish and papered to a famous smith. Sure its mumei but at that price - what's not to love?
  2. Looks like someone got lucky! Beautiful tsuba.
  3. Something similar would be httrack, also available via terminal (homebrew). Super handy. Unfortunately I assumed that the site would stay up.
  4. That is so curious. I visited the day before and never thought it could be my last.
  5. Hi everyone, Checking Aoi auctions I came across this yari which has a shirasaya with some kind of closing mechanism. First time I've seen this. Anyone with more information on this type of thing? Video https://www.aoijapan.com/katakama-yarionomichi-ju-sonokawani-kunimasa/
  6. Seems to be a rather large gamble. Maybe if one were in the position to see it in person it would feel different to me.
  7. I see the waves as well as stylized elephants, I'm just slightly partial to the latter 🙃 Lovely tsuba either way!
  8. Hi Okan, Great to see you haven't given up on the lot! Any chance of seeing a close up on the elephants?🤔🤞
  9. Seems like a decent deal when compared to the original auction starting price. Seeing my previous post it's good to confirm my original thoughts on the tsuba, the wrap however is still very pleasing to my eyes ☺️ Is there a new auction link?
  10. The Owari tsuba on the right already looks really good. Did you already do some basic cleaning to that one? Super neat score👍
  11. This was oddly not listed in some of my books on tsuba and not easily answered via google. Octagon is supposedly 'Hachikakukei' in Japanese so perhaps Hachikakukei gata is the or a fitting description for it😶
  12. As of last year Paypal got super bad as well. I've been looking for an alternative for a while now. Google pay appeared to be decent but then I found out they do not support linking bank accounts for the Netherlands (yet). If anyone knows of a good alternative that works like Paypal used to work, kindly let me know because I've had it up to here ^ with that company. Also their customer service is terrible as of mid '21. That's my experience, for what it's worth.
  13. Kill Bill 2 was on tv not two days ago here! Didn't he operate out of a sushi bar or something like that in the movie? (I happened to miss the first half).
  14. From what I can see on the page and from the photos you added - that is a beautiful blade! Shirasaya is of good quality and silver habaki is gorgeous too. Good luck with the sale, surely the new owner will be a happy customer.
  15. I wholeheartedly agree, those are indeed great (saved them). Thanks for sharing.
  16. Good evening, While browsing the auctions on Aoi I noticed the following ken which to me stands out because of its unique nakago jiri. I checked a couple of search results on Google and the forum but couldn't place it specifically or find another example like it. I would describe it as a rounded variation on a stupa but honestly don't recall having seen anything exactly like it. Could it be something unique to the Yamato tradition? If there's a name for it I'd love to learn it. Thank you. Auction: https://www.aoijapan.com/kenmumei-monju/
  17. Wasn't it put into print again a couple years back? I think I got mine then for 40 or 50 USD.
  18. Dear Jeremiah, Coincidentally I happen to be at my parents house who's loup it was! It was a Peak 7x scale. Actually a very neat little piece.
  19. Dear Jeremiah, Looks cool! I remember having a little microscope like yours (usb?), at work once. How about with a pocket lens? I (re-)discovered these photos on my computer last week.
  20. What an unreal and unexpected thing to read. My thoughts and prayers go out to all his friends and family. I think even to the most uneducated on Nihonto, such as myself his knowledge, skill in presenting blades and personality was of a class far apart and as said, pretty much above the rest and in a league of his own.
  21. Nope. I get the following message. It also says its unavailable before clicking. Oops! This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location.
  22. Having bought a rather ludicrous number of tea cups and a Bizen tea bowl by one of my favorite potters I'm as broke as can be or nr 5 would be super tempting (and subsequently sold). Looks like a fine piece. Good luck with your sale!
  23. I was thinking along the lines of OP regarding the court auction Masayuki (Kiyomaru), of which the forum is probably well aware. Machi okuri did not stop that one from receiving Juyo papers(?).
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