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  1. Very cool pickup! Any backstory or information on how and where you found it? I agree with all the above Edit: it always kills me to see blades laying on tables, couches or even the floor. Please! Put a piece of soft cloth or pillow under the blade if you're making photographs or just want to put it down.
  2. Bump Apologies for the bump. I'm still hopeful someone more experienced and versed in kanji can make out a meaning and/or translation out of the last 4 photos, the presumed poem on the outside. I'm really curious as to what it might say and whether or not it's related to the tea ceremony or something else. If someone figures it out I'll be forever in debt👏😌
  3. Your making me blush! I'm pleased it arrived without issues and to have it go to a good home. And your display looks lovely. Could you post a photo of the whole cabinet? Would love to see it.
  4. Thomas, i'm sure i've seen that one before. However I can't remember where right now. Something in the back of my mind keeps saying Ichimonji, any chance you have more information? Sword with a story.
  5. I think that by that time this forum has been archived and will (still), be regarded as thé number one source of information regarding real and fake swords and a statue of Brian made in memorial.
  6. If you don't mind me asking, were the chances perceived to be low for Tokubetsu Hozon because of the current polish or something else (hagire)? Because otherwise one would think the increase in value one have to be greater than 600 or say a thousand.
  7. I'm reasonably sure I've heard about a Hozon+Tokubetsu Hozon shinsa in one. Was the one you applied for like that or just Hozon? If I'm mistaken I'll be happy to be corrected. I'm curious as to the price difference if they still or at all do double shinsa sessions.
  8. Well the tag is just something for convenience and I think board opinion is no one knows until shinsa/papering process. And even then, with mumei blades the result won't be cut in stone (so it could paper with different results between organisations or even with the same one). It's a real Japanese antique so no matter what you did good Also swordsmiths tend to have the same names for multiple generations with differences in between.
  9. Dear Morita, please see the photo's in my last post click here I've tried to make clear photos of the poem! If any part is unclear I will add new photos of parts needed. I'm quite curious. Thank you Piers. Yes that is what I meant, apologies if it was unclear Morita san. But I didn't want to make this a duplicate topic. Please see links above
  10. Fuuten

    What is this?

    This is the kind of (upside down), 'cup' shape that is said to have been used at one time by Furuta Oribe as a big tea 'bowl' when he did a sort of tea ceremony for his company and some other generals. Can't remember if it was prior to or after a big battle or which one.
  11. Neither is it for me. But all the more reason to look at the things archived online. Two other spots that are in my opinion, great places to spend time and get nothing done. http://kourindo.sakura.ne.jp/index.html http://www.nihonto-museum.com/
  12. I was looking at this sword a couple days ago. Pretty classical sugata. https://www.seiyudo.com/ka-030617.htm
  13. Dear Morita san, domo! If someone is looking for a challenge I have added 4 photos of the outside carving in the translation topic (link in the opening post).
  14. Fuuten


    Hi Ian, Being cluelesss with a sifty memory, Im afraid I can't appreciate the value though would love to learn. Seeing you and the site it's coming back though. It's been a while since my Belfast getaway. All good? Axel
  15. Hi all, I posted this bowl's box lid in the translation section for help and was actually given the name of the maker by one of kind folks here (for which thanks again!). I've had this one for a while and while the box is in pretty rough shape the bowl is undamaged and shows it's age though I might be able to give it a rubbing. Hand formed as opposed to wheelthrown. I learned the signature states his age was 60 when he made it, so 1894 or thereabouts. Before I thought it was perhaps something by Rengetsu but never really looked into it further until a couple days ago. Other topic Kato Sosetsu 加藤素雪 (1834-?)
  16. Hi Brian, sorry for the late reply. I'll share it in that section at your recommendation Would love to find out what the carving means. I for one never knew about this potter before it was kindly mentioned above.
  17. You're all angels but to be handed the name, felt like a present Fixed the image. Thank you. I've seen dates or years on boxes and the like but not with the signature on a piece.
  18. Steve you are an angel! Very surprising too as I had no idea who the maker was when I bought it. Actually I was having some false hope as I thought it looked like something akin to Rengetsu Otagaki. It's quite a curious looking bowl, seems hand formed with a carved poem (I assume), on the outside. The carving seems to have similar features and I read Rengetsu used her nails for hers, this might be done in the same way. At first impression I doubt many would think of another name, well I didn't I think this is much more interesting. Some of the things sold as Rengetsu might very well be mislabeled. There is some ki-Seto looking things on rengetsu.org (this seems somewhat similar). Maybe there's a connection between them though I didn't see the names cross on the collaborators page. Will have to look into it some time. Curious to hear what you kind gentlemen think. Will attempt to clearly get the carving on the outside on photo.
  19. Thank you both very much! I can deduce the meaning from Steve's part, but for K. Morita's post I had to use a online translator which resulted in the following. Is it anywhere close? I'm curious as to who's work this might be. Thanks again!
  20. Good evening, I tried a couple other places without success so I hope I can ask this place's collective knowledge base for assistance. Can add photos later of the tea bowl itself. The box appears to be quite old and of very good quality (though the outside has some blemishes), but during its life it lost those neat looking cords, I'm thinking of giving it new ones. Thank you all in advance.
  21. Looking at it as a whole. Without the tiger the bird has no chance being cornered from both sides. Then again maybe the bird shouldn't flee from the snake but the tiger
  22. Not even 3k with Tokubetsu Hozon and in polish. What's not to love?! Seems like a good piece for someone who wants to dip his or her toes into the subject.
  23. So just did a little browsing on aoi and saw this elaborate koshirae. I can't say anything on the price but it probably justified though I really don't know enough about this maker or subject. Personally don't like the tsuba too much but the rest seems well done. https://www.aoijapan.com/koshirae-nbthk-hozon-tosogu/ Masaaki (Kao), signature Yuzen Saku I know juyo is always a gamble and I don't know the ins and outs but I'm interested to hear viewpoints. I would lean towards this having a chance at passing? Is that one of the reasons for the starting price? Mainly confirmation of signatures? Anyway wondered who else saw it. Have a good evening. Edit: afterthought, don't you wonder how this tsuka feels in hand?
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