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  1. Bugyotsuji, I found it, didn't realize I'd had this for so long. Time flies when you are having fun. Howard Dennis
  2. Bugyotsuji, I'm trying to find where I got that information and will post it if I can find it again but the thought was the same as yours seemed to be inscribed rather than chiseled and Dremel was suggested. Meanwhile any thoughts on the menpo as to age, Etc.? Howard Dennis
  3. Although it has nothing to do with the kabuto this menpo came with it at the time of purchase and I was glad seller didn't feel package was worth much. Howard Dennis
  4. Bugyotsuji and Uwe, Thanks for your responses. The pictures I posted were taken when I first received this and the liner has since been glued back in. I found several more and hope they help but if not I will have to try to remove the liner again. I didn't post these because I was told the "signature" appeared to be a modern addition added to fool someone into thinking it was worth more. Howard Dennis
  5. First, let me commend the people on here who have recently helped me out with so much information about items in my collection allowing me to enjoy and appreciate them so much more. I can't tell you how many times I've posted to other sites and gotten misleading information or no response at all. I've had this kabuto for a number of years and never knew much about it. It was purchased online from a Japanese seller and unfortunately when it arrived it appears to have been repainted in the recent past. I had hoped modern chemicals could remove that and reveal the original finish but apparently urushi was used as nothing touches this new finish so I guess I have to live with it as is. Can anyone tell me anything about what this style is called and approximate age? It has 56 Plates a number I have been unable to find other examples of. Do the 4 small lacing spots with tiny metal spikes above them signify anything? What does the mons represent? Thanks for any help you can give me, Howard Dennis
  6. Gentlemen, Thanks so much for you very informative responses. I'll have a fun time researching each one adding to my knowledge and appreciation of my newest addition. Howard Dennis
  7. Several years ago I acquired this netsuke that depicts an Oni with a maiden carrying a wisteria branch and have wondered what the artist was trying to portray and what was the story of this legend? I 've just seen a metal plate online with the same theme so it must have a story I can learn. Any help or thoughts or links greatly appreciated. Howard Dennis
  8. SteveM, Thanks so much for responding. With your help I was able to find this online to add to my knowledge of my latest addition to my collection. Howard Dennis
  9. Picked up this nice plate locally today and am wondering how old it is and what the signature says. Thanks for any help, Howard Dennis
  10. Bugyotsuji, Thanks, appreciate the education. First I've seen one of these. I see what to look for in this one but you say this is medium quality and it worries me how hard it would be if they create fakes of a higher quality to tell the difference. Howard Dennis
  11. Bugyotsuji, If you even see one of the confirmed Chinese fakes again can you post a link or maybe pictures so we can learn what to look out for? Howard Dennis
  12. I followed the Yahoo auction and it ended at $1500.00. Apparently neither eBay nor PayPal has taken any action as the seller is still running auctions with items he doesn't own and are on Yahoo put there by the actual owners? Howard Dennis
  13. First, Thank You for trying to help me. If it's too good to be true chances are it is! eBay seller tried to cancel sale and when I refused he tried to bribe me with PayPal money. Being suspicious I Googled the image of inro I bought and found it on an ongoing auction on Yahoo Japan listed by someone else. Apparently he lists items on eBay and when you hit Buy-It-Now he tries to buy it off Yahoo to complete the eBay sale. I was able to get a refund but eBay representative said although against eBay policy what he did isn't illegal?? Do we need to Google Image anything we may be interested in online from now on? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Makie-Sansui-Figure-Inro-gold-with-shell-netsuke-Edo-period-with-box-F-S/154101537456?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 Howard Dennis
  14. Thanks Guys, appreciate your responses. I'll get more pictures as soon as this arrives which will take some time as it's coming from it's homeland. Howard Dennis
  15. Bugyotsuji, Thanks I just couldn't resist this one for my collection. I hope when it arrives it is signed, it sure looks like work worthy of signing. I'll get better pictures posted as soon as I get it. Appreciate the link. Howard Dennis
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