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  1. Just happened to notice that my friends sword is now listed on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/SCARCE-WW2-WWII-Japanese-KATANA-SWORD-IN-SHIRA-SAYA-SIGNED-DATED-1945/114697699052?hash=item1ab483feec:g:UUcAAOSwLf9gMEhF Howard Dennis
  2. Thanks Shugyosha, I see it now and I believe the other one as well. Looks like both mid last century, guess I'll leave them where they are. Really appreciate the help guys. Howard Dennis
  3. Thanks Shugyosha, Sounds like that might be a very new mark, any idea where I might find out when either mark was used? Howard Dennis
  4. Thanks Bugyotsuji, Tried this on Google and it didn't seem to work for me? Howard Dennis
  5. Found 2 Satsuma vases today and wonder what the marks represent and age if possible? Thanks for any help you can give, Howard Dennis
  6. Adam, all I can tell you is he says there are no stamps and blade is in what appears to be it's original shirasaya. He and I were curious as to why a blade made in 1945 would not have gone straight to Gunto mounts. Here's photos he sent in initial inquiry.
  7. Thanks Guys, appreciate the help and because of it I was able to find this: Howard Dennis
  8. Good friend asked me for help on translation of the mei on a katana he just acquired so I thought I'd ask for help here as it is not my strong suit. Thanks in advance for any assistance, Howard Dennis
  9. Uwe, can't tell if your able to view my PM's or not? Sent several with pictures, can you view them?


    Howard Dennis

  10. Uwe, I just wrote a PM and it says you cannot receive messages?? Howard Dennis
  11. Uwe, what a great Christmas gift your extra effort has given me, Thank You. A lot of the many Japanese items I collect leave me wondering many unanswered questions. Thanks to you I know pretty much all there is to know about this piece and that's a pretty great feeling! Just another question Please. What are your thoughts on restoration of this piece? Yes , No, Outrageously expensive? hard to find a proper restorer? Or just enjoy it as is. Happy Holidays to you and yours, Howard Dennis
  12. uwe, thank you so much, what more is available? Howard Dennis
  13. I posted pictures of my Mempo on a recent post about my kabuto but no one commented on it so I thought I'd try again. I'd appreciate learning anything about this such as age, style name and school if known. Thanks for your help. Happy Holidays. Howard Dennis
  14. It's been years since I read anything on Japanese swords but if memory serves me correctly doesn't the Nanban Tetsu refer to the sword being made with non-traditional steel? Howard Dennis
  15. It's on a militaria website, just says Japanese officers Gunto. Howard Dennis
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