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  1. It says: Noshū Jū Shizu Saburō Kaneuji kore kitau That's the signature. That's what I thought at first. But the vertical stroke is angled in the wrong direction. Someone told me it looks more like NANA 七 (number 7) I know boy's swords come up in discussion and/or sale from time to time. But usually they are much larger. I had heard of puppet swords used in bunraku puppet plays. And the size would fit. But this would be the first one I have ever actually seen! It is also much too slender to be a tanto.
  2. For sale is something unusual. I was told this is a puppet or boy's sword, but I'm not entirely sure... The sword is signed on the blade itself: On the Nakago there is a single kanji that looks like the kanji for number 7 upside down Nagasa: 22,85cm The sword is in a shirasaya with blackened copper fittings. The tsuba is polished horn. I made the tsuba myself as the sword came without it and a large gap between saya and tsuka. The habaki is silver or silver-coated. A tassel is also present. I was sceptical about it being a real sword at first, but a hamon is visible, polishing lines (forgot the proper term) under the habaki and on the back of the kissaki. Looking for €800 (or best offer) If possible, a fast sale would be good. Sale in Germany or Austria preferred, but not exclusive. The pictures are from the eBay auction. (I can take more pictures if you need some, just give me a bit of time to take them please.) Also see my other sword:
  3. A beautiful (if grizzly) inscription. Yes, please show us some photos.
  4. Hi Luis, sorry to hijack this thread - the board says you can't receive messages. I apologize for not answering, work and health issues . Please get in touch if you are still interested in the wakizashi we talked about.
  5. Hi, sorry for not answering. Health issues and problems at work interefered. The sword is still available.
  6. Due to a really bad financial situation I'm forced to sell one of my swords A Shinto wakizash, signed That is the 6th Sukedasa (SUK893). Nagasa: 50,25cm The sword has the very interesting feature that it has a relatively low shinogi line (1:2 I think), so the shinogi is closer to the edge than to the back. Hamon is visible, but hard to capture on photos. Unfortunately, a previous owner obviously tried to do some test cutting with it, there are two small chips in the edge and screatches - otherwise the polish is in good/very good condition. Type 98 Shin-Gunto mount in cood condition, light paint loss on saya. Looking for €1800 (or best offer) If possible, a fast sale would be good. Sale in Germany or Austria preferred. Smaller pictures are the original eBay pictures from when I purchased the sword. (More pictures available via mail)
  7. Hi fellows, a while ago (1/2-1 year) there was a katana on sale on eBay that was very large/beefy. The seller advertised it as real and, at least to my amateur eyes, it seemed true. The blade was almost double as wide as a normal one and it was a bit longer. The seller also had photos comparing it to a normal sized katana. Does anyone remember this one? 1. Do you still have a link/pictures? 2. Was it real? I can still see it in front of my inner eye, but I can't give you any more details than that. Thanks.
  8. Hmm, I think I saw this one here before... Anyway. It says nagasa 34cm - I mean, we all know that nagasa is measured straight, but is this really alright here? I just took two rulers and simulated nagasa and sori near my hip. You can wear this blade very close to your body and basically draw it following your beltline. But stabbing with it probably is difficult. And sheathing it too... Does it say anything about the history behind it besides being 183 years old? Who it was made for and so on? I can't really imagine a samurai wearing it, I see it more as a presentation/gift piece or shrine offering...
  9. Wayne, did you get my message?
  10. Oh, nice one, Grey! I think we discussed a tsuka similar to yours with iron ito before (not wire!). But I can't find the topic. EDIT: Ah, here it is: http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/13902-very-unusual-tsuka/?hl=%2Biron+%2Btsukamaki
  11. hope-somebody-has-something-BUMP
  12. Looking at the numbers, the first 5 symbols say "year 2015", although according to the Internet, that's not really how they would spell it... But I only speak average Japanese, not Chinese. 二?一五年金?平?
  13. https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/41559099_helmet-kabuto-with-rabbit-ears-Japan Awesome!
  14. I tried using Markus' cursive book, but there are more than a few that look similar... I really haven't gotten the hang of cursive, yet. Sorry. As for "kakejiku fetish" +1! Me too...
  15. What are you refering to? I haven't heard about that. Could you post a link to some info?
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