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  1. HI, For sale a excellent set, they are one of the best I have seen $200. thanks for list of articles https://nihontoclub.com/articles/reference/list-of-articles-in-nihonto-newsletter
  2. HiJohn, That is wakasa nuri lacquer work. kam does it, https://jigokustudios.com.au/lacquering/
  3. Hi Ray I thought Sue-Bizen too, like Morimitsu look at the boshi and hada found on a similar one on aoi https://www.aoijapan.net/katana-bishu-osafune-morimitsu-sakusue-bizen/ but a quick look at Sue-Bizen and you get mostly Torii Sori but you see Koshi Sori { Bizen Sori } in this sword so its off the norm for a later time it’s probably from the early Sue-Bizen ? but I can’t shake the feeling its got a lot of shinto in it ?
  4. Hi Tom,If sharpness or a dull edge was of great importance then that's something that would be on papers which it’s not nor do most of the nihonto sites in Japan speak of sharp or a dull blade take Aoi Art for example because it depends what the sword is cutting. If they ground them like razors they would not do well on Japanese armour that's why we speak about the meat of a blade kitchen knives are flat ground swords are usually convex for good reasons a lot less chips and cracks. A polisher will always try to keep the meat or bevel of a blade I would take a dull Gorō Nyūdō Masamune over a sharp Komonjo special every time.
  5. Thanks Steve, Now that's an interesting two wakizashi daisho
  6. Hi Mark, You need to take some better photos the ones you posted will not tell us much. I would take the story with a pinch of salt same for the family crest also the papers ? are not from one of the main line appraisal orgs { NBTHK ,NTHK } they may be fine but you may find that if you put them in to NBTHK or NTHK you may not get the same result as papered daisho are very rare. So looking forward to photos of the bare blades this will help members see traits like sugata. hada, and hamon and you will get much better reply's PS photo 3 in your last post of the Wakizashi it looks like hamon runs off at the Kissaki but it may be the photo or my bad eyesight
  7. Hi George, Thanks mate, you're a legend, owe you a beer next time you are down this way I will let you know what info comes up Now that I Know who he is Yasunori did some good quality horimono and IMHO has skill in cutting that interesting mei :thumbsup:
  8. Hi Ian,That's what I was looking for not much chance its gimei but wonted to get something to compare it too don't have the book so if one of the members has it and can post or PM with the page that would be great. Again thanks guys
  9. HI guys, Need some help with a hard one Thanks to Bazza and Steve M for their thoughts {Second character on the rhs is SHUU, the first being the province?. there is horimono on the blade so one of the lhs characters I think reads HORI DO SAKU ("also made the carving").} but not much on the rest at this point thoughts ?
  10. Hi Bazza..You are right but in this crazy state you can leave the post office and if stopped by the Vic cops and with no membership it can be a bad day
  11. Whats the question ? If sending to Victoria you have to have a membership to a sword club to own a sword http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/26367-item-held-in-customs/?hl=%2Bsword+%2Baustralia&do=findComment&comment=266214
  12. Hi that's Adrian's site he also runs the Sydney Token Kai, he is OK and trustworthy he ran the last 2 NTHK shinsa in Australia and has posted on the NMB
  13. Hi Alex. I think your tsuba is still in the UK if you put SOUTH NORWOOD PDO in google the UK comes up did you put a postcode on the parcel ? it should look like this NORWOOD SOUTH, SA 5067 in Australia if not it will go local hope that helps
  14. Hi Sebastian, check your PM
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