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  1. #1 is still available. I'm not open to low offers at the moment. I'm clearing out, I'm not hard up.
  2. For sale is this dragon theme Fuchigashira and menuki. Looking for £350 or nearest offer. Came off a large katana tsuka.
  3. No 1 is still available.
  4. It will be on next week. There's always opportunity on here to buy swords.
  5. As a point of reference and I can only go by prices I've paid. You can but a signed wakizashi in full polish for about $1000 in very tidy mounts I've one myself for $1100 that I'll list next week When you come to sell it because it's flawless and in good condition and polish you should get your money back and maybe a bit more. Always look to buy at a price that if everything went wrong and you needed cash, you know you could sell the item in a hurry and get what you paid for it back. That's just common sense.
  6. The blade has what appears to be a huge blister and is totally out of polish. Most Togoshi charge around £150 per inch to Polish. However it is extremely unlikely they will be able to remove flaws on a poorly forged blade like that huge blister . In fact they may even open up more flaws. I do not think I would part with that money for that sword. It's not the best way to spend your money but hey, it's your dollar, so you do what you like with it. When you come to sell it expect to lose serious money if your lucky enough to find someone interested in the sword.
  7. A few tsuba I do not need. No 1 katana size £200 No 2 has tiny damage as shown. £180 Wakizashi size No 3 tanto size £120 No 4 wakizashi size £185 No 5 wakizashi size £250 No 6 katana size £185 No 7 wakizashi £130 No 8 large katana £185 Plus any fees and postage.
  8. You have your translation it's down to you now, this is part of the fun. Just asking for answers is not going to be an enjoyable way to research. Copy and paste this into a search engine sagami_no_kami fujiwara hiroshige. You don't have to find a naginata to research the smith he will have made swords.
  9. Your mei has been filed away then any traces have been punched out of recognition. To be honest its not a bad job so your sword would get a result at shinsa but what that result will be is another matter. I like the shape and you must remember that people's opinions on the NMB are entirely based on photos. Opinions are just that and bear no real weight in light of a hands on appraisal by someone of knowledge. I've had such varying kantei on my own items it becomes clear even the very best intended opinion can cause you to make a poor decision because it may be totally wrong . Always find someone with knowledge and let them tell you what they see in hand before you make any determination . Regards Adam
  10. I agree there is nominal value in the handachi fittings but the blades got some big deep flaws that I would walk away from if its more than $200-300 maximum. I would only buy it for the fittings not the blade but the saya has some real damages.
  11. Look up on Google the third generation of this smith and your answer should be revealed. It's time for you to do a little bit of research yourself.
  12. Am I right in assuming that during this period these were used by the woman not the men as its sleeker lighter dimensions suggest? Nice item I had an almost identical one in full polish
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