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  1. I don't think it's possible to confirm if it is made from tamahagane or not. Even if this Smith was given an allocation, that still would not confirm this particular blade was made from tamahagane as he would also have made and signed blades of non traditional construct. All you could possibly determine is if it was water or oil quenched. I'm No expert but logic occasionally kicks in.
  2. Perhaps but the picture was taken by a photographer given unprecedented access to samurai with instructions to comply with his needs. Picture was taken in the late 1800's and is part of a national collection not noted as staged photography other than the usual ”stand here” direction. Whatever the case all is mere speculation as of this point for any suggested thumb wear.You will never know, so cannot say it is or indeed if it isn't.
  3. Babu

    Mumei Katana

    I'm not seeing anything like toran. Looks more like a ko midare based on Suguba from your last few shots. Toran would cover a lot more blade. Can you show where you think you see predominantly Toran?
  4. Babu

    Strange menuki theme.

    Yes I like the first one more than the katakirabori but thats just personal taste. The designs are sort of ideas really. They often are perfect replications but don't have to be. In your second example we can see this is as you say likely a Daisho set. However I always thought true Daisho sets were cohesive rather than identical??? I mean similar in theme or connected but not exactly the same.
  5. Brian I've seen swords with the lemon juice treatment and they also look exactly like that. What I can guarantee is that we will never KNOW what caused it.
  6. I didn't say polish it it said rub it continually with oil until all the staining has gone. It's fairly recent and not blood of a contemporary nature, as that eats right through tamahagane if left.If blood is not cleaned off in a short order the salts an other ingredients in the blood will cause a reaction with the metal ranging from discoloration of the finish short term, to deep pitting if left on the metal long term.
  7. Not sure what the expected outcome was sorry. It looks like you need to rub the blade a lot with oil based kanahada to get that staining off. It's probably not destroyed the blade but it should be neutralised if possible first. If you have any windowlene or similar alkaline based cleaner put that on, then soapy water nice n hot to wash it all off. Dry it, get some wadding like cotton wool and Clove oil or kanahada, rub the blade continually until the dark disappears. Will require time and effort ....no shortcuts with wire wool or abrasives are recommended. Just good ol' elbow grease.
  8. 10% off the listed prices. Shipping to Europe,Canada and the USA etc
  9. The only Smith in hawleys signing sagami no Kami is HIR 398 a low grade Smith, so the likelihood of a fake signature adding value this naginata is very remote. He was active around 1688 and was part of the shimohara group. He also signed Bushu Ju fujiwara 15 point Smith. However you will need to compare your mei to known papered examples if they exist. I'll offer no comments as to condition or what looks like Acid staining. Regards Adam
  10. Babu

    Strange menuki theme.

    Your images are broken links Dale.
  11. I think the kinko tsuba very different although the theme is similar yours does not have the bird of prey so any assumption that he had it in hand is just that. The tetsu link to another is very much closer and bearing in mind designs were often copied I think it similar. However values are always based on condition and yours needs some very real preservation Krys. I do like it a lot though. I hope the active rust has not left a depression although I feel it probably has. Let me know when you sell it
  12. I honestly don't find external images very useful. I cannot zoom into them on my phone as I can images submitted directly to the forum and in years to come as a reference point for study your images will not exist which is very frustrating. Can you perhaps add them directly to your post Bjorn? It looks like gunome midare to me. Hitatsura is open to interpretation but generally it will have tempering in the shinogi ji as well and on the jihada. This blade is hitatsura and has tempering martensite in the hi groove and onto the mune. Appreciate they are poor images but they should still serve to explain.
  13. Yes I wouldn't say it was Hitatsura really it's not any hitatsura I've seen anyway. For me hitatsura covers a lot of the blade and the shinogi ji. It's all over the place ,ergo Hitatsura. Nice hamon though
  14. Babu

    Strange menuki theme.

    It's a collaborative effort really . He collected designs as much as made his own. Some will be other people's ideas some his, all put into the books for a client to select. Sadly due to this you cannot definitely say that a piece referenced in the books is by him unless signed in Soshu script. Especially as in your example where it's not his mei in the book but another's. However your tsuba example could be missing that mei in the drawing because it's really close workmanship. Get that mei translated and your a step closer. These books were also passed on to other artisans for decades . Things were added at later stages.
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