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  1. thanks you, wise people helped me find the problem here! so lucky to have known you guys! Appreciate your enthusiastic help! 🙏🙏🙏
  2. Thank you so much for this useful information 🙏🙏🙏
  3. Is 10k $ bucks possible with a murasama sword? he said it cost 10k $ and i doubt it 😅😅😅
  4. need everyone's help! is this murasama's sword? let me know your thoughts! Would be very grateful for your comments! a friend bought it and was told by the seller it was muramasa! Is this right? I don't know Japanese to be able to read newspapers and I was thinking of you guys!
  5. I really admire you and what you went through with the nihonto bar that you happen to own! Please allow me here to see the ending! Best regards
  6. Hello everyone! I come from Vietnam, a country in Southeast Asia! I am a young person with a passion for Japanese culture in general and nihonto in particular! My knowledge about nihonto is very poor, I hope you can learn! people with experience in this field! Where I live, the rules for collecting weapons are very strict and swords are one of them! so to own 1 nihonto very difficult and even more difficult to find resources about nihonto! and fate I have seen you guys so please help me with knowledge!
  7. I have compared very similar handwriting! but his style is usually osaka ju gassan sadakatsu kin saku (kao)! Does anyone have more information on this matter? Or is it really just a gimei? Sorry for my ignorance!
  8. Thanks for all the comments from you guys! I am very grateful for that! It seems like it takes a professional polishing artist to restore its original beauty, doesn't it?
  9. I struggled really hard trying to take the pictures! It seems the hada has nothing in its current state! Do these pictures tell you anything? Please give me more advice!
  10. Thank you very much for the information provided! I will try to add more photos! now i only have this photo! I thought that taking pictures was easy, until I took it! LOL
  11. Tiếng Việt Tiếng Anh I do not do it! I understand the value of that rust, but it seems its owner loves the job! I saw him remove that rust up to 3 nihonto bars and this tongue is one of them! Note: in my country is not allowed to collect swords, it is forbidden so these blades are scrap from Japan brought back as scrap that can be used as mechanical parts! sorry my english is very bad Please sympathize if I used the wrong words ...
  12. Yes, thank you for the feedback! sorry can i ask "shinsa" what is it? I'm a newbie so it's very vague 😅
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