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  1. Mathew. I have a similar gunto rig that also has a nori naga blade in it. I have been trying to determine what generation mine may be. May I ask if you could post a picture of the whole nakago for my reference? thanks in advance. Chris Ignore that, I misread toshi naga for nori naga.
  2. Brian, 27 ounces at 15 inches worth about AU$80,000. My other passion ! Chris
  3. AHi all. My Minelab GPX5000 will sound off on any metal with a very similar tone. There is no real effective discrimination on the 5000. My Garrett GT2500 will sound off like precious metals on larger pieces of steel, ie horse shoes, sheet iron etc. The larger pieces of iron overload the discrimination circuitry of the coin machines and they get confused. Smaller pieces of steel/iron don’t show up on the GT2500.
  4. Bruce, no. I suspect a hatchet job.
  5. Hi all. Lovely swords. My brother has a nobutake. Star stamped and the number 105.
  6. Not having any luck where this download is?
  7. Looks a little like stylized dragonflies.
  8. Bencld

    Tsuba motifs ?

    Hi all. I can pick out kiragane (wild geese) on this tsuba but not sure about others. Maybe kabuto at bottom/top and crossed fans left/right ? What school style ? I think Shoami ? Ta.
  9. Some more better pictures I think ! Akihiro was a Sosho smith sonif they were going to gimei a blade, they may have selected something along thise lines, Soshu features to try and validate the mei.
  10. Hi all. After a really really crappy year, I bought myself another sword. O-tanto in decent polish signed AKIHIRO. I know it won’t be THE akihiro but it is in decent what appears to be Matching mounts and decent condition. I am happy with it. Any suggestions on age or school? Thanks.
  11. Hi all. Hope everyone is having a good day. Just a general question. Were tanto through history signed ura side (tachi mei) ? If so, any idea on smiths, schools, era that may have ? I have already asked Mr Google and as usual got pages and pages of rubbish. Thanks.
  12. Hi all. A supposed gendai copy of ikanshi tadatsuna with horimono. It looks reasonably exucuted and I have no idea which gendai smith may have forged it. It has a kiku hamon.
  13. some if my recent finds. Helps pay for my Nihonto addiction and overseas trips ! 125g, 57g and the last one is self evident.
  14. I thought showato were illrgal in Japan ? There is clearly a showa stamp on this. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ANTIQUE-WW2-GUNTO-Japanese-LONG-SWORD-KATANA-KANETSUNA-signed-w-KOSHIRAE-NR/254389432316?hash=item3b3acaaffc:g:w~0AAOSwSRRdpSw1
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