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  1. Stephen - it seems to still be going forward but apparently the big issue is that if the state closes venues then it's off the books. Living in South Florida things the way they are here there's absolutely no way I will get on a six hour flight going anywhere at my age, mask or not. It's just not worth the risks. I just hope things are good to go for the Chicago show next year as that one is a lot of fun. Just like that bowl of porridge; not too hot, not too cold - j-u-s-t r-i-g-h-t! LOL
  2. Greg, There is a PM function you can use on the board. Move cursor over the member's name upper left of post and info will appear with 'send message', click and you're in. Pete
  3. The early exceptions to the rule - from, 'Tosogu no Kigan' by Sasano:
  4. This is like the new kid in a small school...LOL!
  5. Hi - that set is almost impossible to acquire and 'very' expensive but !eureka! it's already on NMB in the research document section: http://www.nihontomessageboard.com/articles/Mosle.pdf BTW - is there something specific you are looking into? I used to do quite a bit of research on him and had all of the published works by and about him.
  6. Thanks much George - as you do also! Here is a scan of the applicable portion of the paper to the Sojo kogai you posted above. It states, 'Biwa design' which is loquat in Japanese: 枇杷. It's the top portion, Biwa no Zu.
  7. "and some weird unidentified fruit"... Thanks Bri... love yah - mean it... BTW: George - the kogai you posted above is here with me...
  8. Mark - I remember seeing that being offered. It's a very nice piece. Glad you have it! BTW - did you mean, 'kogai'?
  9. Well, David, since you've apparently reversed everything anyway you should not have any problems.
  10. Haynes Index gives you the artist's history and the volume number and page(s) in the meikan and other references where applicable. If you read Japanese it's not all that necessary but few outside Japan have that ability. I have all three references. If you collect swords it's like having Fujishiro's Koto and Shinto along with the translation by Watson. You can find the Haynes Index here: http://www.shibuiswords.com/books.htm Just scroll down a bit from top page.
  11. This is the more comprehensive set by Wakayama: https://www.japaneseswordbooksandtsuba.com/store/books/b672-toso-kodogu-meiji-taikei-wakayama-english-index It helps to have Haynes Index as well: https://www.japaneseswordbooksandtsuba.com/store/books/b760-index-Japanese-sword-fittings-and-associated-artists-robert-haynes
  12. Den Jingo means most likely by someone in the Jingo school BUT possibly by someone non-aligned directly to the school. There were other tsuba shi in the area who could make copies so the shinsa team is saying it has a slight doubt otherwise it would receive 'Jingo'. If they felt it was to a specific generation but had reservations they would say den Jingo Nidai or whatever. In some schools such as Goto or Owari they will use a time period such as Goto Edo Shoki (early Edo). What one shouldn't do is to go 'up' the ladder with a den attribution in fittings as if they meant higher they would have said it. That's just wishful thinking and really won't get you anywhere in the long run. BTW - it's really important to understand that papers are just 'opinions' and attributions can be incorrect. To me they act as a learning tool but don't make them the sole arbiter of your decisions. It will take you ten to twenty years to begin to understand what really constitutes an attribution, especially if you live outside Japan and do not speak/read Japanese and nothing replaces hands on experience and the guidance of legitimate experts.
  13. I remember that den Kanayama above was from Jinsoo Kim's old site. I doubt the attribution to anything Kanayama.
  14. or 'Den Joshin' for that matter...
  15. Pete Klein


    Maybe someone thought it was a Yagyu tsuba??? PS: I just noticed this is my 3,000th post! Not bad for around 18 years...
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