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  1. Very handsome sugata and I like that kissaki. I do not think Hizen Shinto, though.
  2. Definitely not "picture books", but super informative resources. My books do not have the "checkered" problem, so must be a local printing source issue. Mine were printed in the USA.
  3. Very nice blades, those Omiya. My fav is Morishige for his hamon exuberence but Morokage and Morikage are great too.
  4. Japan2112

    Opinions Please

    Godai (Akasaka) Tadatoki is known for a similar orientation of his hitsu ana sometimes appearing in his work. I understand that to be a kantei point for him. Your tsuba looks Kyo Shoami, but could it also be Echizen?
  5. Thank you gentlemen, The Tokei is now off the market and the others are SOLD. Mark
  6. Owari Tokei reduced to $350. (+ fees and shipping).
  7. #1Akaska, #3 Yamakichibei, #4 Onin are SOLD. #2 Owari Tokei - additional photos included. I should note that this tsuba's image is published as part of a grouping in the 2006 2nd Kokusai Tosugu Kai International Convention and Exhibition Catalog pp 91 bottom row 2nd from right. Informative article on Ikenie tsuba.
  8. Here is another pic of the #1 Akasaka giving a good view of its iron and color. On hold. Anyone interested in the Owari Tokei?
  9. #3 Yamakichibei waiting payment - on hold for now, but thank you for asking.
  10. Japan2112

    A new Tsuba

    Sorry, I originally read 6.5 mm thick. If it is 3.5 mm thick then earlier (ko) tosho is possible. In Edo era the tosho tsuba began to thicken. The remainder of my kantei holds, so perhaps early Edo.
  11. Hi Richard, I think Adam said it best, an Autumnal association with flora and fauna. Here is a description found in the study of Akasaka motifs" "The motif of this tsuba is autumnal flora and crickets combining to represent the Musashino. The elements of the grass and cricket fuse into an abstracted depiction of a pleasant autumnal scene:" Maybe this helps. BTW here is the tsuba this is referring to Best Regards, Mark
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