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  1. WOW Great question. Although I can’t help I am very interested as it is something that I never thought much about. I hope others with the knowledge that you seek chime in. I like you will be interested in their answers. Thank you so much for posting the question. MikeR
  2. I like paper. Like Ben said when I am steadying swords I like to have as many books out as my table will hold. I also like paper so that I can make my own notations for future reference. Yes it would be nice to be able to have both as a digital copy could be used as a quick reference while out and about. Maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s the old ( that’s me too ) saying, see it , feel it, hold it, Remember It. At least for me I seem to remember more if I read it from a hard copy. Just my two cents but I Like Books. MikeR
  3. Pm sent. Maybe the Yasuaki and the Tadafusa are meant to stay together. MikeR
  4. Very cool. Thank you for sharing MikeR
  5. I agree WOW, that Tanto is Beautiful and to have the box just puts it one step above. Thank you for sharing and please keep me in mind if it ever needs a new home with a great caretaker. MikeR
  6. Steve I have never heard it explained that way , but that makes perfect sense. Something learned today that I will not forget. Thank you. MikeR
  7. Nick Welcome. I am new to the Japanese Sword Field myself, about 10 years now. This board is a Great place to star and stay with. Books Are A MUST. You must read All that you can but it really takes a blade in your hands, with someone by your side to explain the blade to make all that book knowledge make sense. A lot of times I find what is written, even in pictures hard to understand until someone helps me really look at a blade in person. Going forward you will have many questions and you came to the right place. Take your time. When you have read all that you can read, seen all that you can and held as many blades in your hand as possible you will almost be at the advanced beginner stage. Good luck and happy hunting MikeR
  8. Butch you are very lucky to be the caretaker of TWO GREAT Swords. Enjoy them, share them and care for them. MikeR
  9. WOW Steve Great Sword. Thank you to you and Francois for posting the before and after pictures. What a difference. I have a couple blades that I think deserve a good polish but have a hard time seeing what the finished blade will look like. Maybe seeing yours will push me to do it. Again great sword and congratulations on being the caretaker. MikeR
  10. WOW YOU are a very lucky person. And like Bruce said if you used these two swords as your whole Japanese Sword Collection you would be one of the lucky ones. As hopefully the new caretaker You have been handed a great task to care for these two swords as well as the former caretaker. Good luck and thank you so much for sharing. If you are looking to adopt a great son that would love to own these two swords I am available. MikeR
  11. Ronald I will take #1 1981 Hawley book. Please send me your payment preference. Thank you. MikeR. I will also PM you with my info
  12. WOW That is exciting. Good luck and keep us informed. Sounds like it would be a great reason for a weekend getaway. Thank you for sharing MikeR
  13. Great sword Tim and congratulations to the new caretaker mikeR
  14. Real nice one Tom. I like the other one you posted also. Good luck with both of them and thank you for sharing MikeR
  15. I love it. Thank you for sharing MikeR
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