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  1. Wow great looking swords with great pictures. Can’t explain the what ink are the extremely low prices. I hope someone can explain it. MikeR
  2. As far as swords go, no I don’t have my first purchase. I went into this blindly with one little book and a solid belief in fellow collectors and the “ it’s a Vet bring back bought directly from the family” . I was so proud of my first purchase of a Japanese sword that you couldn’t get the smile off my face, that was until I found out from a true collector and now friend and mentor that my Prized Sword was a Chinese Fake😒. It took me a year to get my money back from the seller but finally did. After a couple years of reading and a lot of help from this forum and my now Two mentors I have a modest collection of REAL Japanese Nihonto. Thank you to all here that have helped me with this journey and allowed me to become the care taker of some of your prized pieces. A little side note I do still have the first K98 Mauser that I brought home on my bicycle 58 years ago. MikeR
  3. WOW Thank you for sharing. The shame about the fingerprints and the lack of caring on the keepers part is the same reason other Great Pieces of Art are lost for ever or destroyed. MikeR
  4. Great job James. Looks great. Keep us updated MikeR
  5. Dominic you have found the right place to be. The people here are the best and always to help. I am glad that you are getting some information on your sword. Thank you for sharing and good luck. MikeR
  6. I do not mean to offend, but pictures without feet and body parts are usually better when asking for help with a Sword. MikeR
  7. Thank you for sharing Peter. MikeR
  8. I thought they were put together with ‘ rice glue ‘ that I thought was made from no other than rice. I think that I even watched a video of how to make it. I am sure someone else will set this straight. Good luck MikeR
  9. Volker, I will take this Tanto as per our conversations. Thank you so much. I look forward to adding this to my modest collection. MikeR
  10. Tom I was there with a single table of odds n ends. Although I didn’t take any pictures, the show had a good turn out Friday. Saturday had a very good turnout and Sunday was light. Lots of beautiful things to look at and something for everyone to purchase. Thank you Bob for another great show and thank you all at the show that are so willing to share your knowledge and beautiful swords with beginners like me. MikeR
  11. Ok just have a couple pictures of my table. Stop by on Sunday and say hello MikeR
  12. No photos but traffic inside the show was a little light on Friday but pretty heavy today. A great show as always with a lot of great vendors and a whole lot of Great items to see and buy. Stop by tomorrow and say hello, you will be glad you did. There is something for everyone here. Thank you Bob for making this a great show again MikeR
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