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  1. I don’t know how the mail is Internationally but here in my part of the USA it stinks. I had three packages sent to me in New Jersey from Washington state, the two small ones arrived as expected as per the tracking numbers. The third, a Sword send home box, was over a month late. The USPS was of no help. The sender and I both filed lost forms, again with no help. The tracking said “ in transit” so that is all we were told. No one ever knew where it was. When I did receive it it was fine and in perfect shape. I am waiting for a small package as we speak that according to the tracking was within 10 miles of me and now it is it is 50 miles from me. Maybe it will find its way back and maybe not. Good luck and I hope everyone’s packages reach them as expected. It is stressful enough when everything works as expected, but really stressful when things happen.. MikeR
  2. That’s a beautiful blade. Thank you for sharing MikeR
  3. Please let me know when you figure out a price. I like it MikeR
  4. Nice sword. I think you did very well. I love the Hamon. Congrats! MikeR
  5. Some things don’t need anything added. I think it says a whole lot. Thank you for sharing MikeR
  6. SteveM, thank you so much for your time and information. MikeR
  7. Great video. Thank you for sharing MikeR
  8. Thank you SteveM. Would it make any sense for this tag to be on a captured sword? MikeR
  9. Just wondering if this tag translates to anything or is it just a bunch of mombo-jumbo? Thank you in advance. MikeR
  10. WOW beautiful blade. Thank you for sharing MikeR
  11. Very nice, congratulations. Thank you for sharing MikeR
  12. Brian my PP got screwed up with the purchase of a new phone but it looks like you got payment for 1 year gold. Not much but it’s something, hope it helps a little because this site and the people here have helped me a lot. Thank you MikeR
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