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  1. Here are a few pictures of a room that I am in the process of setting up in my new home. I always collected WW2 military and a few years ago said “ I just want one Japanese Sword” LOL . Look at me now. Hope you enjoy. MikeR
  2. Ok Brian here are some more pictures of the top 3. Yes they are all one piece
  3. Here is a picture of a few of mine. I find them very interesting, some very detailed, not usually inexpensive, and at least for me hard to find for sale. Hope you enjoy them and feel free to comment. If anyone would like a better picture of any individual piece please let me know. Thank you for looking. MikeR
  4. I just wanted to thank John ( bigjohnshea ) for allowing me to be the new caretaker of his Tanemitsu Tanto. John was a pleasure to work with and made the whole process painless. I received the Tanto today and it was shipped fast, wrapped extremely well and more beautiful in person. It will be a treasured addition to my meager collection. Thank you again. MikeR
  5. Matt very nice package, I would be proud to own it myself. Thank you for sharing MikeR
  6. WOW WOW WOW this says it all for me. Thank you so much for sharing. MikeR
  7. Email sent..Thank you MikeR
  8. John what a beautiful blade. I tried to PM you but it said that you can’t receive messages MikeR
  9. Nice grouping. The start of a collection to be proud of. Congrats MikeR
  10. Jason, what more can I say than has already been said above but WOW!!! You have started where many finish. You should be proud of your beautiful sword and just as proud of yourself for doing so well. Congrats MikeR
  11. Brian, I think you did real good and I like the sword. I hope it turns out to be more than you expected. I purchased a run of the mill, so-so condition WW2 sword for just a little less than this just to have around so that I could put it in the hands of anyone that seemed interested in Nihonto so that they could get the feel and hopefully start a passion for the blades and become more interested. So I use mine as a learning, starting tool and am glad that I purchased it. A small amount of money well spent ( at least for me ) Good Luck MikeR
  12. Michaelr

    Saya size

    Try putting a wire down inside the Saya to see how far it is cut out. I have seen long Saya with shorter blades that were cut out for that blade and as Gwyn said they were made to “ look bigger” Others were just repurposed from longer blades. MikeR
  13. Anthony, welcome to the forum and congratulations on a Very Nice Navy. This is definitely a place to watch and learn. MikeR
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