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  1. I am not sure what you have and sorry I can’t help with any of the details but I really like it. Hope it turns out to be more that you expected. Thank you for sharing MikeR
  2. Looks great. Thank you for sharing MikeR
  3. Thank you both very much. MikeR
  4. I recently purchased a early NCO sword with the brass Tsuba, and aleather tassel with the buckle was attached to the sword. Looking at the way it was attached I knew something wasn’t right, only the tongue piece of leather was through the Sarute. Now my question, I can’t seem to figure out how to install the tassel the correct way as the buckle end will not fit through the Sarute. It looks to me that I will have to remove the Sarute to run both pieces of the leather tassel through and then reinstall the Sarute. Is this correct or am I completely missing something? Thank you in advance MikeR
  5. WOW Thank you both so much for the smiths information. I am great full MikeR
  6. I was told that sometimes they were carried by the pilots, but you know how that goes, anything is possible. I was also told by a high end Japanese sword expert/collector that a few that he had seen when the leather was removed it revealed information on the Saya. No way I will ever attempt to remove the leather from mine to find out. Also originally on mine the mekugi was completely covered and the leather had to be carefully cut to remove it to check for a signature Glad you are enjoying these two Tantos MikeR
  7. Not sure Bruce but I think it is someone’s SSN? I wonder if I can look that up? MikeR
  8. Ok I just returned home and took some pictures of a similar Tanto that I own as promised. I don’t know if anyone can make out the mei but I got it the best that I could. Hope you enjoy
  9. WOW I think it is a GREAT SWORD with a GREAT HAMON and would be proud to own it myself. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful MikeR
  10. Wow Great sword with Great mounts. Lucky find. Thank you for sharing MikeR
  11. I like it. Thank you for sharing MikeR
  12. Received the sword today and it is beautiful. A GREAT SWORD FROM A GREAT SELER. Thank you Mark MikeR
  13. I own a very similar one and will post some pictures when I return home. I love it, thank you for sharing MikeR
  14. WOW😲 congratulations. Sounds like it was a great show especially for you. Everything you showed us is beautiful and I would be proud to be the caretaker. Again congratulations and thank you for sharing MikeR
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