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  1. 2.850.000 Y https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/d1047276661?conversionType=service_page_search
  2. @Bruce Pennington i was a bit late with my answer to your post.. Michael
  3. Yes. This Wakizashi was polished in Japan and the Saya and Habaki made at the same time. I think about to sell it in the near future..... Michael
  4. For sale is a late Edo period Tsuba from the famous Omori school. It is signed: Gasan TERUTAKA and the smiths seal TERUTAKA Familie: Gasan Artname: Gasansai, Hounsai Lived: Mito, Hitatchi Provinz The polished plate is made from Shibuichi and is green/brown patinated. The Shishi eyes and the coverplates for Kozuka and Kogai are gilt. 7,2 cm x 7,0 cm. Thickness: 4 mm, the Shishi head 5,1 mm. Comes with a high quality box with pillow. 950€ incl. insured shipping
  5. Which Akiyoshi is mine? Maybe - Haynes 00089.0 Kyoto, 1830 - 1895. Different Mei to the other before.
  6. Tons of pictures and info about swords, Kodogu an other things. 100€ incl. shipping worldwide + PayPal
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