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  1. Look at the sunken areas on the Mimi surface.
  2. I'm with John. The quality is low level, the piece possible cast.
  3. more clouds and tiny clouds
  4. 3rd Yatsushiro Jingo, TBH Paper. Much better in Hand, deep black glossy steel, impressive Tsuchime.
  5. @Ken + Shinken28 The right words about!
  6. Last and final reduction: 390€ + shipping!
  7. final and last reduction: 250€ + shipping!
  8. Benson: What does “Den” mean in the use of “Den Rai Kunimitsu?” Tanobe: The “Den” means that that sword is almost a Rai Kunimitsu. We use it meaning “almost”. Benson: You mean the sword is lacking, so it is almost a Rai Kunimitsu? Tanobe: No. That is where the misconception by collectors comes in. In some ways the sword might not have all the traits produced by that smith, but most of them, so we say “Den”. In this case it may be lacking somewhat, on the other hand it might have all the traits of a Rai Kunimitsu but in addition, it has work that is better or could be considered his best work. In this case it displays greater ability and qualities not normally seen in the smith so here again we use “Den”. Here they talk about a specific smith. But what means this compared to a Den Jingo atribution? Almost a 1./2. or 3. Master?
  9. thank you all for the interresting answers. When we go to a smaller school - Den Jingo - then it says it could be a Hayashi school work with Jingo traits?! Michael
  10. Hello to all, this was discussed in the Nihonto forum. Maybe here too, i can´t remember. If a paper stated "Den Jingo" then we have a specific school. Wy not only "Jingo"? If we talk about a group. "Den kanayama" why not "Kanayama" I´m confused Michael
  11. Offer one of my dragon Tsuba. Wel carved dragon in clouds. Glossy steel There is a "Mei" that, i believe, read "Domo Hori" - respectfully carved. 6,75 cm x 6,4 cm. Thickness Seppadai: 0,45 cm, Mimi: 0,3 cm. 300 € + shipping.
  12. suketaka

    Back from polish

    nice Hamon but looks like the Hada worn-out...
  13. And don't look like Ko-Kinko. Very nice Tsuba, i like it a lot!
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