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  1. 2.850.000 Y https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/d1047276661?conversionType=service_page_search
  2. @Bruce Pennington i was a bit late with my answer to your post.. Michael
  3. Yes. This Wakizashi was polished in Japan and the Saya and Habaki made at the same time. I think about to sell it in the near future..... Michael
  4. For sale is a late Edo period Tsuba from the famous Omori school. It is signed: Gasan TERUTAKA and the smiths seal TERUTAKA Familie: Gasan Artname: Gasansai, Hounsai Lived: Mito, Hitatchi Provinz The polished plate is made from Shibuichi and is green/brown patinated. The Shishi eyes and the coverplates for Kozuka and Kogai are gilt. 7,2 cm x 7,0 cm. Thickness: 4 mm, the Shishi head 5,1 mm. Comes with a high quality box with pillow. 950€ incl. insured shipping
  5. Which Akiyoshi is mine? Maybe - Haynes 00089.0 Kyoto, 1830 - 1895. Different Mei to the other before.
  6. Tons of pictures and info about swords, Kodogu an other things. 100€ incl. shipping worldwide + PayPal
  7. the first is a 30 years old Paul Chen Hanwei forge Tanto. I sold the same for 300 $ a few years ago.
  8. Maybe he talk about his service only from Germany to Japan?
  9. Reduction - 250 € + PP + shipping.
  10. Hello members, i sell the book: The Baur Collection: Japanese Sword Fitting B.W. Robinson. Mint, like unread condition. 2591 pieces are described. The majority of them are illustarated in black & white some in color. They are arranged by type and school. Clothbound, slipcase, dust jacket and cover box. 290€ + shipping + PayPal.
  11. Hello members, i sell the book: Kurokawa Institute of ancient cultures, catalog B1 - Japanese swords Mint, like unread condition. Silkbound, slipcase and dust jacket, 281 pages. 111 Japanese sword are shown in lage crips photos. Japanese with an introduction and list of plates in English. 195€ + shipping + PayPal.
  12. Final price drop: 300€ incl. uninsured shipping.
  13. Final price drop: 295€ incl. uninsured shipping.
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