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  1. Upon seeing this tsuba my first thought was mingei. If nerigawa I'd be sure, but iron. ?? John
  2. Kitsch is a legitimate art style and not necessarily trash by definition. Ikea to me is kitsch and has a simple beauty, Whirligigs', kitsch and very collectible. Louis Quinxe ormolu kitsch. These are not kitsch, they are garish. John
  3. Tell us what swords were displayed please and more about which tsuba you picked and why. Curious minds want to know. John
  4. The koshirae means little to me, however the sword needs some really good photos taken. Looks as fresh as a daisy in that one pic. John
  5. Now there are two good reasons to visit Lynchburg. John
  6. Easy does it. Don't get your halyards twisted guys. Different time and place. John
  7. Maybe a latter generation as pointed out sugata too early for time stated. John
  8. Soshu influence or attributes. Akihiro from Sagami? 13 century. John
  9. The kogai arrived today. A real beauty and pristine. John
  10. I really like the academic atmosphere engendered by the build. Like an alchemist's laboratory. John
  11. Yes, there is that extra level of brilliance by the master of millet. John
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