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  1. When you see auto-trans of these sites you often see 'orthosis'. It never meant much to me, one of those things, finally I just had to investigate. 下肢装具 Kashisougu, is a foot orthosis ( a brace to correct foot alignment), this is a more modern usage for 装具. In fact as related to Nihonto 装具 Sougu means fitting(s). John
  2. I suspect Sagemono tobacco pouch ornaments.
  3. I got a kick from this passage[ "Rapiers were commonly used to stick enemies in Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries." John
  4. Invaluable is an exchange for auction houses from tooth brushes to Kmer statues. I know Artemis. They have a wide range. You must know what you are doing. John
  5. Scroll down to Shonai; The Schools of Shoami (shibuiswords.com)
  6. I only use 'buy it now' from trusted sellers and rarely at that. It is too much shenanigans for me. John
  7. Bungo Takada. This school can run the gamut from OK to near brilliant, there can be good examples within the school.. This is a nice tight package; not amazing, not poor a little above average. Compare and decide at this price "am I happy". John
  8. In my sanctum sanctorum are all things Japanese. They all relate in some way to the indigenous craft found in Japan. Art, metal work, textiles, kodo and chado , weapons armour etc. It does tend to spill beyond its confines. Having art that combines the interest of nihonto with graphic art seems apt. John
  9. Was not shishi and peonies a Nomura school theme favourite? John
  10. 1) quality of steel, there is a certain look of a really well refined steel, blue, soft reflection, pool of deep water 2) utsuri 3) how are the different grades of steel sorted and welded for the best results As you see, really all about the steel. Sugata next. Then characteristics of hamon and polish. John
  11. Seems fairly short, less than 2 shaku? Kiribazukuri? Some details for this relic would be nice. Wonderful sword. John
  12. I merged these two separate posts together. Edward. no need to duplicate your queries. John
  13. All I see is a little skull and crossbones. ?? John
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