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  1. I use a damp cloth. Pretty tough stuff. It shouldn't need much upkeep unless in a dusty environment. John
  2. It may surprise one at what is used for effect in some nuri. This appears to me to be fish scales. It is a pleasant effect. John
  3. Actually, as we read 13th century it refers to 1201 CE to 1300 CE. John
  4. This is a replica sword worth about $80 as decorative, nothing to a collector of Nihonto. So sorry, if you buy it. John
  5. Translation programs can be too literal. ie. 石突側面 is stone butt side .
  6. A labour of love for sure. Great start. John
  7. As drawer pulls. Hmmmm John
  8. In the style of, in the manner of, follower of, student of; these are all used to qualify workmanship of art and have value in themselves. Original artwork by the master of which the preceding are imitative can be hundreds of times more dear. This is the nature of collecting and quite normal. John
  9. I have mentioned this before and it is my belief that modern trained polishers togishi do not emphasise the sharpness as much as the cosmetics of the blade. Old field polishes were 'in the white' and very sharp. The Edo peace changed what was more desirable in viewing than hewing. John
  10. I am, by the photos, 99% convinced it is hagire, a fatality in that its function is totally compromised. Too bad. John
  11. Ah! That is definitive proof I'd say. Cool. John
  12. I've seen a few shears of this pattern. What indication is there this was made and used for fletching specifically? John
  13. John A Stuart


    I too as Barry think the likliest idea is two tsuba made seperately brought together by serendipity not made as a pair. John
  14. I find that Foghorn Leghorn loudness a North American trait, especially by tourists when travelling in Eastern countries. If you say it loud enough, even though not an English speaker, you are sure to understand. John
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