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  1. Another loss to our community, much too small already. Condolences. John
  2. John A Stuart

    Any guesses?

    I;ve a notion of Echizen and later shinto period, just as an aside. The pine crane fittings are very nice, the whole koshirae is rather tight and fine. Not a bad trade. John
  3. I like the idea. A hidden weapon under guise of a pipe case and tobacco pouch. I agree in that it looks like a shard has been married to a surplus case. John
  4. Investigate the meaning behind shan shui. There are certain common elements that define it. Adopted by some Japanese artists and reflected taste in other craftwork. John
  5. I would suggest what you have ID'd as menuki is fuchigashira. I've done similar too, in haste. John
  6. I have to second that point. Sori is based on the purpose, style and convention of the time. A weapon used ahorse would certainly have different characteristics than one used afoot. Too in armour must blows are received as bludgeons rather than sweeping slashes. Different tools for different jobs in essence. John
  7. What the heck. The link I just copied and pasted works. Inconceivable. John
  8. I meant this part. It just opens a white blank with some design. " 火縄銃煙の輪っか。#火縄銃 #鳥取 #鳥取城跡 #tottori pic.twitter.com/JYsqgA7LEi — chanjun (@chska825) March 13, 2021 "
  9. I like this exmple of shippo 七宝 It has a persian feel to it. Not for field use. John
  10. Haaaaaaa! Funny. John
  11. I actually tread upon my making udon, inside a plastic bag though.. Udon, flour and water, simple and very tasty in broth. Anyone can do it. John
  12. I'd be there in a flash. Many stories and acts of heroism, lessons for posterity, vanish without record. John
  13. As to it weakening the nakago. Some old swords have huge ana where the drilling/punching overlaps, with sometimes a square ana is melded with a round one. No worries, a properly fitted tsuka relieves a significant portion of the shock caused during a strike. When one's life depends upon a proper fitting the expert must take precedence. John
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