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  1. Bruce, the kao, should be the maker? I've never seen a cutting test with kao! This would be a first. Tom D.
  2. Adam, there is one detail, I would like to view, if you would take a couple pic of the kassaki area, without the glare. Thank you. Tom D.
  3. Yes, I have seen others, and the blades had no hamon. I don't know if it's possible. to have a hamon, I doubt it. Tom D.corrected
  4. I thought it would be, congratulations. Peace. Tom D.
  5. I believe the tsuba is ok?! use a magnet. Tom D.
  6. Mishina san, is, in my opinion top shelf. Polished two blades that went Juyo. Take care. Tom D.
  7. Robert, It should have a strong (visible) midare utsuri in the tight skin Ji , which is the hallmark of the early Bizen school. You have very nice tachi. Tom D.
  8. I can't make out the mei or date? Nice piece. Tom D.
  9. Adam, I've sent many to Japan, and never placed a monetary value on any of them. Make it simple, Not for Sale, mumei / signed blade for NBTHK shinsa and polish. And return to sender! Tom D.
  10. I like the menuki very much. I meant to ask, would you take a pic of the other side of the menuki. Tom D.
  11. I knew of him, and heard all but good things of him, very sincere and generous with his knowledge. R.I.P. Ron.
  12. This is an ubu waki, right, not a katana? ? Tom D.
  13. Oh, I can take a nap now, peace and goodwill to everyone. Caio Tom D.
  14. Excellent Sadamune. Thank you for showing it. Tom D.
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