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  1. It works the same way, when dealing with oversea auction houses, like Sotheby's and Christies,they forward it to their broker (NY) service in US who ships it to the buyer, charging ($100.00 to $500.00) for their service fees. They don't allow pickups.
  2. Can someone post a closeup picture of a General rank tassel, genuine of course. Thank you.
  3. It is tachi mei. Very interesting. Nice blade and mounts.
  4. Mark, I agree with you 100% if it were a Monet or Rembrandt, it would be worth polishing. Good luck. Leave it in its original condition with "TLC" and keep it in the Family.
  5. Do you have any idea of the cost of having the sword polished , determined by length of cutting edge, new saya, shipping fees of the agent and shinsa?
  6. You could possibly bail out with the tsuka, saya and tsuba without the blade on ebay, even if they are not original? All is not lost.
  7. I forgot to mention, you are the youngest collector there and proves are hobby will continue for evermore.
  8. Michael, congratulations you've got a new job, video all the Shows, best I've seen in a longtime. Very much appreciated. Good hunting. I also love your kitty.
  9. Hi Alton, kindly take a close-up pic.of the kissaki/boshi area like the nakago pic. it would be very helpful.
  10. It takes years to build up a solid reputation and minute to lose it. I trust it will workout. Cheers.
  11. Adam, I love all your babies, one happy family. Forrest Boots looks like a tiger, he is the boss. I am going to start watching you on utube. Cheers.
  12. Adam, you are well on your way to stardom, quick learner. Congratulations on a winner. Outstanding Katana. I noticed you have two doggies, any more.
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