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  1. Thank you for making that clear. The one I compared it to, may have also made juyo. It mentioned in large strokes, if I remember ( in 1974) correctly, something,something '5000 years ------------ ------- ------ etc. A Japanese nihonto dealer bought it. It may be listed as a juyo?
  2. I have reservations on this one, mei is different from good Naotane I have seen.
  3. Tom Darling


    It's similar to a Kotetsu.
  4. Luis, you do understand, it is only my opinion, doesn't mean it is correct. I am sure everyone has their doubts. I apologize for shaking up the world. I have nothing else to say about this sword. Good day.
  5. Luis, you got winner! It may be Yamato school? Early Koto period. Congratulations.
  6. Leave it as it is. As per the mei on all big name swords, whether good or bad, " The blade will tell you(before) if it's good or bad. Your blade is not near top quality. In fact, the mei is impressive, but gimei. The habaki is quite nice. It still is a complete attractive package.
  7. Tony, to get the true curvature, which is most important,if you hold the blade up right,holding the nakago so the mune of the nakago is vertical, this would determine the period. It appears to be saki-zori, muromachi period. The long nakago, also suggest that period. It is a nice sword, whatever the period it maybe.
  8. Hi Jeremy, Very intriguing and very nice blade. Thank you.
  9. Hi Jeremy, Am I correct it is momei?
  10. I am sure that is absolutely correct, but this is a well known upper tier mon illustrated in mon books. It was sealed on the tsuka and had a famous kaji.
  11. WOW! What a find in original box. Congratulations.
  12. Bill, I too like it very much. Can you take a close up pic.of the bonji and nakago whether signed or not. Thanks.
  13. Hi Thomas, I believe you got it, two Daikons (radish) mirror the parabolic shape of a banana. It makes more sense.
  14. I haven't a picture to show you, as I have a 2007 retired HP and don't know how to transfer a picture. Has two bananas?that over lap each other. They could be carrots or eggplants? The style is similar to Asano Family mon. Pinterest site, list (illustrate) Kamon -Crest Japanese it is # 69 on the list.
  15. Peter, as always you find beautiful blades with goshirae that really piques my interest. Thanks
  16. I remember seeing another excellent tachi mei Naotane dated, over 40 years ago with same bold strokes and identical yasuri-mei. Besides being dated it had an inscription referring to 5000 years ?..................... all I can recall. Should make it easier to locate in Juyo listings etc. Length was around 28 inches plus.
  17. You have a very fine sword, excellent. I am leaning towards shoshin, if it's not Naotane it's the best gimei I've ever seen. Congratulations. One Tom to another Tom I love it!
  18. Quite impressive, actually remarkable, you're one serious dude. You had Leno drooling all over your Magnolia Special. Totally a great set up for your outstanding collection. Thank you.
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