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  1. Hi Gary, you have a very interesting sword, made in the nanbokucho period, with tachi mounts. The attribution to Omiya Morishige, would be a yamashiro blade, I believe so. Did you acquire it from a dealer or out of the woodwork. I like this sword a lot, it has great potential. Please take a pic. of the menuki both sides. Thank you.
  2. A picture of the tang would be nice to see. Thank you.
  3. It would be very helpful if you could take a good vertical picture of the whole nakago (tang) on name side. Thank you.
  4. If I were in the juyo shinsa ( don't take this too seriously) I wouldn't rule out Naoe Shizu Kaneuji, being my 2nd guess. Believe it or not I had a Sa Sadayoshi, one (SA) character in gold, suguha hamon, with a dip (small cave in) on one side.
  5. Yes, I agree with Doug. Now, we would like to see it in its full glory, is that possible anymore?
  6. Now we are getting somewhere, we made progress.
  7. I also believe it is ubu, and it doesn't explain momei.
  8. John, I take it that these swords are already (TH) papered by the NBTHK. It would be a stretch that all six swords would make juyo. If papered to a top level smith, it has a much better chance. Also, when were the papers issued? You could also contact the NBTHK for their recommendation. Good Luck.
  9. O'kay Jason, I'll give it a shot. My reservations are often unfounded, whether or not the papers and sword match up. It is just MHO. It does look very nice. Peace.
  10. Jason, That explains it all. I am happy that you are happy. Thank you.
  11. What was used to restore the age?
  12. Georg, we are all still looking forward to seeing your outstanding Masayuki in full polish. Please let us know. Regards, Tom D.
  13. Jason, did you purchase this fantastic blade with papers? Love to see the mounts it came in, I don't remember if it was in shira saya.
  14. Amahide is Masahide, his alternative name.
  15. Perhaps 2nd gen. Tamba no Kami Yoshimichi, plus gen. But, I doubt it, because the yasurime is too weak, not distinguished, poor quality.
  16. Not necessarily so. When you have a very rare sword in acceptable condition for the period, it is a given, to be juyo and bypass, first level of shinsa. You mentioned showing your sword in full polish, love to see it. I hope that it does get juyo. Good luck.
  17. Congratulations. There appears to be deep corrosion on both sides of the nakago near machi, that the polisher left alone. The addition of the self-serving cutting test, doesn't actually, mean what it means. Also, it is machi-okuri? I was wondering from the very beginning, why Tanobe san didn't move it into Juyo shinsa. This would explain it not going through Juyo. Never the less, it may well be one of a kind. Now, be gentle with me it is only MHO.
  18. It looks too robust for that period. It is an attribution. Enju feels more typical. IMHO.
  19. If this katana has a mei, it would be on interest to see it.
  20. Bob, you have a nice daisho. I noticed that Sotheby's 4/1993 sold a Sukenaga katana from the Sir Francis Festing Collection described with Kiku-mon Ichi, but, it had no Kiku-mon Ichi, another auction house error. Thank you for showing both with it.
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