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  1. Hi Alton, kindly take a close-up pic.of the kissaki/boshi area like the nakago pic. it would be very helpful.
  2. It takes years to build up a solid reputation and minute to lose it. I trust it will workout. Cheers.
  3. Adam, I love all your babies, one happy family. Forrest Boots looks like a tiger, he is the boss. I am going to start watching you on utube. Cheers.
  4. Adam, you are well on your way to stardom, quick learner. Congratulations on a winner. Outstanding Katana. I noticed you have two doggies, any more.
  5. Dear Georg, Please accept my sincere apologies for not providing specific answers to my opinions. There are times that even I don't have a detailed answer for my opinions. We are all students of Nihonto. Best regards, Tom
  6. The nakago has an old shape, very interesting. Please take some larger pictures of the blade, both sides. How long is the cutting edge? You must have German WWII relics. What a headache to empty the house. My sister is the Queen hoarder, large house, you need a map to walk through the place. Plus seven full sheds, garage, and two large trailers. Her daughter, my niece who lives in Maryland, will have a fit, she hasn't got a clue. And, has four cars in her driveway. Good Luck.
  7. Hi Georg, the photograph and or polish doesn't do justice to your Masayuki. Have you a pic of the blades cutting test side. Nobody can judge your sword by this pic. You definitely have a very rare sword. It maybe the only one known in this style/shape. Thank you.
  8. Interesting the saya is in better shape than the blade.
  9. I was unable to make the Show. Would be grateful to see fellow friends and Nihonto. Thank you.
  10. Jussi, your further research is very commendable. Great job. This is a very important blade, outstanding. Congratulations.
  11. The blade is intact. It is really is a shame in the condition it's in, it had so much potential, no telling who made it.
  12. Peter, I just want to thank you, for keeping Nihonto alive, with most interesting information. Cheers.
  13. Georg, give us another taste of your master piece and include the kissaki area. I am beginning to wonder what the hold up is. Cheers.
  14. Tom Darling


    I would have guess with some straight, leaning towards Tegai Kanenaga. I handled a flawless momei Kanenaga that was beyond beautiful.
  15. The best investment ( with good eye) is finding o-suriage (unsigned ) and no papers.
  16. What generation Honami paper is it? To be technically, positively sure, send it to the NBTHK, if they issue origami on Masamune, it will definitely be Masamune.
  17. Richard, it is dynamite, beyond belief, great job!
  18. John, it is very simple, if your friends Masamune doesn't make the reserve price, it doesn't sell. To realize the highest price he would have choose either Sotheby's or Christie's, and there in London, when it comes to handling Samurai swords. I can't imagine the NBTHK issued papers, and without papers, auction Houses will list as gimei.
  19. Yukihira never made O-kissaki blades. Early kamakura period.
  20. Would be nice if you measured the cutting edge. Also, if the hamon is active in the boshi/kissaki it is koto, if not shinto. Take a pic.of both sides of boshi area. Thank you.
  21. Hi Gary, to date your two blades, check the utsuri. I can't make oue hada, my eyes are little tire for my age . Good luck. 1. in shinogi - Ko-Bizen 2.next to shinogi -Ichimonji 3.straight next to hamon-Oei Should have predominately nioi crystals, found up to end of Kamakura period Hada- mokume, Bizen Hada-very fine itame, Yamashiro influence. Your ko-kissaki has Sashikomi keishi polish The cho kissaki has keisho polish The bo-hi usually should go beyond the yokote, determining early period.
  22. It is amazing that you'd have two tachi same kaji. You must have acquired them together. One last request, take pic of the boshi/kassaki and hada, that's it. Thank you.
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