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  1. He did say, he wouldn't sell it, if it doesn't get papered. I hope we get to see it, before it is gone. Swords of this caliber (juyo) are well known amongst sword dealers in Japan. I was wondering if Darcy or Paul Martin are aware of your good fortune. I would use either one to submit my swords for shinsa. Cheers.
  2. Adam, your navigational skills are very astute, and your narrative is well taken. I am impressed. Good hunting. Tom D.
  3. The tip can be reinstated, by the polisher. Nice fittings. Tom D.
  4. "I wonder if they are rare." Their only rare if you have one. I hope to have one someday, too. No jabs intended! Peace. "Happy days are here again." Tom D.
  5. Piers, to answer your question, in my opinion, it has a 50/50 % chance of being good. I am leaning towards its not. Let me know the results after shinsa. Good luck I really mean it. Peace. Tom D.
  6. That is exactly what I wanted to determine on both points. If I am looking at your boshi correctly, it appears to be hakikake, should be ko- maru, I believe. IMHO. Peace. Also, the mei is a copy of the 2nd gen. and not as bold. Imho. Peace. Tom. D.
  7. Piers, Kindly take pic of boshi and the hamon going into nakago. There are two points I'd like to make. Thanks. Tom D.
  8. The yasuri-me, I believe is the give away, made by mill steel , as the yasuri appears to be (evident ) on very hard steel, not deep and sharp, factory made. But, still is a nice sword. IMHO. I'd like a clear pic of the ji and ha. Thank you. Tom D.
  9. Gary, you're very fortunate with your acquisitions. Were they veteran, acquired. You hit the bulls eye twice, I envy you, just a little. Thank you for showing them. Tom D.
  10. Tom Darling


    Actually, it reminds me of both Masamune and Sadamune Great Blade. Tom D.
  11. Tom Darling


    Barry, I was just contemplating saying the same, he must have loved it, which is saying a lot . A magnificent blade no doubt. I also love it! Tom D.
  12. Michael, that is another good point, but maybe the owner requested it to appear longer. I'll make this brief, concerning scabbard, copper goshirae on black lacquered surface, doesn't appeal to me aesthetically. The scabbard isn't that will made either. I won't mine if you disagree with my opinion. My eyes are not young anymore. Peace. Tom D.
  13. Michael, you have a very nice sword, in aluminum scabbard late war? Which is perfect. Peace. Tom D.
  14. Indeed, it clearly shows very fresh characters, that is devoid of yasuri-me, which is a conundrum. I don't care for either the kiku or ichi, used to make the blade more interesting, in other words gimei. Along with Sukesada, Sukenaga 2nd gen. of the kayei (1848) period used the kiku and ichi incised perfectly. Peace. TomD.
  15. Dick, you have a unique saya, and made a good deal. Thank you for showing. Cheers. Tom D.
  16. Bjorn, you do realize the ha-machi is damaged. I believe it will need to be moved up, along with muni-machi. You will not get papers on a gimei sword. The Ishido school made works in the style of Bizen den. Also, Gassan Sadayoshi made work styles of Bizen Den. In the bo-hi (shinogi-ji) the masame grain or parallel grain is a very strong characteristic of shinto blades. Good luck. Tom D.
  17. Me think, shinshito, any believers? Cheers. Tom D.
  18. Bruce, the kao, should be the maker? I've never seen a cutting test with kao! This would be a first. Tom D.
  19. Adam, there is one detail, I would like to view, if you would take a couple pic of the kassaki area, without the glare. Thank you. Tom D.
  20. Yes, I have seen others, and the blades had no hamon. I don't know if it's possible. to have a hamon, I doubt it. Tom D.corrected
  21. I thought it would be, congratulations. Peace. Tom D.
  22. I believe the tsuba is ok?! use a magnet. Tom D.
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