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  1. Condolences to family and friends, Go softly into the night. John
  2. Tough call. There are better and better craftsmen making replicas (dare I say undeclared utsushi) where it has become hard to be 100% sure, other than the obvious fakes. It is a handsome tsuba after all. John
  3. It seems that whomever did the last tsukito lacked same and made do. I know gunto wrapped over celluloid because of shortage, so, maybe the reason for this, eh? John
  4. If we could all share a little piece of your heartache be sure we would brighten your life. I am impressed by your spirit, something I am often by some board members time after time and by the compassion shown. Bravo Jean Pierre and people. John
  5. I would, until disabused of the notion, ascribe Kyo Kinko. Goto within that group? Maybe, but, there are a few schools capable. John
  6. It comes to mind that there would be no need of a wax or other release agent since the clay is not fired and could be removed by soaking in water. John
  7. I think this surely must be a coined term to describe the theme of a type of design by Katchushi not a school in itself. Like tsuba made in kiku design are not made by Kikushi however it could describe the design, no? John
  8. I remember this fellow, but, not heard much for awhile now. John
  9. Yellowknife, but, you were close enough. John
  10. 同仁 is JP 'dozing' 'tongren' or universal brotherhood. Religious or political?? John
  11. Your ginger tsuba may reference this from my site; The Japanese word for ginger 茗荷 in romanji, myouga, has as an homophone the word that means 'protection of god' and is also the symbol of Madarashin, emancipation of worldly desire. middle of page here; New Page 7 (johnstuart.biz)
  12. Howdy! Lots. Northwest Territories last 40+ years. John
  13. ..and so young, just back home. I am sure he is getting the best care available and will join us with tales and beer soon. John
  14. A nice table top okimono. Something to look at and handle when idly musing on a rainy day.
  15. Not any kind a a signature I have seen before, more like gouges. Goto, hmmmmm, within the school anyhow. Not sure what alloy the solder is, any gold content is possible.
  16. I agree, moved to tousogu. Christian is pretty well right.
  17. Looks like a tosu to me. Age? Any time up until now. John
  18. Try poplar or linden wood for least acidic. Light compared to maple which is OK. John
  19. Upon seeing this tsuba my first thought was mingei. If nerigawa I'd be sure, but iron. ?? John
  20. Kitsch is a legitimate art style and not necessarily trash by definition. Ikea to me is kitsch and has a simple beauty, Whirligigs', kitsch and very collectible. Louis Quinxe ormolu kitsch. These are not kitsch, they are garish. John
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