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  1. Have you compared it to the Ishiguro bunch? The Sasa leaves seem to be something I recollect from somewhere. John
  2. I can't reconcile the brassiness' of the hex tsuba, however the fact that shinchu is copper and zinc and yamagane is arsenous, lead or antimony with copper seems perfectly succinct, as in brass and bronze being different.. John
  3. I;d use it to beat game or rustle out varmints. It could even scare marten out of eaves. John
  4. 16 smackers?? !! Super neat! John
  5. I received a parcel from Wien in one week but still waiting over 3 months for some ground shipped things from S, China. Fluke or money talks? Got me. John
  6. If only, it would have been a deal of note. John
  7. Not a kantei point I would say, just what is seen fairly often for fitting tightly. Nothing irritates as much as that jingling sound of iron tsuba. John
  8. No, for me. Incidental oil from handling and the handling itself abrading ever so slightly the surface is enough. I use no gloves as some do except certain tousogu. John
  9. The family has a cadet branch in Iwatsuki also within Musashi-kuni that has a different kamon, sangai-bishi perhaps? Traditional family kamon is shippo shape. There was branches in Kamo, Hoi, Ichihar, Kazuza,, Omi and Koza in Sagami. Confusing yes?
  10. Attractive little piece. John
  11. It is strange that Japanese musketry, unlike other ancient practices maintaining tradition, use grams, fairly more modern, rather than fun. or momme. I could even see old Portuguese weights of oitava or escropolo used. The ball is weighed using the kan system as we see often, so why not the powder? John.
  12. 80 grams? I measure my powder in grains. 80 grams is over 1200 grains of BP. Wow! John
  13. reminds me of a Kanabo or a Tetsubo. John
  14. 活法 Katsunori maybe. John
  15. This is what it is all about; sharing, learning and having a laugh now and again. Our comrades touch will last in the memories of the people who knew him and the stories they tell. A great memento. John
  16. As a general arbitrary rule the FK for a shoto is slightly smaller than the daito. This is aesthetically more pleasing. Really though, why would the tsuka be smaller in circumference, length notwithstanding, compromising the grip even though one handed? I liken the reality of it as similar to shoes. You fit to the user.
  17. Iyt is hard to id the bird. The kingfisher was a symbol of heavenly beauty. The crane on the panel was longevity. John
  18. Damned awful news. Condolences to his family, friends and fellows. John
  19. Very pleasing and a great subject theme. My avatar has a lotus. John
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