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  1. Now there are two good reasons to visit Lynchburg. John
  2. Easy does it. Don't get your halyards twisted guys. Different time and place. John
  3. Maybe a latter generation as pointed out sugata too early for time stated. John
  4. Soshu influence or attributes. Akihiro from Sagami? 13 century. John
  5. The kogai arrived today. A real beauty and pristine. John
  6. I really like the academic atmosphere engendered by the build. Like an alchemist's laboratory. John
  7. Yes, there is that extra level of brilliance by the master of millet. John
  8. Did you magnify the millet? One telltale for me was each seed was individually worked with carving. I think it is equivalent workmanship. John
  9. I just purchased this kodzuka and pair of menuki attributed to Araki Tomei. No certification. They are superb whether by him or not and of the quality I expect. Anyhow I share the videos. John
  10. Not the best orikaeshi I've seen, but, the sword looks as if at least it fits the appellation. The drawback may be if designated gimei you get no alternative via NBTHK. NTHK time? John
  11. Thanks guys and Steve. All completed. John
  12. Agreed, above average for sure. Deja vu? I am sure I ran ijnto this kodzuka somewhere. John
  13. Yes, scary stuff. One misstep and data loss. Best wishes. John
  14. It is getting worse. Today a tsuba arrived in a box containing a repaired box (tape) with the tsuba rattling in part of a wooden tsuba box. Obviously crushed, tsuba not scratched phew! Fedex. Last week I got a package that sat waiting for taxes and duty payment for two weeks no notice. DHL Hope yours is found as lost not stolen. John
  15. I will have to check it out. Ta. John PS Moved to general.
  16. I just can't figure out what the whorls mean if not just clouds in the heavens Unusual. John
  17. I use a damp cloth. Pretty tough stuff. It shouldn't need much upkeep unless in a dusty environment. John
  18. It may surprise one at what is used for effect in some nuri. This appears to me to be fish scales. It is a pleasant effect. John
  19. Actually, as we read 13th century it refers to 1201 CE to 1300 CE. John
  20. This is a replica sword worth about $80 as decorative, nothing to a collector of Nihonto. So sorry, if you buy it. John
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