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  1. I created my Daisho a Tachi and Waki. Both are from different smiths and a 450 year difference but go together well; both made for battle. Does your daiso smiths need to match?
  2. Ooitame


    Yamashiro den, my guess. Wild guess Tsunahiro or Masahide.
  3. Some geometry seems off. The buffing does not look to have effected the hada too much. However, the hamon does now have an oil quenched look. I would reach out to a trained Togishi on thier opinion. Traditional polishing could be expensive. More pictures including the tang and discolerd areas on the blade may help in forming an opinion. And suggestions from members.
  4. One thing I consider is consistency in quality e.g. Masamune vs Norishigie. So Masamune would not be in my top 10. Also is style variety e.g. Bungo while not consistent in quality, they were able to master many styles. I have purchased only two Nihonto, the stated above and an amazing showta Nagamitsu; before the polish and more so after as it looks Bizen in hada activity, sughata, and hamon activity. I only wanted a diasho and have achieved my goals. Both are great swords in my personal opinion after handling many blades. I believe many collectors prefer the older well known names, but greatness can be overlooked or unappreciated if older is the best mentality. To each their own but greatness spans and the top ten is hard to quantify given the vast time span of Nihonto making. As an example, I can not remember his name, but a (shin?)shinto smith made excellent Soshu works/utushi. Maybe a top ten by nengo would be better.
  5. I have also handled signed Norishige and Uda Kunifusa in good condition are those not museum quality? Those are also members here.
  6. @Nihontocollector752 I have a zaimei uchigatana Norimitsu that is in great condition and reminds me of Oei. Tanobe san, also calling it an excellent example in a highly specialized sayagaki style. Would that qualify for museum quality or no?
  7. I would say Hizen, late Muromachi or early Shinto, maybe Tadayoshi lineage.
  8. My apologies yes the kissaki size and boshi, was what I was referring.
  9. The long boshi threw me off from uda. Good one. Again Jussi, with instinct lead towards the right path, way to go!
  10. It depends on if you remove the old oil first and how. My opinion after cleaning using 99.9% isopropyl alchohol using tissue paper on top of optical grade cloth, I reapply oil and let it rest for a minute or two in order to absorb into openings and the metal itself. Follwed by the removal of excess. Just be careful of what you use to apply the oil and how much pressure. Too much pressure can cause minute scratches, however over oiling can be a problem if it clumps or leaves smears to attract moisture. In addition, you do not want extra oil seeping into any saya. Furthermore, be careful on drawing and returning the sword to its saya as that is where most damage can occur. Can you share a picture and description on the blade?
  11. I oil my Nakgao with a tissue paper and a little oil and use my fingers as little as possible to place back into the shirasaya. Before replacing back into the Shirasya I check for any tissue paper which may accumulate and cause a spot. One is on a 1478 mei sword with nice patina, the other is a gendai RS with here and there patina. I would think this helps preserve the Nakago and inscriptions and prevent further degradation, so further generations can apprreciate. However, the patina can help with sword age. Given the situation what are your thoughts?
  12. In the continuing education I offer this piece for study and responses. Arrow to the top right will take you to the posts. If not, scroll to the the few posts and you will see ot under my name.
  13. @vajo I believe you like Nagmitsu, and studying hamon. I don't think it gets better than this, well maybe a professional photographer could make it better, anyways enjoy!
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