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  1. Not sure how I missed these, on a type3/rs. I remember sometime ago, atleast I think I do... that someone was able to crack the markings. If so any help on the number would be appreciated.
  2. That will require some effort in locating them, shall try. P.S. I do not own the mentioned sword, would be great if I did though; although doubt I could afford it.
  3. It has been a few years since I attended. Hopefully, a newly polished and up-paperrd, Etchu Norishige, can make an appearance once more! 🤯
  4. Best of luck on learning, as Stephen, said after study let us know your opinions. To me it looks like a retempered coal cutter, but hard to tell due to reshapping. Could have been a naginata
  5. Nice pictures and sword! All cases are different, depending on the lineage, and available swords for comparison, it could be both or one of the two reasons you stated.
  6. Always glad to learn. I will not consider this a fatal flaw. Thanks all.
  7. Thank you Geriant, Bryan, and Paul. At first I though delam, however, it is pretty deep and has crisp edges. To me it looks like a stress fracture that someone tried to polish out. I am not sure I would swing this blade as it is at the backside of the strike area; even the slightest slip of the wrist would in my opinion break the blade. Here is a close up , for Bob. If, after the close up the consensus is not fatal, I will change my opinion.
  8. Hello, I was recently looking over what appears to be a late Muromachi, or early Shinto Wakizashi. When I noticed what looks to be a fatal flaw, on the Mune of the Kissaki. The owner thinks it is just Mune ware. I also noticed an area in the Ji of the Boshi, that also had me concerned. Please know, I am not buying this sword, the buyer did not pay much and this is purely a discussion and study piece. The piece is a bit tired, but balance and Sori are nice. If you would please, your thoughts?
  9. Ooitame

    Kantei challenge

    Interesting shinshinto blade, is it a Utushi? Is Nakago Ubu? What is the double machi/munemachi for?
  10. Ooitame

    Kantei challenge

    My inital thought was Hizen. Maybe one of the Norimitsu
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