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  1. Off topic... but, Interesting looking quartz, does anyone know if the color of the quartz found in a vein relates to the golds purity?
  2. Not too long ago, I can not remember who posted a Nagamitsu for sale, but it felt a bit off. Not doubting or questioning authenticity.... It was in type 3/100/RS mounts, but had Same under the Tsuka ito. I do not remember seeing any with Same before, am I mistaken and it is possible that it was original Same?
  3. Very interesting, tsuba, thanks for the link. Also not sure about the age.
  4. Ooitame

    Any guesses?

    First instinct is shinshinto, but could not rule out meji.
  5. Hi Bruce, and all, mine is in RS type3/100 mounts, double release, at the bottom of the Koshirae (kojira??) has the bronze on the emblem in the center. Can not remember which year they said it should stop and be all painted.
  6. While in a banna hammock with cowboy boots and hat for an added touch of class. . In all seriousness, in a case with uv protectant glass, and it can help control climate factors e.g. simple desecants for humidity.
  7. I have examined a few cut test swords, and it appears most have a shallow sori. Has anyone else noticed a similarity on cut tests and the type with respect to sori?
  8. I have not seen this shishi style before. Missing the head?
  9. Not sure how I missed these, on a type3/rs. I remember sometime ago, atleast I think I do... that someone was able to crack the markings. If so any help on the number would be appreciated.
  10. That will require some effort in locating them, shall try. P.S. I do not own the mentioned sword, would be great if I did though; although doubt I could afford it.
  11. It has been a few years since I attended. Hopefully, a newly polished and up-paperrd, Etchu Norishige, can make an appearance once more! 🤯
  12. Best of luck on learning, as Stephen, said after study let us know your opinions. To me it looks like a retempered coal cutter, but hard to tell due to reshapping. Could have been a naginata
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