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  1. Without better pictures, although the kissaki looks interesting, I would pass.
  2. Ouch that looks like a big caliber. One way to make horimono...
  3. Nice collection Neil, first one that Saka stamp is close to the numbers, good looking koshirae. Second one is a three stroke I believe. Thomas, I am still unclear on what the katakana + the three numbers would add up too?
  4. So if I understand, it is either 1393 or 10393? If we can get more katakana, order numbers, and dates would be great for a time line.
  5. So if I understand, it is either 1393 or 10393? If the later interesting, and dates with order numbers or not would be would be great for a time line.
  6. Chris, nice one! Good shot on the hada! Always willing to learn, Thomas, can you explain a bit further?
  7. No problem Bruce. Thanks Chris, it is ko gunome, but on both sides and the same spot it has about 2in. of sughua 3/4 up the sword and turns back to gunome. Not sure on the reason for this as it does look intentional. Yes this is the lowest numbered one I have seen yet. Would like to see and learn more on Nagamitsu and other Osaka RJT.
  8. Absolutely Bruce. Give me a few days as per cleaning schedule.
  9. No star, just Osaka Army Arsenal stamp.
  10. I have studied RJT Nagamitsu, there are more than a few blades that are not dated. I have a papered one with katakana and order numbers, Saka inspectors mark, mei, but no date.
  11. Agreed, better pictures would be nice to see the blade. Not sure what no kirimei means for this period. I also see damage by habaki... As said before, it is priced high for condition, that these photos allow us to see.
  12. Noble deeds with pure intentions! Such a rare thing in this day and age. I am of humble means but will save up and donate over the accumulation from the next two paychecks. Best wishes Brian.
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