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  1. That blade does wiggle in the wind. Tell us about yourself, Jani, & you're more likely to get an offer on your blade. How about blade's dimensions?
  2. Thanks for the airgun info, Barry. My rifle is the .25 Daystate Delta Wolf, https://hardairmagazine.com/reviews/daystate-delta-wolf-review-the-start-of-a-saga/ which is sitting in its case until my shoulder surgery heals. Yeah, bunnies at 40-60 meters is easy with his FX or my rifle. We're inundated with roosters behind my house, & a few feral pigs on my rental property. Haven't seen any axis deer lately, but there are 70,000 on Molokai, compared with 7.000 people. Not quite like hunting antelope, elk, & moose in Wyoming, though.
  3. Tokubetsu Kicho, Grev. Good question related to tsuba.
  4. I was really just curious. No rules or regs on blades over here - at least for now - but Hawaii goes crazy over firearms! Linda & I had a very-profitable firearms dealership for 20 years, but once we moved here, there were so many obstacles, that we turned in our Federal Firearms License, after we sold everything off. These days, we shoot high-powered airguns. How about training in iaido or kenjutsu? I assume that pretty much any bladed weapon has registration requirements, but do you have to carry around paperwork?
  5. Piers, I'm curious what kind of hoops you need to jump through when buying a Nihonto while living in Japan? With all the blades, small & large, you've posted over the years, do the authorities take up much of your time & money?
  6. Join the crowd, Piers. I did the same a few months ago, & am still wondering why.
  7. Thanks, guys. He sends his thanks, too.
  8. Thanks, Ray. I think this is why he's worried he bought a gimei blade.
  9. A retired collector friend just acquired a blade with mei Minamoto Ju Yoshimune Saku He says it's "extreme quality, flawless, 28-1/2 inches." He asked me to post this photo, & ask if anyone has come across either a gimei or shoshin blade by this smith.
  10. Really nice work, Sebastian. Did you create the pattern in AutoCAD?
  11. Welcome, Paz. I'm sure that you've found significant differences between your replicas & your Koto blade. Many of us on NMB are sword swingers (MJER iaido & Shinto-Ryu kenjutsu here), so we tend to appreciate how swords are really used. We look forward to your questions & contributions.
  12. Depending on where I check, Ray, 0.1 eth is either $375 or $3,750. Not yet ready to move into the crypto domain, though.
  13. Welcome aboard, Khalid, & Happy New Year! Please tell us about your curating duties, when you have a chance, & feel free to ask questions, too.
  14. Welcome aboard, Dave. I lived in Torrance about 50 years ago, on Artesia, not far from the mall. Please share the history of your sword's acquisition, as I'm sure it will be fascinating to many of us.
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