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  1. Harry, do you see any origami (papers)? If those blades wouldn't pass even Hozon, it would make them unmarketable at current prices.
  2. Museums aren't known for their "loving care" of Nihonto, & I can't recall seeing a museum exhibition in the U.S. that impressed me.
  3. Ciro, you need to understand how a blade is evaluated, which starts with the sugata (overall shape). Your first image should show the entire bare blade, not tiny bits & pieces, & an off-axis nakago.
  4. Are you asking about your katana's Shinto sugata, Johan, or how it evolved?
  5. Seth, a good rule of thumb is to totally ignore the mai, if any. The blade will identify itself through its other characteristics. Markus Sesko, our most-prolific member, has posted a university-level series of articles, https://markussesko.com/kantei/, which can be used to teach yourself the correct way to evaluate (kantei) Nihonto. Welcome, & enjoy the journey.
  6. Welcome aboard, Ken. You can learn a lot by asking questions, & we welcome them.
  7. I had to search by your full name on Amazon, Yurie, but I found your book, bought it, & am reading it on my Kindle. Looks great, although I want to change the font size. Congratulations! I'll buy the e-book when it's available, too.
  8. Juan, letting this drag out with the dealer doesn't help your case. I would send him a certified letter, that requires a signature, that specifically addresses what you want to happen. Then follow up, every day, if needed.
  9. That nioiguchi has teeth! Quite a blade.
  10. Lulu.com probably cr eates PDFs based on orders, so it's not surprising that not everything is available at once. I do my best to only order electronic files, these days, so I suggest being patient, as it's unlikely any of his books will be "out of print."
  11. You may be getting your wires crossed. Markus publishes both "Swordsmiths of Japan" & "Index of Japanese Swordsmiths" as PDF files.
  12. Jon, I know you've already pulled the trigger, but are you aware that Shinto blades, & later, have nothing to do with actual warfare? Doesn't matter to some, but other collectors prefer to know that their blade has (likely) been used in battle.
  13. Ken-Hawaii

    My first purchase

    Seems like a short nakago for a katana. Handachi, perhaps? Probably Muromachi, in any case. Decent first purchase, Larry, but it would be more impressive if you knew enough about your blade to describe it. Grab http://www.militaria.co.za/articles/Kantei_Sheet.pdf & start figuring out exactly what you have.
  14. I have all of Markus' books loaded onto my Samsung Android tablet in PDF format. It's like carrying an entire library! I reference them so often, that I can't figure out which would be "the book." Sorry, Jason, but any of Sesko's books will be a worthy investment in your knowledgebase.
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