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  1. Unfortunately, I view her more like a loose cannon, John.
  2. Trust me that it's no better in the U.S. I sent a new laptop computer to my sister, in its original box, & insured for $500. It got to her, with the box opened, & the screen smashed in. The post office refused to even open a case, let alone pay the insurance! I went to their Inspector General, who just referred me back to them. So, I'm meeting with our Congressman, who I happen to know, & we're going to get some people fired, federal employees or not!
  3. That's been discussed before, but it's good to bring it up again, for newer members.
  4. https://historical.ha.com/itm/edged-weapons/Japanese-aikiuchi-signed-by-x-shu-ju-masahiro-meiji-period/a/6099-32011.s
  5. Welcome, Barry. Try rubbing a little corn starch or talcum powder into the mei, & see if you can get a better photo.
  6. Very nice blade, & well worth studying.
  7. Thanks, Piers. Yup, solid silver. I drank sake out of a silver cup, one time, & it really added to the taste & "feel." That little pitcher feels like it weighs a pound! I bought a nice daiginjo for tomorrow, & will be cutting up a nice block of ahi for sashimi, a little daikon, & some homemade pickles. Still too warm for hot matcha, but I make up icy-cold chai, matcha, milk, & cream - decadent! Say Hi to your lovely wife, too.
  8. Robert, please post a photo of the completely bare blade. That's how we can determine jidai (age), & is the first think to do in kantei (evaluation).
  9. This is a gift for my wife on our 42nd anniversary tomorrow. Translation?
  10. Welcome to NMB, Doug. I always chuckle when a new member wanders in, with a blade he got from somewhere, not knowing just how deep the swamp is, when they get interested in their blade. Just a quick warning that this is one of the most-expensive hobbies! Please read http://www.nbthk-ab.org/swordcare.pdf This will teach you how to take care of your blade.
  11. Wow! Something else I know so little about!
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