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  1. Let's start with the jidai (period) by showing the full-length bare blade. The sugata (shape) will tell us when it was made. Then, we'll look at the jigane (steel) to determine den (school). And, then, finally, the hamon may give us a clue about the tosho (smith).
  2. I hate to beat on the same drum, but have you taken a few CAD & invested in one or two good reference books to study?
  3. As Jean says, you need better photos. Ask him to show the nioiguchi, which should quickly indicate if the hamon has really run off the edge.
  4. Great question, one I've been asking myself. I have far fewer tsuba than your collection, but finding more variants for Heianjo/Yoshiro/Onin has become a hassle. I may call it quits, & concentrate my time & retirement $$ back on blades.
  5. Not sure what your problem is. I've bought several blades from Mike, & all but one papered. Can't get much more "collectible" than that!
  6. I've lost two wonderful cats to lymphoma, & although it can be treated, it can't be cured. We finally decided that their quality of life was no longer what we would want, if we were in their place. So we took out veterinarian's advice, & let them pass peacfully, in our arms.
  7. This would work, but still begs the question of how deal with fakes in the modern age, where everything from 3D printers to high-power lasers can create almost anything. Rather frustrating, especially for newbies.
  8. Take that $105, & buy a couple of reference books from Amazon. Your next purchase will be much more informed.
  9. I would take a few of those AUD, & invest in a couple of good reference books. Understanding what makes a sword good, is very important. Everyone is anxious to buy their first blade, but I guarantee that you'll get more for your money if you study first.
  10. I wouldn't worry about damaging the habaki, Steve, as it's the least of your worries. It looks like the wakizashi was put away while it was still wet, because there's a lot more rust than I'd expect, otherwise. I would learn what you can from the blade, & not worry about trying to restore it. Welcome to NMB.
  11. Cross-posting is to be expected, as many use one or the other platform. I've seen something similar on my bids, Bruno, but not as far apart as yours, & always in Euro.
  12. It's definitely possible to to swap a cheap blade into a sayagaki. I've seen that done several times. Geoff, the value of any blade is what the buyer will pay.
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