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  1. If this was a genuine Shinkai, it would have been purchased, even with its current npo certificate there was no confidence in the bidding.
  2. Mr Chan, Item # 40042 is a katana actually signed by Yukinobu and HAS a kanteisho. It is not a spurious signature on a blade by Sadakazu. I do not know who did this description, but it is totally inaccurate in my opinion. M.
  3. Mr Chan, There was a thin katana signed Gassan Sadakazu, butit had no certificate. This blade is a daisaku mei by Sadakatsu and is considered acceptable. In the future please post the catalog number to avoid confusion. This signed Sadakazu is item 40039
  4. If you are talking about the blade with the Ranma Sukashi horimono that was said to have a spurious signature to Yukinaga, well it did have a paper that wasn’t added with the piece as did several of the items. I am not sure who did the actual write ups, but boy were they way off. This collection was from an old client who had me certify several of the items, that being said, items were mis handled, mis represented and terrible pics making it a good shopping day for alot of people. ???? M Yamasaki
  5. If this hasn’t been posted already, I am reporting news of a great and once up coming sword smith Yoshihara Yoshikazu’s passing a few months ago. He will be missed, and hopfu’’y his son will step up in his place.
  6. raiden

    New Koshirae

    Nice mount darcy! Brian does great work just like your other tanto mount he did for you. The sageo is fine, I think you don't need to trim it at all! My 2 cents worth. Mike
  7. raiden

    Dragon Porn

    These have been seen, but are good for this topic. Good examples from the Mito Kinko school. One is Juyo with matching mount.
  8. While in Japan, i also ran into a friend from Europe, and he told me he recently received a Tokubetsiu Hozon attribution on a Tsuba to Kanshiro as well. I think this enough info for all to study.
  9. As promised, here are a few pieces of evidence that the NBTHK did in fact attribute Higo pieces as high level attributions if the item seemed to meet the standards. These kanteisho, plus the pics of the prior tsuba that I had posted on a different thread should be enough for those interested to be able to understand that if an item is indeed judged to be of the calibre or have enough characteristics required to achieve a higher classed attribution, it is still done until this day. If one received a "Higo" attibution, there is most likely a very good reason for this attribution, and should be looked at as a case by case study. I am only posting as I wrote that I would for education sake. Mike Kanshiro Hikozo Kanshiro Rakuju
  10. raiden

    Natsuo Taikan

    Thats how it should be! Love to see the menuki!
  11. Curran, what is your opinion? or anyone else.
  12. As far as this "Black Swan" thing, I think you do not see enough pieces to make an accurate judgment, you have to know who to see in Japan and have them show you what they have (even in their own collections). The remark about if the NBTHK will ever paper a tsuba to Kanshiro again is an unfair one, as you have not done enough research or not even contacted the NBTHK to make an accurate statement. If you feel this way, then submit a tsuba that IS a Kanshiro by classic standards and top condition, not a maybe one.
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