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  1. Just to confirm, nothing like that on my kusarigama that I train with, JoJo.
  2. Good job, Ciro. I like the combination of antler & wood, & thought they were attached, at first. Sunny, when you have something negative to say, please explain why. Calling Christian a troll, with no explanation, can get you banned by Brian & the mods.
  3. Over four years ago, Brian posted this warning https://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/23462-do-not-respond-to-private-offers-of-swords-unless-you-know-the-person/ This of course applies to kabuto, & any high-value item.
  4. Kirill & Jussi, I can't recall seeing kanteisho that verifies jidai, even when it's on the nakago.
  5. The drum shipment was several years ago, Mark, so no COVID to deal with. My consulting company had an account with DHL, so I just got a quote from them, something we did several times a week. I think the drum took about nine days to arrive from New York to Hawaii. It wasn't until my office manager handed me the $3500 bill that I knew there was any problem. I started with my account manager, who blew me off, saying that the invoice didn't come from him. So I went up the line, until I was dealing with some faceless idiot, who totally ignored anything & everything that I sent. I asked our lawyer if I should pay the $225, & he recommended against it until DHL made the correction. That never happened, & I never paid the $225. Of course I terminated our company's account, too.
  6. Marc is correct that the tsuba balances the blade. As a long-time sword swinger, I was astonished at how different a sword feels, in hand, with two different tsuba, & just a few ounces weight difference. If a blade was going to be used in combat, I'll bet that several tsuba were tried out.
  7. And to see just how much information can be transmitted by a kinzogan, please check out https://www.nihonto.com/about-the-characteristics-and-rules-of-kinzogan-setsudan-mei-with-a-focus-on-the-yamano-family/ Don't be too quick to buy a blade just because it has a gold orm silver inlay.
  8. Pietro is right, on both points, Dave. showing a photo of the entire bare blade will allow us to determine the blade's jidai (age). Then, looking at the hada (steel details) can determine the gokaden (school). Then, the hamon (pattern of the edge) may add the smith (tosho). If everything else matches, then the mei (signature) can confirm the tosho.
  9. Don't be quite so quick to use DHL. I had a custom o-daiko (large taiko drum) made on the east coast, & shipped via DHL. Their quoted $225 seemed a bit high, but I agreed, anyway, only to get a bill for more than $3500! I sent them back a copy of their quote, & an offer to pay the $225, which they ignored, so I ignored them, & they finally quite harassing me, two years later.
  10. Woody used to polish all of Bob Benson's Juyo blades, & he's been doing mine for a long time. He's just not quite as convenient since he moved from Hawaii to Las Vegas. Edward, send some photos to Woody, & take his advice on how, or whether, your blade should be polished.
  11. Looks great, Brian. Glad you're always thinking of ways to make us happier!
  12. Aloha, Ron: I've been hoping that our sword club can meey again, at least virtually, but the current officers haven't made a move. JSSH members almost always have some blades for sale, but not if there's no meeting. You might also message Brad Adams (badams12@hawaii.rr.com), & ask him what he's selling. He ran a pawn shop for many years, & almost always has blades for sale. Feel free to use my name. He & Bob Benson are the only "dealers" that I'm aware of. Enjoy your trip. Ken
  13. Thanks for identifying Gary as GDME, Bob. I've bought several of his Heianjo tsuba, & they've all been high quality.
  14. Yes, this type of crap happens all the time, Glen. Eventually, though, lies catch up to the seller, & he'll disappear - only to reappear using anotheer name. There's been discussion of a liar list, but Brian doesn't want to go that route.
  15. I don't know why this mei is being discussed, when thee is no kantei of the blade's features! The mei is the last thing that should be considered.
  16. Henri, there has obviously been a lot of modifications to your blade, over the years, & it's not really possible to say much about its original shape. Nice detective work, which will help you enjoy more "unmodified + ubu" blades.
  17. As Geraint points out, Roy, there is a lot of "imprecision" when it comes to matching dates & what you're holding. In most cases, if I can identify my blade to within 100 years, I'm happy. Also, in most cases, I assume any mei is gimei, until I have kanteisho in hand, but your blade contains so much information, that I can't see someone spending that much time, just to fake a mei. It adds no value if he's selling it, because it's not associated with a big name. Yes, definitely shinsa. And I have to compliment you on the detective work, so far.
  18. Welcome aboard, Allen. Feel free to ask questions, as there's a lot to learn.
  19. Adam, glad you spent the time to research, rather than buying the first blade you saw. Good workmanship.
  20. Harry, do you see any origami (papers)? If those blades wouldn't pass even Hozon, it would make them unmarketable at current prices.
  21. Museums aren't known for their "loving care" of Nihonto, & I can't recall seeing a museum exhibition in the U.S. that impressed me.
  22. Ciro, you need to understand how a blade is evaluated, which starts with the sugata (overall shape). Your first image should show the entire bare blade, not tiny bits & pieces, & an off-axis nakago.
  23. Are you asking about your katana's Shinto sugata, Johan, or how it evolved?
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