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  1. Grev, the Dropbox link is dead FYI: it says the file has been deleted
  2. Yes, this page provides some information about such cutting tests. Out of curiosity, can you please provide pictures of the sword itself ?
  3. I have a close-up shot of the aforementioned guribori, if this can help settle the question
  4. He already did here: I had found a PDF on the Unique Japan website describing a sword exactly similar to his: https://new.uniquejapan.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/ujka363-Gassan-Sadakatsu-Crown-Prince-Akihito-Ayasugi-Katana-Description.pdf
  5. Yes, it's this sword visible here (on auction tomorrow): https://www.drouotonline.com/l/15882162--shinto-wakizashiepoque-edo-16?actionParam=listLot&controllerParam=lot&fromId=116199 Copying the description below to preserve it. Adding some pictures too.
  6. An unusual habaki shot today at Drouot. The sword is absolutely massive, the motohaba is more than 4 cms
  7. FWIW, I called the french customs and was directed to this page where the procedure for exporting weapons outside EU is described. The page mainly deals with exporting firearms. I checked multiple times and I believe that for a Japanese sword, there is nothing special to declare. A Japanese sword falls into the category D as per this page (see "Arme historique et de collection").
  8. @Surfson, my work is just a 5-min walk away from Drouot. Let me know if you need help. I never shipped a sword abroad but I don't think you need any paperwork, AFAIK the only reason why this would be needed is if you want to ship ivory. I will probably have a look to the exposed pieces before the auction on my lunch break
  9. In fact, I found some close-up (before polish) pictures you had posted in earlier threads, I'll post them here for convenience. The polish makes a huge difference
  10. It's a very nice sword, you did well to have it polished Could you please also post pictures of the sword before the polish ? I've never been through this process myself and I'd like to see what the sword looked like before and whether it was possible to "predict" the final outcome. I've never considered having a sword polished but maybe your experience will change my mind. Do you intend to sell it ?!?
  11. Found older threads with some pictures showing what to look at:
  12. @watsonmil, your web browser should still be installed on your PC (alongside Chrome). To start it, click on the Windows menu (bottom left of the screen) then when the menu pops up, type "edge", this will narrow the menu selection. At this stage, you should see the "Microsoft Edge" shortcut, just click on it and voila.
  13. Thanks for sharing, I concur that Japanese packagings are the best. I just checked their website and all those pictures of the shop are just excellent, I had no idea sageo were hand-woven. The quality is really top-notch and the sageo pleasant to look at.
  14. Note: this chart is not mine but I can't credit the author since I forgot where I found it on the forum
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