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  1. This depends on the seller. Most of them accept PayPal but will usually ask you to pay "as a friend" or add an extra 4% to cover the PayPal fees. Some others only accept bank transfers because they refuse to deal with PayPal.
  2. Thanks Ronnie, what is that source please ?
  3. Since I was requested to show more pictures of the the sword, I uploaded them to Google Drive here
  4. Interesting. I based my comment on this 6 year-old comment from Markus: here. Are you saying Markus' comment is also based on Chris' ?
  5. Very nice, I like it a lot ! Thanks for sharing. It's funny, when I saw the signature, some kanji immediately jumped out and Tsukamoto Okimasa sprung to mind: I had never heard about "Tsukamoto Kazuyuki" before and learning now that this is another name Okimasa used. This is the mei from my Tsukamoto Okimasa (which isn't papered but I believe it's genuine). Edit: Found this old NMB thread on the sword
  6. Hello Ian and welcome to the board. Please gently remove the hilt and take a picture of the tang (both sides) as you won't get much info with your current pics. This is what members would like to see. If the tang is signed and the signature is genuine them you'll know who forged the sword.
  7. Correct. AFAIK the only difference between eBay and Japanese auctions is the automatic deadline extension when the winning bidder changes close to the deadline
  8. You most likely lost by more than 1000 yen. The final price of an auction is the 2nd best bid (yours) + the bid increment (1000 yen here). If the winning bidder outbade you by 1000 or 100K yen, the final price will still be the same.
  9. Some pictures of Fujiwara Kanefusa, 25th generation: http://www.art-mamuka.ru/gallery/fujiwara-kanefusa-25-generation/
  10. Oil + aviation makes me think about WD-40. https://wd40company.com/our-company/our-history/
  11. Hello Miguel and welcome to the forum ! Did you get / request a discount after he sandpapered the sword ? Seriously, for me this would be a deal-breaker. He greatly reduced the sword value in the process. You would be entitled to ask for a discount.
  12. This is very impressive, kudos. I can imagine your joy building such a beauty. Definitely something to be proud of !
  13. Just stumbled upon this PDF: this is the same sword, right ? Edit: no, it's not the same sword, the number of mekugi-ana doesn't match.
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