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  1. I just received the horse kozuka and it's absolutely gorgeous, it instantly became one of my favorites. Thanks Alex !
  2. It is a service for buying from Yahoo auctions, not an auction website. This allows foreigners to buy Japanese items without the administrative hassle.
  3. At this stage, you have to wonder if keeping "un-shippable" items and reselling them isn't a business model...
  4. Despite all the recent drama, I hope we'll get to see the polished sword I know I'm looking forward to it
  5. I found the post: here. The 7000 px are apparently made possible by the use of a very high resolution camera (Hasselblad). Is this really a problem ? Lightroom knows the distortion for most of the lenses and can fix it in post-production. Your photo setup looks amazing BTW
  6. I also struggle to shoot swords but one thing I've noticed is that to "see through the hadori", you need to shoot the sword sideways. The hamon is the whitest when shot this way. While shooting sideways will show more details of the hamon. Pictures from https://www.aoijapan.com/wakizashisunnobi-tantoise-tamaru-junin-fujiwara-nagatoshi-saku/ Edit: I'm thinking that maybe the first picture is not a photography but a scan of the blade. I know Aoi's photo setup has been discussed before but I forgot what was said.
  7. 2 months to get from Japan to Australia ?!? This is crazy slow
  8. Robert, it's the same tsuba (not refinished) but with a difference white balance. The color (assuming my screen is "correct") is pretty faithful to what I see in hands (the WB was adjusted in Lightroom). I never really considered using a "grey card" to calibrate the white balance but that's one of those situations where it could be useful
  9. Just noticed Adam posted the tsuba but adding some pictures I took this week-end.
  10. I just uploaded pictures of that exhibition if you want to have a look: here. 2 years later, better late than never
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