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  1. Attempt after attempt, always better ???? In about ten years it will be hard to discerne an original vs fake.
  2. The mei looks very similar, if not identical, to a papered one I’ve seen on the net, and the yasurime job too. But the kiku mon has something off, as if carved with an insecure hand.
  3. A fellow member of WRF pointed out why the winged menuki/bolt are so weird on that handle...
  4. Santa just dropped this toy... ???? Merry Christmas to you all guys, and thanks for sharing your knowledge.
  5. Hi, I’m looking for one iron menuki/bolt that holds the wooden handle on the late war NCO sword. If you have one that surpluses you, please contact me. Thanks in advance, M.
  6. Chris, why the second mekugi ana? Born as military sword and subsequently fitted with the civilian koshirare?
  7. Interesting; the experts will tell you more, but if I don’t get wrong this is a showato military blade (with Showa stamp), in a civilian koshirae but with leather combat cover.
  8. Thanks Bruce, a really appreciated input!
  9. Hi fellows collectors; to fill the multiple gaps in my collection, I’m looking for a Kai gunto and/or a type 03 (or 44, or contingency) mounted blade. I’m mainly interested in the mount, so if gendaito or showato will be a secondary aspect I will evaluate. Necessarily, good original condition with no put together parts or heavy flaws. Shipping address would be Conus. Thanks in advance, Marzio
  10. Hi to you all; I have a couple of questions about the late war NCO swords. I mean those with wooden tsuka: could you tell me when was this pattern first issued? I see the books stated 1945, but is it an accurate figure (which month)? I’ve readed somewhere that at some point specific NCO’s blade s/n were assigned to Tokyo, Nagoya and Jinsei arsenals (respectively 135.000, 200,000 and 300,000), so, is it possible to give a reasonable production timeline for a sword with 204.000 serial #? Thanks in advance, M.
  11. Yes, last ditch ceramic Japanese hand granade. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_4_grenade
  12. Thanks; actually this is the "case queen": duv 43 matching and without import markings. She was found years ago in the north of the Country: a kind of "vet left back" gun.
  13. I have a small collection of firearms, helmets and blades, mostly from WW2. Here are some on display:
  14. Navy

    Nihontos of a friend

    Thanks a lot to all of you that kindly gave an appreciated and useful opinion/evaluation about these blades. I beg your pardon for the poor pics, I guess I could do better, but too many nihontos in a short time. Mainly, many thanks on behalf of the owner, which is an aged gentleman not "web friendly" at all.
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