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  1. Wow Mark, RESPECT man. I hope you make as full a recovery as possible soon. And all this in Leeds ? OMG. I visit Leeds regularly for an Iaido residential course with Eikoku Roshukai and l am quite shocked.
  2. Hi Guy's, Is there an quick & easy look up chart comparing different type Gunto koshirae explaining the differences etc. Thanks Gwyn
  3. MPUK

    Hi. I came across your post about a moon tsuba and by chance I was looking at one earlier - on sale now https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/IRON-TSUBA-with-GOLD-SHAKUDO-SILVER-INLAYS-Wild-geese-fly-/164679464251?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286 

    I have bought from this seller in the past (a smaller tanto tsuba) and service was good. 

    1. Moley


      Hi Thanks for this link. Gwyn

  4. How do you tell if it's a stainless steel sword ? I have a signed Yoshe Tsugu that I believe has no hamon. Hard to tell because of it's condition. Also it has artificial Same. Sho Wa (Period) Ju Hachi ( 18th ) Nen (year = 1943) Ju Ichi ( 11 th November) Gatsu (Month)
  5. Hi Guy's, Sorry for the delay posting the fittings photos. (I had to re-size them). So here they are for the Shona Mizunoto Hitsuji (Spring 1943 ) Serial Number Yu 432
  6. Hi Bruce, Are you still doing the survey and compiling the chart ? If so here are details of my Mantetsu. Shona Mizunoto Hitsuji (Spring 1943 ) Serial Number Yu 432 Gwyn
  7. and IMHO quite a nice item in itself. So I would like to ask why bother going to all that trouble and expense to add the box (Which I think is also nice), the cloths and the Mei. How much MORE money would they have made faking it as a Mantetsu ? What do good Mantetsu go for ? £2,000 approx ??????
  8. I belong to an Iai group in the U.K. (Eikoku Roshukai) . I received the monthly newsletter just now and there was an article in it by one of my Sensei (Neil Kemp) about restoration for Iai. He mentioned Les Stewart and the Editor added this " Editor note: I have confirmed with a friend in the to-ken society that the only active sword polisher in the UK currently is the Scottish gentleman, Les Stewart (lesstewart@btinternet.com ) he is indeed very busy with a long waiting list and quite expensive, but definitely worth the wait and money. The other two UK based polishers are now retired. "
  10. Moley

    What have I got ?

    Unfortunately Menuki do not match. They are dragons.
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