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  1. Probably actors/models and not martial artists ?
  2. Not wanting to Hijack a For Sale post that are discussing this topic, I thought that I would start another discussion about Samurai Thumbprints here. I have this Tsuba attributed to the Bushu school which has a wear mark that appears to have been done by constant wearing by a thumb. 1. How likely is this to be so ? Thought: - If this was worn with Kozuka nearest body as it should, then the thumb would rest quite a way over the rim. I am constantly being told off by my Iaido teacher for doing this as it is a cert giveaway if you move it to loosen sword in Saya. He suggests just enough thumb not to be obvious but ALWAYS on Tsuba holding Katana safely in Saya. What are your views? Gwyn
  3. The impossible dream come true.... Amazing bit of luck Joe... We have all wished that this would happen to us... You did it . Well done..
  4. Moley

    Latest acquisition

    A few more (Poor quality sorry) photos.
  5. Moley

    Latest acquisition

    Don’t worry everybody. I have three very good iaito that I use for Iai. Having had quite an injury even with an iaito, there is no way I shall be swinging this beauty about.
  6. Moley

    Latest acquisition

    Hi Everybody, My latest acquisition. The sword was previously owned and used regularly by Oshita Masakazu sensei (8dan Kyoshi of Kobe Dojo). It is unsigned because it has been cut down in size (o-suriage). The blade has a very noticable Masame grain throughout going into the kissaki creating a very subtle hakikaki in the boshi. The hamon is a smallish- chu-suguha with subtle activities in it. The hamon has a nice bump of gunome down in the what is now Bo-area of the sword (which would have been in the middle of the blade as we estimate that there has been probably a good 12-15cm cut from the blade meaning it would have been a grand old Tachi at some point). The kissaki is also komaru. The sword came with two sets of fittings. The set used by Oshita Masakazu sensei for Iaido practice and a spare set in a tsunagi. Length: 71.7 cm (2. 37 shaku) Curve: 1.63cm (tori-sori) Moto-haba: 30.6mm Moto-kasane: 6.2mm Saki-haba: 20.2mm Saki-kasane: 4.9mm
  7. Thank you so very much for this MORIYAMA Koichi San. Very very grateful.
  8. Hi Friends, I posted a request for translation in The Izakaya section. Not getting any views I'm afraid. Can anyone please help? http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/29913-fan-calligraphy/ Gwyn
  9. Awaiting next batch.. Meanwhile, please.... if sale of No 2 (Arrows, Bow and hat) falls through, please may I have a first chance? Regards Gwyn
  10. What would be interesting is to post first sword purchased (for me about 30 years ago, when I was relatively poor and knew nothing) and peoples latest purchase. My first and my latest shown here.
  11. Hi Everybody, Went to see this sword today. Thanks to John for the heads up about the Chinese Character alarm bells were already ringing. At first glance the sword looked pretty decent. Looked like a Gunto with a leather combat cover. The leather cover was very well made and of good quality leather. The Tsuba was well casted and chunky, Fuchi Kashira and sarute looked good, but the Ito and the Menuki went "Uhhh Ohh". Something not quite right. Then of course as soon as the blade came out of the saya... FAKE ! screamed out as I saw the "damascus" type hada. Not as "in your face" as most, but there nevertheless. The balance was awful and the wood used inside the well made leather cover was absolute rubbish and rough. The gent who owned it was a nice man and I didn't ask how much he had paid for it. I broke the news to him as gently as I could pointing out what to look for in future. I showed him a good example of the "real thing" that I had taken along for comparison and left it at that. Thank you all for your input. Regards Gwyn
  12. Hi John, Thank you very much for your help. Alarm bells ringing as no smiths named Yamamoto and a Chinese Kanji !!!! Will be going over to see the blade in the flesh soon and will report back. Domo Gwyn
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