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  1. Moley

    What have I got ?

    Unfortunately Menuki do not match. They are dragons.
  2. Moley

    What have I got ?

    As l said before, koshirae sorta compensated for it, nothing special, but l kinda liked them.
  3. Moley

    What have I got ?

    I think John has an idea here, also a very important history lesson... i.e. “Look what they used to do in the 1980’s, let this be a lesson to all would be polishers.”
  4. Moley

    What have I got ?

    Yup...'Fraid so"... Time to MOVE ON. Gonna trash the blade and host the Koshirae in a Tsunangi.
  5. Moley

    What have I got ?

    Thanks for your response and commiserations guys, but as l said, it was a long long time ago and the plus side was the koshirae. (Will post them later on Geraint.) To be honest, l don’t think that a) It’s worth a polish and b) It would take a polish ? Anyway, here are more photos as promised. I was just curious as to what it was before somebody ruined it.
  6. Moley

    What have I got ?

    Hi Guy's, Brian is right, I knew that it was an acid polish as it was bought early 80's and there was a lot of it about back then. (They used to call it a "Liverpool polish" and frown) I just kept it all that time and was now wondering what it was that I had got. It didn't set me back that much at all and the koshirae was kinda nice. Will try to photo in the morning. Thanks everybody.
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