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  1. LOVING IT SO FAR Guys.. PLEASE carry on. I want to learn. Can anyone post example photos side by side so we can compare and contrast? i.e. an elaborate work that is quite inexpensive with a simple one that is costly. (Must point out that I am not bitching about prices in this thread, I realise that they cannot be made today without breaking the bank, and that they are all superb value considering age and craftsmanship I am just interested in how prices compared way back then for different types and why prices vary so much today even one tsuba is so elaborate and another seems basic.)
  2. The cost of tsuba varies greatly, from a couple of hundreds to thousands. Types vary enormously and everyone has a particular favourite. Sometimes l am amazed that some types that seem very very simple iron works to me command such high prices. Some to my eye even look crudely made and yet are quite expensive. My question is this. Does the price of tsuba today reflect the price that it cost to buy when it was made, or has rarity and collectors tastes dictated that an otherwise cheap tsuba now costs a lot lot more?
  3. Just "Caught me a Fish". Thanks Grev.
  4. BUMP - For a great guy.... EMAIL SENT GREV.
  5. Thanks to Grev (Kissakai) for this beauty. I will be the envy of the Iaido Club in the new year. I have bought many items from Grev in the past and he is a scholar and a gentleman.
  6. Hi everybody, Saw this sword in the for sale section by Matt and l am very intrigued.l will admit that l never knew that the Japanese army had these mountings. Please can someone educate me further . I would be ever so grateful. Thank youall. Gwyn. “Excellent condition Army kyu-gunto sword with canvas combat cover. Combat covers are not often seen on kya-gunto mounts swords. The combat cover is in EXCELLENT condition. The blade is an arsenal blade with bohi, and acid-etched yakiba. This is a combat sword. The backstrap has a 3-5-3 kiri mon. A fine piece, in exceptional condition. “
  7. Hi Guy's, Some friends are asking if we can translate this for them. Unfortunately the mother in law is no longer living with us as she has health issues. Can any of you be so kind as to help us out? regards Gwyn
  8. Hi Guys, Three questions please. 1. What is this and how was it caused? 2. Is this considered a flaw? If so how serious? 3. It’s also in an awful acid etch. Any way of reducing the impact of an acid etch without repolishing? regards Gwyn
  9. Hi everybody, I have an Mino - Yahazu Midare Katana that has a very strange bump near the Mune maki. It dosn’t quite touch the habaki. Even though not exactly centered, it does have a ridge line. (or remnants of one) Any idea as to what it is?
  10. So , how to display ? Blade on top or Tsunangi on top ? Blade koshirae fractionally longer.
  11. Duhhh, Silly me. There was two sets of Habaki as well. A double habaki that only goes with the quality koshirae and a solid silver one that only goes with the Iai fittings. (I thought I'd put the silver one with the quality fittings.) Duhh
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