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  1. Real or fake fighting? Here is a recent acquisition a Ishido school sword with a sheetz-pot full of kirikomi kizu. Looking at this nihonto objectively was it wielded in massive battle(s) or did the grandkid practice with it? There are 12 chips and cuts to the sword. Many are deep. The hypothetical scenario that this damaged was caused by fun and games well, that is a lot of swinging by the 13 year old and since many are edge imprints of another sword very dangerous for the teens who were swinging. I can see one or two blows but this many? This would have happened after the blade was polished by a pro and had tsukimaki and all the rest completed. That is hard to contemplate also. Question to you all is: How many kirikomi have you seen on a Warring States era blade ?
  2. I had this one, it was a gnarly sword. Not sure really why the hell it was made. Maybe for a forest dwelling samurai.
  3. Wow, thanks Piers! A couple of those swords in the woodblock remind me of the ones Ray S. posts time to time on the for sale forum. I guess I should have stepped up on a couple of the others instead of buying pottery and coins. Now to find a frame!
  4. Just got back from a 7 hour round trip with a truck load of pickin's from a estate of a husband / wife art collecter. The one thing I wanted in the woodblocks was this Samurai battle wood block print. There were others of various subject matter and maybe famous artists but the only one I wanted was this one to frame and keep. If this scene is familiar to anyone, please post so I can make a index card and put it on the back of the piece. Best regards, Bob
  5. Jean, thanks for chiming in. I just took a look under a jeweler's glass and do not see any indication of casting marks in the hitsu-ana. I did take a few more pictures in case it helps I.d. this tsuba.
  6. I won a few bids from the recently completed Schultz auction. Not sure who's collection it was but there were some nice items. Since I am not a tsuba expert I could not quite make a good read on this one from my references. Would shoami be proper to put on a card for this dragon? Best regards, Bob
  7. Domo arigato Moriyama-san Watashi wa kanji o amari yomemasen ne.
  8. Guys and Gals, crazy Bob is at it again with .99 cent starts, so Trumpin what you may ask. Well, If you win the bid I will rebate you a stimulus of 10 pct off the winning bid. Wad up wid NMB you know me. Can you say Crazy Bob for Prez in 2024! Check out these Camp Lejeune area gems. Best regards, Bob P.S. there are some nice hard to find bayo's up in a few days too if you need one for your Arisaka http://ebay.us/K586Az?cmpnId=5338273189 http://ebay.us/vAQKJl?cmpnId=5338273189
  9. Nah, There is a huge chip to the edge, might be combat related from the looks of the damage as it was a incredible swing. It does have a nice hamon from a quick glance a 3 point type. If it clips to that NLF belt and trop uniform I'll slap it on there, it is a good display piece as you don't have to worry about people handling it at a gun show when I set up about once a year.
  10. Hello, Picked up some swords the other day here around Camp Lejeune. These were attic pieces. I want to thank Bruce P. the Daimyo of WW2 blades for taking a look at there and recommending a post on them. "Hand Salute" to Bruce. This may be a Canvas covered battlefield pickup from Tinian or Saipan. It has a large Seki stamp, seems to have a water quenched hamon & hand drilled menkuana, A WW2 set of civilian koshirae rounds out this odd piece. Best regards, Bob
  11. Hello, Picked up some swords the other day here around Camp Lejeune. These were attic pieces. I want to thank Bruce P. the Daimyo of WW2 blades for taking a look at there and recommending a post on them. "Hand Salute" to Bruce. Anyway, these from Bruce's tips and hints this looks to be a black handle NCO. I do not see any other paint under the wear of the black on handle or scabbard. Best regards, Bob
  12. Then he might get a offer. https://www.ebay.com/itm/WW2-Japanese-Officer-Samurai-Sword-By-KOJI-MA-YOSHIMICHI-US-Army-Certified/133032791472?hash=item1ef95f4db0:g:GAkAAOSwpvRcc1YU
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