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  1. Good books, you'll use them often. Take a look at Sesko's books you'll need those too! Best regards, Bob
  2. Gents, I fall into the category of picker/treasure hunter sword buyer. I am drawn to tattered tsukamaki and rusty blades. The hope and disappointment roller cooster is exciting and sometimes you win. Anyway, recently I shifted gears and bought a blade that had all the work completed. It was a different feeling, more of a feeling of investment or value. There was another Kiyonobu there that was a wakizashi and I did not win the bid on that one. Shifting through the deceased owners papers afterwards I saw that they were both labeled as a Daishou. However, looking at mei's the wak was made by the father and the katana the son. Not sure if Daishou are put together like that? Anyway, I still expect to hunt the backroads but buying a nice blade right off sure takes a lot of variables off the table that cause worry and loss of money. Best regards, Bob
  3. Mike, store it horizontally vice vertically, helps to keep the oil from pooling and oil very lightly you don't need much just a light wipe with a clean microfiber cloth with a bit of oil on it..
  4. Nagainata naoshi type blades are always popular, so you should not have a problem selling when the time comes.
  5. tokashikibob

    Took a flyer

    Congrats on rescuing the blade, I really like the hada on it!
  6. That was must buy collection, very nice! Do you still own any of the collection Rob?
  7. Gents, Picked up this fixer upper to practice tsukamaki. The blade does not have any seki stamps is tempered under the habaki and is fully sharpened to the end. After a little carb cleaner and oil wipedown the showato seems to be a gendaito with a little sanbantsugi action and nioi in the hamon. Lots of work needed on this abused bastard. Best regards, Bob
  8. Thanks for the comments, the blade actually cleaned up pretty good as the solid discoloration was some sort of old dried out lube.
  9. Came in the mail today, from the online pics which showed no nakago I took a flyer due to the tsuka having the remnants of fine silk ito and the tsuba looked better than ordinary. Soo, the handle was on tight and when I got it off..... Sugoi, both the wak and tsuba were signed. Tsuba has some extraordinary gold inlay rim work. Best regards, Bob
  10. Guy, It is too far gone my friend. R.I.P.
  11. Jeez Lev, What camera did you buy? Those were some really nice closeups! Let me know if you want to trade 2 NCO's for that old worn out wall hanger. Semper Fi, Bob
  12. Gents, Here is a decent project if you are in the market for a Japanese WW2 crewmember sized sword. Swords this size were often carried by soldiers in confined spaces such as tanks or subs or the soldier was a midget. This one is a older blade, very thick and meaty. It has a nice wood grain (or mokume to those of you who only speak nihonto) to the forging. Blade is solid with not fatal flaws or nicks in the edge. Just spotting, scratches and being out of polish. I bet it is one of the missing Tokugawa pieces from Kolby's stash. You need to rewrap the handle which is quite satisfying if you have not tried it yet. It has a signed namban tsuba. Missing a few spacers, menuki and top cap. Blade cutting edge is 15 inches. Price is $725 + shipping / fees.
  13. These are the type I like to see available at the gun show for a close eyeball kantei before plucking a stack of bills out.
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