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  1. Guys and Gals, crazy Bob is at it again with .99 cent starts, so Trumpin what you may ask. Well, If you win the bid I will rebate you a stimulus of 10 pct off the winning bid. Wad up wid NMB you know me. Can you say Crazy Bob for Prez in 2024! Check out these Camp Lejeune area gems. Best regards, Bob P.S. there are some nice hard to find bayo's up in a few days too if you need one for your Arisaka http://ebay.us/K586Az?cmpnId=5338273189 http://ebay.us/vAQKJl?cmpnId=5338273189
  2. Nah, There is a huge chip to the edge, might be combat related from the looks of the damage as it was a incredible swing. It does have a nice hamon from a quick glance a 3 point type. If it clips to that NLF belt and trop uniform I'll slap it on there, it is a good display piece as you don't have to worry about people handling it at a gun show when I set up about once a year.
  3. Hello, Picked up some swords the other day here around Camp Lejeune. These were attic pieces. I want to thank Bruce P. the Daimyo of WW2 blades for taking a look at there and recommending a post on them. "Hand Salute" to Bruce. This may be a Canvas covered battlefield pickup from Tinian or Saipan. It has a large Seki stamp, seems to have a water quenched hamon & hand drilled menkuana, A WW2 set of civilian koshirae rounds out this odd piece. Best regards, Bob
  4. Hello, Picked up some swords the other day here around Camp Lejeune. These were attic pieces. I want to thank Bruce P. the Daimyo of WW2 blades for taking a look at there and recommending a post on them. "Hand Salute" to Bruce. Anyway, these from Bruce's tips and hints this looks to be a black handle NCO. I do not see any other paint under the wear of the black on handle or scabbard. Best regards, Bob
  5. Then he might get a offer. https://www.ebay.com/itm/WW2-Japanese-Officer-Samurai-Sword-By-KOJI-MA-YOSHIMICHI-US-Army-Certified/133032791472?hash=item1ef95f4db0:g:GAkAAOSwpvRcc1YU
  6. So I just sold two type three's then this comes to the garage. The type 3 would have looked good hanging off the hook. Maybe Bruce P. will send over a Nambu for the other side. There were 12 rounds of nambu pistol rounds with it. Best regards, Bob
  7. Going to new homes in Australia and Canada. Thanks Rob and Kaz!
  8. On HOLD - Working with Robin on purchase to AU
  9. Guys, if anyone is looking for a late war type example for a WW2 display, I have this one pictured that is pretty clean, mekugi peg needs to be made. It is 900 plus shipping. I also have pretty much the same as below "gunto" but with a spotty blade, that one is $725. If any interest you can email me at okinawarelics@yahoo.com for more info and I'll bother with better pictures.. No smart phone so -I check at night, no instant replies
  10. Christian, I took a look at it under some decent lighting with some maginification and had some books to match the few strokes that can be made out. I am thinking it is one of the SUKESADA circa 1573
  11. Blade came in and I spent a few minutes cleaning it up. Bad 1. Under the grease, there were some kizu to enjoy with the thin Bizen steel 2. One of the ivory tsuka circles is screwed up. Good It has the start of a special order mei 'BIZEN KUNI JU OSAFUNE' the rest is too worn for a novice to make out Nice tip and ha except for the nip which looks old, maybe it was from a real fight Polish is good enough for study. It does have a nice antique look to it. I was thinking about putting it my booth for the 'I BUY Japanese SWORDS' as I need one in there but I have a clunker type 3 coming in next week. BTW, if any of you get to Jacksonville N.C. let me know and stop by the store, look at some swords and shoot some guns.
  12. It's coming in, I'll post some pics of all the ooi hagire in a week or so. And no thanks Stephen you can't use your grinder to make it a kukri.
  13. 700 doesn't buy much of a blade at a show, I could do great at a country auction with 700 if a sword was there. i have guys beating the bushes finding stuff so unless it is fake I need to offer a fair deal or next time they go with the greasy Honjo Masamune to someone else first.
  14. Hello, if you buy the sword and don't like it. I'd give you USD 850.00 for it. Best regards, Luis

    1. tokashikibob


      Thanks Luis,  I'll keep you posted if I get it.  I made a offer and am waiting for reply.

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