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  1. I have 2 orphan/mismatched bird themed menuki. I don't need them so if you have a match and want them pm me.
  2. I have 2 orphan fuchi. I don't need them so if you have a match and want them pm me. A rabbit/hare theme on one and the other is non themed.
  3. Its a tight itame and the polish is too poor to see the boshi. I'll get to the school and smith after polish. Certainly a nihonto and probably shinto. More study tonight to place the era based upon sugata, jigane and shinogi/ji.
  4. You might be on the right track now that i study it. It'll be off to the polisher soon to see what can be done. This is my 5th nihonto and i might have made a mistake for the first time in 10 years. Luckily it was only in the hundreds of dollars . I still feel it will turn out well after polishing. I do have some gems though. Found in deplorable shape from WW2 and sent to Japan for restoration. Papered as Yamato no kami Sukemasa NTHK.
  5. Interesting theory. I dont see a lot of the damage or discoloration you might see with acid. David Hofhine is evaluating. Here is the steel for more information.
  6. It needs an updated finish polish to clean it up a bit.
  7. Isn"t it confusing? It has so many elements from the ones listed above. More photos today
  8. I'm leaning toward toranba but it has so many elements of others. I'll add better photos in a few days but here are some b&w photos and examples of hamon that it might fit. Thoughts on style?
  9. All very interesting and informative responses. Sorry for the delay in responding. No thread notifications made it to me. This was a study piece that i was interested in purchasing somit was not in hand. I believed it to be a naningata from the muromachi but it was sold while i was investigating. It was an interesting piece that I would have liked to own for a while. Thanks to you all.
  10. A real interesting one here. Could i be a cut down kamakura naginata or waki from bizen muromachi?
  11. It has a beautiful patina and feel to it. Not sure what the signature says. Just about 2.5 (6.35 cm) inches in diameter. $300 obo
  12. This one i own and thought to be moritaka but im not so sure. The mori kanji seems condensed where the bottom section of the mori is brought higher. Very thick kasane.
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