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  1. hello Ridriguez it is the stroke (horizontal trait) just above Saku. it is like the number ici. rdg Maurice
  2. hello Michael my guess is Mutsu aizu daijo Nagamichi rgds Maurice
  3. hello Jussi here are some interesting information from Tsuruta san about TB 25. he actually sold one from this session. https://www.aoijapan.com/notice-about-19128-katana-yoshioka-ichimonji/ Maurice
  4. hello mei is Dewa no kami minamoto Sukenobu regards Maurice
  5. hello Peter mei is : hizen kuni kawachi kami masahiro Maurice
  6. hello all here is an interesting nakago where you can find same invocation. https://www.aoijapan.com/img/sword/2018/18167-2.jpg regards Maurice
  7. hello Bernard yes agreed. you'll be fully protected. Regards Maurice
  8. hello guys thank you for your comment and information. Information given are very interesting as I am really an amateur with Katchu. Maurice
  9. here are some other pîcs. it is not signed
  10. hello i have this 62 plates kabuto and 3 plates in front of the maedate there are kanjis that i can't read. can you help me to decipher them. thank you Maurice
  11. hello my guess is Chikushu Sannou Ju So Tsutomu. he is a mukansa swordsmith. Maurice
  12. Hello all for all aficionados who are in Paris or will be in Paris during Feb 16th to May 14th there will be an exhibition of Armor in the Musée guimet and the Palais de Tokyo. http://www.guimet.fr/event/daimyo-seigneurs-de-la-guerre-au-japon/ sure i will be there but if some of you are interested we may visit it "groupir" as we say it in french. unfortunatly there were also a conference about polishing and restoring saya but no more place left. http://www.guimet.fr/event/savoirs-et-savoir-faire-artisanats-dart-japonais/ Maurice
  13. hello my guess is chikugo mutō hidehiro. Maurice
  14. hello my guess is fujiwara daimichi naofusa maurice
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