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  1. Sorry, got another that is a Handachi in similar, not gunto, mounts, was only a guess. + i Wouldnt Now know how to change tittle..sorry, new to it all + i do all this on my phone & not on computer..Don't have one!! Mark
  2. Thanks Paul, Sorry about the pics, they're the only ones that were sent by the owner. I will be having it in hand hopefully by 2moro. 2 me so far, yes the blade looks alittle alive, but the mounts seem too plain for the blades look of quality. Do you think an older sword maybe, in standard military mountings (type 1??) Boshi also looks hard to see, somewhat + you can't really judge the sori from his pics Can't wait to see anyways in hand, just for a look. The owners want to get rid of it & are looking to pass it on. But they haven't told me a price they want yet Thanks again Mark
  3. Hello all, Just a short one, I'm looking at this sword in the next few days & it will be in hand for better pics to be posted soon. In advance, I'll apologize for these pics, they've all i got so far untill i get to it. Please if anyone has any comments or suggestions on it Thanks ps.The Tsuka Has not been ever removed Cheers Mark
  4. Thanks Klaus, thinking still Sadatsugu maybe, same. Forgot 2 mention too, Sharp as, sharpest of 3 I have. Not bad i think, But im just a starter!. Mark
  5. Got it in hand post better pics of mei and better blade. I believe half alright for price. See what you recon. Tried to do different shots. Still not sure on the second character? Here's a few blade. Thanks Mark L
  6. I know not right area (4 blade shots) Just a couple of it thou. Plus closer tsuba Tsuka not original, fitted later already know 4-5 days will be in hand, post better shots then. Mark
  7. Thank you, she's on the way Trying 2 pin the tail on the smith, only problem!! Happy with purchase either way.
  8. Do you think Peter, mei could be sadahiro??
  9. Thank you Peter, was only a thought about hi, good 2 hear different veiws Mark
  10. Can have a go at Shira-saya, pretty much unreadable. See pics, sorry all i got. Thanks Mark
  11. Thought the norm. would have it run down nakago? do u think original maybe? was only a thought, yes Sadatsugu does horimono, and thought if original, that would have been? ??
  12. Yes, thankyou though so myself A steal at price paid i paid...bit over 500 nice hey Will see when in hand more so, fingers crossed My look too Thanks again Mark L
  13. Yes Steve, thanks She's a bit tired, but good price. Have more not good thou. Has atori-bori hi, someone thought it was worthy at some point.
  14. Will have this wakizashi turning up soon.. Will post when in hand, would like more opinion on mei, hard to make out fully. See what u think, deep sori 2.2, 53 cm nagasa. Tried different effect. What is it?.... Thats the question! Got my thoughts 'n' sellers, what do u think? maybe.. Mark
  15. Hey Ben, Small world hey, good 2 c another aussie nice sword looks ok? Why are you selling? Can I ask Mark L
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