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  1. tomt

    Edo era? or earlier?

    Hey, Thanks for all information, you certainly seem to know your stuff! With the Maedate, why would they make it inome, and not a specific Mon? is it sort of like a white label armour sold to whoever? And Im guessing the numbers don't really mean anything then? was it just a way to keep track of mass produced armour? and for the age, i did manage to find a similar helmet online that had the age listed as the late edo period, but it wasn't the most reliable looking source. sorry for all the questions, and thanks again for your help!
  2. tomt

    Edo era? or earlier?

    Yeah I'm aware, but I don't exactly have the funds right now to buy a full set of true samurai armour. This is antique armour made for battle over 250 years ago , and that's still quite cool and interesting to me despite its "value".
  3. Hi Everyone, I recently got this armour, kind of spur of the moment, from a seller in Japan. Its still in transit but in the mean time I'm trying to get a decent estimate on how old it is, as I basically know nothing, ill take any help i can get! Here's some information from the sales listing: Maker: Azuchi–Momoyama to Edo era in the Kaga Domain. Mon: Suhama (Mon reference) Reference / Busho who used this crest: Oda Ujiharu, Sanada clan, Suyama clan, Teramachi clan, Ibaraki clan, Yoshida clan, Iba clan, Shishido clan. Material Kabuto: Iron & Japanese lacquer. Material do(body): Nerikawa & Japanese lacquer. and apparently the damage to the Kabuto is battle damage, but I'm not sure whether that would be true? also who might have worn armour like this? in the listing it says "Used by only very high rank the busho, daimyo." this isnt true right? Thanks in advance for the help says "96" apparently
  4. tomt

    Cast copper Tsuba?

    Thanks for info, ill definity check it out. Cheers for the info, so that means they were likely made in Japan quite recently? and yeah, dont really care about the patina
  5. tomt

    Cast copper Tsuba?

    Hello everyone, Im pretty new to collecting so i dont know too much, but i did recently pick up this set of Tsuba for practically nothing from an estate sale. They appear to be copper or bronze and are obviously cast, but i havent been able to find many other examples of cast copper or bronze tsubas online. Im guessing they are definitely fakes, but they are quite intricate and with a clean up would be pretty nice to look at. If anyone has some more info on these that would be fantastic, like when or where they might have come from? Also any good tips on cleaning them? Thanks in advance
  6. For a sword so old, i imagine its not uncommon for them to so tired?
  7. Thanks for the link! That looks great and the payment plan is perfect. Any idea what the main reason is for the lower price?
  8. Hey cheers, but yeah, nihontoCollector sent me a message, so ive seen it, im really considering it. its a pretty good sword in your opinion?
  9. Yeah, if I could get that sword at that price I would be very happy indeed
  10. Any recommendations for the best book from the beginner books section of the FAQ?
  11. Hi, I'm new to this hobby and don't have heaps to spend, I was wondering what you guys thought of this wakizashi for sale on eBay Link There appears to be a crack near the tang, is this fatal do you think? Thanks for any help
  12. Hi there, I'm quite new to all this and am looking for a decent Katana or Wakizashi to start off my collection, something that will hopefully go up in value over time and I can display proudly. Unfortunately my budget is only around $1300 USD so I'm happy to get something unsigned without papers with some wear, as long as it's still presentable and doesn't have any fatal flaws. Obviously a blade with fittings and in good nic with a nice or at least noticeable Hamon would be preferable, but I realise that might be asking a bit much for the price. If you've got an old sword you want to go to a good home, Id appreciate any offers. Saves me from getting screwed on eBay. Thanks p.s I'm from Australia, but happy to pay shipping from anywhere
  13. Thanks for the advice, will try that. Probably wont be able to afford a polished sword for a while unfortunately, so thought I might start with something smaller or in worse shape, any advice if I only really have $1300 AUD max to spend
  14. Hi, Im new here and am looking to get into collecting. Unfortunately i have limited funds at the moment so will have to start with a Wakizashi, or a damaged blade. Theres a Katana for sale on ebay from what seems like a respectable seller that im interested in. Heres the link https://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Japanese-Samurai-Katana-Sword-SENGOKU-Nihonto-81-8-cm-Long/264994706019 but it has some rust spots, i was wondering what your opinions on the damage is? Whether it is fatal or not and maybe your overall thoughts on the sword. Thanks
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