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Found 23 results

  1. Hi all, while I'm sure our members know how to pick a fake NCO, I wanted to share these. http://mountcastlesantiques.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=18&products_id=277 http://mountcastlesantiques.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=18&products_id=276&zenid=qot0424cgushvekob07rapkkq2 The really disappointing part is that I informed the site owner about the first sword and provided a comprehensive list of indicators the sword is not genuine. I offered to send photos or provide opinions from experienced collector's. After that I heard nothing. Today I checked, just in case the sword was pulled from sale, and lo and behold there is a 'rare copper handle' now listed, clearly of the same manufacturer. Truly disappointing.
  2. Can anyone help tell me what the name of this sword maker was? I tried to enhance the image as much as possible to make it clear. Also I have a question for those who are more seasoned with purchasing swords... How do you find a person to appraise the swords value and verify it's legitimacy? Help would be very appreciated.
  3. Hi , Can someone plz tell if what i buy it is real or not ? Ty 🙂
  4. I found an incredibly poorly titled ebay post with what you see here. Description reads, “Sword Bought (a long time ago) at Mont Saint-Michel in France (Un-sharpened).” I asked seller for more pics but no word. I have compared this to the field grade gunto in Dawsons book and this one lacks a mekugi and appears to have a naval scabbard but an army backstrap, and company grade shin gunto tassel? Further insight would help, seller is asking 500 USD. Is it possible to determine the authenticity with these two pictures?
  5. This item, is being offered as a, “ Authentic Pre WWI Japanese Navy Naval Sword ( 23 1/4” Long ) Very Rare“. But, appears to have the similarities of a brass handled artillery sword. However, those swords as outlined on page 92 of Dawson’s are not ornate and have serial numbers on the cross guard, which this sword has neither of. The sword is also not accompanied with the leather frog that would help bolster this blades claim to Japanese heritage. The blade is also missing the Bo-hi that runs down the center of artillery blades. If this sword is legit, the youngest it can be is 1898 but so far, legitimacy is in question. The saving grace is, Dawson has made a note on page 218 of the Naval section that his book does not cover the “experimental designs” during 1883 the navy used. The foreign crest on the back of this blade could make sense as the Japanese did a similiar order for type 8s from Germany that still had Solingen marking on it and the Japanese merely placed Imperial acceptance marks on the blades. It’s is plausible this is an experimental contract sword but the odds are EXTREMELY against this sword. The casting is also sloppy and not crisp. Please let me know what y’all think. The item has been up for a while.
  6. Hello everyone. I once again require your help. Someone is offering this sword in western Europe. What model is this sword and does it appear real? Many parts to me appear real however the handle lacks a certain patina to my untrained eye. The asking price is €2500 which is probably high for what it is, however we have to keep in mind in Europe the prices are higher compared to the states anyways due to relative rarity on the market. I'm sure the price can be haggled anyways. Thank you!
  7. So I'm genuinely sorry to take your time with what's a low quality fake, but an old friend is about to get swindled out of enough money to buy a TH on this: I tried to warn him but he thinks I'm fibbing, or not well informed enough to tell, since the seller (who I have kept anonymous) purports to have gotten it as a showa era sword from a deployment to Japan. The sale does not allow returns and he's being offered 6000$ for it. I don't want to see people new to this hobby get burnt so badly that they quit. I know it's obvious given the poor geometry, non Japanese nakago and a litany of other problems but he seems to believe the seller's promises more than the red flags. I'm hoping that if some well regarded collectors chime in he will reconsider. Thanks all, and sorry about the eye ache of a sword, I tried to compress the images so as little space as possible is wasted PS: I'm sorry if some collectors briefly saw an ancestral blade gunto with a nice boshi, I accidentally mixed photos of a sword I'm considering with the counterfeit, the problem should be rectified now.
  8. Hallo Ich bin neu und habe eine Frage. Echt oder Fälschung??????
  9. Hi , i just got this sword from a friend just needed help if you could let me knw is it real or fake . the hilt is missing . And it is rusty .
  10. Hi all, im incredibly new to this however I recently picked up what I believe to be an NCO type 95? From what I can tell, I believe it’s a fake/repro but I wanted your thoughts on it. I’ve tried to dissemble the sword however the blade seems to be stubborn and I can’t get the tsuka or tsuba off. The screws however were well rusted in and it took a bit of work to get them out so I don’t think I’ll succeed unless any of you have any tips to fully dissemble a rusted blade. im not too worried if it’s a fake/repro as I picked it up rather cheap but I wanted your thoughts. attached is an album of the images however I’ll try and upload pictures on by one https://ibb.co/album/rFfMmb
  11. Hello guys, first post of many to come (i hope). I stumbled upon an auction of various items from a very big and old country side house, which incluided paintings, old forniture and some collections. Among them i saw a few Japanese items that caught my eye: about 10 tsuba. I barely know about tsuba, but i have always liked Japanese culture, and as a military man myself, ive got very tempted to buy them for display at my place or maybe start my own collection. The problem is, as i stated before, i barely know about tsuba, and im worried that i might end up paying overprice for them or straight buying trash/fake items. The other problem i have is that due to covid restrictions in my country, for the moment i have a single photo of each tsuba available, and i wont have access to them until later this week. So, here is my question for you guys: can you help me decide, from these few photos, if these tsuba are real/not cast/fake and give me a very rough estimate of the value of them? i would love to buy as many as I can! Thank you in advance!
  12. Bert

    Unknown barn find

    Hello, my granddad bought this sword decades ago on a touristic visit to Japan at a market. I remember it when i was younger, we used to play with it and cut objects with it, that's why the Koshirae is ruined and also the blade had to endure a sharpening attempt by my younger brother. Can someone of you give me a very rough estimation what this thing is about? My granddad plans to sell it on the internet, but i told him i would like to check it first. I suppose strongly it's a purely massproduced piece for selling to tourists (he bought it in the 70s), but as i myself have not the slightest idea, it would help me a lot if anyone could tell me his quick opinion. At the moment i can't get the handle off the piece, but i think it won't be neccessary anymore after your first feedback. I hope you don't see it as an offense to be confronted with such a piece, but i have simply no clue at all & I assume it takes a quick look for you experts. I think for someone with knowledge, already the used materials can give hints. Cheer and thanks Bert
  13. Hi, I started this thread here (see below), believing it was maybe not Morimitsu but koto bizen. Now finally, I have got the blade back from the Togishi. When I figure out how to make smaller pictures with high quality I will add more photos to the same post. Otherwise photos are coming in different posts. Togishi´s thoughts are that this may be a kyoto sword in bizen style. Hamachi and Munemachi has been later added as well as Bohi and Sohi. It is a soft forged sword with smooth jigane (koitame). I find the hada to be Osaka Tetsu. We are both thinking in the lines of Yamashiro. Possible Muromachi or more likely Edo/Shinto period. What do you think. Tried to take photos this morning but let me know what you want to see more of and I will try to comply with better pictures. --Björn
  14. These are pretty evil fakes, the proportions aren’t horrible, the Kissaki even looks okay, although the boshi seems off. The way the light glows in photo one even makes it look like it has a weak nioiguchi so if you’re sleepy at first it doesn’t trigger the reptile brain for fake. It’s only after you get to the third photo and see that hideous Damascus pattern that many fakes have that the base part of my brain starts snarling. This one is even more convincing in low res photos except it looks off, doesn’t really have a nioiguchi (pretty sure that Hamon is an acid wash), or nie, and the Nagako is a mess. It’s marked as an antique and I’m sure someone bought it thinking it was a Nihonto. I wouldn’t have brought this up except it’s filed as “antique Japanese” From the looks of things dozens of inexperienced collectors have bought these swords thinking they have an old masterpiece. I wonder if this could be Changtian swords and if anything can be done since I’d rather new people not be put off from this hobby due to a flood of improved fakes.
  15. Hi all, Not sure if a question like this even belongs here but while dreaming of well polished swords I saw this absolute rust bucket somewhere. I've got no experience whatsoever with neglected nihonto, so hopefully someone with more experience can help me out here. The shirasaya (is it??) looks very iffy, I've never seen it done like this. What is this? A 'fake' or something very unusual? The blade itself I also have no idea about. It might be genuine but it is in absolutely pitiful state. So even if this one were the real deal, would it even be possible to bring this back to a state where people would want to look at it? These pictures are unfortunately all I have. Best, Mark
  16. Hi, I'm a beginner at collecting and I'm planning to purchase my first nihonto. I found a tanto in shirosaya that I really like from a trusted seller, but since I don't have much experience, it would be useful to know what everyone thinks about it before I buy it. Specifically, do you see any fatal damages or anything unusual? Are there any signs that it could be gimei? Anything notable that might raise or lower its value? And what price range should I be paying for it? The seller listed $1500 but is open to negotiation, so what would you suggest as the lowest reasonable price?
  17. First off i'd like to introduce myself my name is Michael and i am into collecting WW2 "things" recently ive come across somebody selling a WW2 "katana" this person has no clue where it came from he is only selling a old collection. His collection consists of diffrent kinds of swords of diffrent countries. Im a complete novice on the subject of telling whether something like this is a Chinese version or not. Hence im hoping somebody will be able to tell me. I'll try and upload some pictures. Kind regards Michael
  18. I bought what looked to be a nicely-preserved Heianjo tsuba from bushido*omotenashi*bakuhu on eBay (https://www.ebay.com/usr/bushido*omotenashi*bakuhu), only to find that it was a cleverly-PRINTED overlay, instead of brass inlay. It was very well done, & impossible to tell just from photos. Per my conversation with Brian, I was going to let him slide by, until he decided not to refund my return shipment fee (he had also refused to send a prepaid shipping label). eBay forced him to refund my tsuba payment, but they haven't yet stepped in on the shipping cost. So I highly recommend that you do due-diligence in dealing with this seller, as his items may not be shoshin.
  19. Hi friends, I am wondering if anyone knows when NBTHK first started implementing punched dates into their certifications of authenticity? I am currently looking into purchasing my first nihonto, and came across some interesting pieces at a shop in Kyoto. After some discussion on reddit (full post here: https://www.reddit.com/r/SWORDS/comments/9xlowo/i_visited_a_sword_shop_in_japan_and_would_really/), I am starting to question the authenticity of the pieces being offered, including one that is purported to have NBTHK papers. The mei of the first sword, and the corresponding NBTHK origami, are found here: https://imgur.com/a/kNGKzih The second sword is supposedly from *EDIT* the Yosozaemon Sukesada lineage, but does not come with any certification. While it is an absolutely gorgeous blade, I am skeptical as to why it isn't certified (especially given that Sukesada is a commonly forged name). The mei for this blade may be found here: https://imgur.com/a/4Lb4Ts1 My two asks of anyone with much more knowledge than I are the following: 1. The NBTHK certificate, supposedly from 2008, does not have a punched date in the top-left. Is this an indicator of a fake paper, or is there a chance that some papers wouldn't have the punch (despite me finding evidence online that punched dates were on the papers as early as 2000). 2. Does anyone have advice regarding how I could verify the authenticity of the Sukesada blade? On the Sukesada piece, my relatively amateur sleuthing of the signature seems to point at it being legit, but given the quality of the blade (unfortunately didn't take pictures of the full blade at the time), I can't think of a good reason as to why this blade wouldn't be papered if it is truly a Sukesada in the condition I have seen. A HUGE thank-you in advance for any and all information you may have, it will help me a ton! -Dalton S
  20. Hello all, I'm looking for assistance on authenticating this KYU GUNTO I picked up. I'm looking find if A) It's Genuine B) It's value C) How to take off the handle. I've attempted several times to remove the handle but I have been unsuccessful. I've done research online, spoken to other experts and even read the book Military Swords of Japan 1868-1945by Richard Fuller and Ron Gregory. So far, from my research I've found it's a genuine machine made blade and Toyotomi Hideyoshi Kyu gunto Mountings. Please help me understand more about my sword. Thank you in advance.
  21. Hello. Newcomer. Thinking about buying this sword. It only has one insignia or signature. The fellow has a few and this one caught my eye. Not sure why. I am looking to possibly get a maker and a date it was made. Thank you.
  22. Dear All, would appreciate your opinion on this sword. I know that the pics might not help much. I'm just looking for confirmation if it's a WW 1 sword, and how much you'd think it is worth to pay for. Appreciate all help I can get. Regards
  23. Hello, I'd like to get some help identifiying that sword (better pictures should come in a few days). From what I've understood from the guy who owns it, it's probably been made between 1890 and 1905. There's nothing written on the nakago. But every detail I could get about this sword could interest me and I'd greatly appreciate any help. Thanks in advance! 01.pdf
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