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  1. You performed Tameshigiri with an alleged Koto sword? Just asking.
  2. Bert

    Unknown barn find

    Here are a few more picture from the tip of the blade and the handle. Handle is also glued around the base and fixed with a rusty screw, as soon as i manage to pull it off i'll post it. It might be that the handle is destroyed through that. I've been looking around here a bit, i realize the piece is in awful condition although you indicate it could be real. The boshi doesn 't show the separating lines anymore (probably due to the bad polishing attempts).
  3. Bert

    Unknown barn find

    Thank you all for your kind and interesting feedback so far
  4. Bert

    Unknown barn find

    ok, i'll try to get it off somehow. It was professionally locked with an old rusty nale which was bent and hammered into the hilt (also performed by my younger brother). To me the scabbard looks strange. I'm not sure if it is just plastic or some kind of lacquer. How does the tsuba look to you? The material of the metal on the blade, i think it's called habaki looks like copper or brass.
  5. Bert

    Unknown barn find

    Hello, my granddad bought this sword decades ago on a touristic visit to Japan at a market. I remember it when i was younger, we used to play with it and cut objects with it, that's why the Koshirae is ruined and also the blade had to endure a sharpening attempt by my younger brother. Can someone of you give me a very rough estimation what this thing is about? My granddad plans to sell it on the internet, but i told him i would like to check it first. I suppose strongly it's a purely massproduced piece for selling to tourists (he bought it in the 70s), but as i myself have not the slightest idea, it would help me a lot if anyone could tell me his quick opinion. At the moment i can't get the handle off the piece, but i think it won't be neccessary anymore after your first feedback. I hope you don't see it as an offense to be confronted with such a piece, but i have simply no clue at all & I assume it takes a quick look for you experts. I think for someone with knowledge, already the used materials can give hints. Cheer and thanks Bert
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