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  1. Thanks everyone the great advice! The rules of thumb thread was quite useful, learned a bit of history from it. I think I'll do more research so I could make a better informed purchase. Glad to find such a friendly and knowledgeable community here
  2. There is actually a Japanese sword club close to where I live. Maybe I'll visit them
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm actually still not sure how far I want to go with collecting, instead of just buying one and treasuring it. I was hoping the experienced collectors on this forum could guide me on this purchase, but I see I should do more studying first. I'll think about it more. Thanks for all the advice
  4. Hi Ken and Tom, thanks for the advice! I haven't read the reference books yet, but have done some studying online from resources like aoijapan.net. I understand I would be more prepared if I read more, but I guess I'm impatient to get started :D, so I'm just looking for something genuine that won't cost a huge fortune. I've been reading around NMB and the seller (pcay) seems to have a good reputation, so I guess I could trust that the blade isn't made in china. I agree that $1500 is overpriced for a tanto in shirosaya since there are katanas and NBTHK certified blades that sell for that price, but I'm not sure how low I could ask for without sounding unreasonable since I've seen some sell for $300.
  5. Hi, I'm a beginner at collecting and I'm planning to purchase my first nihonto. I found a tanto in shirosaya that I really like from a trusted seller, but since I don't have much experience, it would be useful to know what everyone thinks about it before I buy it. Specifically, do you see any fatal damages or anything unusual? Are there any signs that it could be gimei? Anything notable that might raise or lower its value? And what price range should I be paying for it? The seller listed $1500 but is open to negotiation, so what would you suggest as the lowest reasonable price?
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