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  1. Actually #110 is the one I like the most, but we will see how this auction goes. I won't post the auction site, and due to covid restrictions, the auction will be done primarily by Zoom, as it's quite difficult to get to the auction house in person. Anyway, i hope there are not so many tsuba collectors participating, so I could get good prices $$. Thanks for the information about #106, it seems like its a no-go!
  2. Thanks again Curran, and thanks Spartancrest for your insight, I'll definitely go that route.
  3. Thank you for your quick answer Curran. Glad you and your wife got to know Chile! The south is very beautiful specially. The fact that these tsuba got here, relatively far is what draws me to them! very intriguing. BTW, The house that is holding the auction is filled with military memorabilia: officers swords from Chile and other countries, naval artifacts, antique ships models and paintings among them. I'll keep an eye for the information about #106! Now, knowing that there was a Chilean tsuba seller brings my spectations down a bit, i'm hoping to not to find many interested people down here in these items so i could get a good price, lol. Anyway, Curran, if you could pick 2 or 3 of them, only with the information on the pictures, which one would you get? Thanks again, this is a very interesting hobby to get into!
  4. Hello guys, first post of many to come (i hope). I stumbled upon an auction of various items from a very big and old country side house, which incluided paintings, old forniture and some collections. Among them i saw a few Japanese items that caught my eye: about 10 tsuba. I barely know about tsuba, but i have always liked Japanese culture, and as a military man myself, ive got very tempted to buy them for display at my place or maybe start my own collection. The problem is, as i stated before, i barely know about tsuba, and im worried that i might end up paying overprice for them or straight buying trash/fake items. The other problem i have is that due to covid restrictions in my country, for the moment i have a single photo of each tsuba available, and i wont have access to them until later this week. So, here is my question for you guys: can you help me decide, from these few photos, if these tsuba are real/not cast/fake and give me a very rough estimate of the value of them? i would love to buy as many as I can! Thank you in advance!
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