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  1. Thank you guys for your thoughts and comments, and that you even took the time to give an alternative. I really appreciate it! I can see now that EUR 5k might be a bit much for this specific blade, I think I got a bit too enthusiastic about the fact that it was located in Europe. (maybe I don't know where to look, or perhaps I'm not searching hard enough, but it is not so easy to find something very special over here)
  2. Thank you for the explanation, and your time.
  3. Hey JP, that was very helpful, thank you very much! just a short question if I may, you say: "Green papers are regarded as highly suspicious nowadays if the sword comes from Japan" What do you mean by this? thank you and kind regards, Andreas
  4. Dear All, I came across an auction and it would be nice to have a professional opinion before investing a lot of money. description of the seller: The finely forged blade is in minty traditional sharp Japanese polish. Deeply curved elegant shape with powerful kissaki (tip) and dimenions, very healthy blade with no sign of wear. It was kept safe for centuries as a valuable sword. Beautiful high Choji-Midare hamon with strong sparkling Nie on Nioi line, extremely active and dense flamboyant pattern, the large Boshi is the same pattern. Hada is quality well forged nice pattern. The Mumei tang is unaltered with deep patination and original hole. NBTHK Tokubetsu Kichyo Paper confirms the smith was: 平長盛 Taira Nagamori Nagamori line was working in Bungo province and was active in the 15-16th century. This blade was most likely forged in the 1500-1550's. Horimono is original to the blade, (unlike most later added with bad quality and rough chiseling), these are all deep with finely finished smooth lines and endings, not worn or over polished. Right side has 1 smoothly lined wider ( with Budhist 2 kanji inside 梵 字) and 1 thinner grove. Other side horimono reads: 八幡大菩薩 Hachiman Dia Bosatsu Hachiman is called the God of war, divine protector of Japan and the Imperial House, main God of the warrior samurai class. The blade is housed in Fine quality and condition Edo koshirae with matching fittings. Great kojiri, fine rusty brown lacquer, smooth polished kurigata on the saya, hand forged strong iron tsuba with signature on both sides, habaki has thick sheet wrapping of gold and silver mixture (shakudo), 1 solid silver and 1 silver foiled seppa, great long tsuka with nice matching fittings, kabuto helmet menukies, even the kashira loop has double shitomode skirt plates on both sides which is very rare feature. The set also comes with copy of japaneser egistration card, high quality shirasaya with bamboo stripes and wooden blade. Also has 2 old nice silk sword bags and a great weapon storage case. Highly recommended professional collector set most likely made for custom order to high ranking Samurai and safely preserved for centuries. cutting edge: 66.2c.m full Koshirae length: 102 cm width: 30 mm thickness: 6.2 mm All comments are much appreciated
  5. Thank you so much for your help!
  6. the attachment didn't work...
  7. Dear All, can anybody help me in finding out what the inscription is all about? Appreciate your help! kind regards, Andreas
  8. That was quick . . . and informative, I really thought it could be a genuine one as the Tsuba looked old and promising. But I'm glad you had a look and commented on this! Thanks a lot to everyone!
  9. Dear All, I'm asking for your help regarding this sword. If you could tell me whether it is a genuine katana from that era or not. I guess it is machine made as they couldn't fulfill that demand at those times by handmade swords. Is it worth investing in such a piece? If you could tell me your opinion it would be much appreciated. With or without figures it would be a great help. (even a price range such EUR 500 - EUR 1000) cheers, Andreas
  10. thank you all for your feedback, we can close the topic.
  11. Thanks a lot, the owner says it has only been polished, that's why it looks like this. Price is EUR 1,5k ))
  12. Dear All, would appreciate your opinion on this sword. I know that the pics might not help much. I'm just looking for confirmation if it's a WW 1 sword, and how much you'd think it is worth to pay for. Appreciate all help I can get. Regards
  13. Dear All, I would like to thank all of you for your thoughts and comments. As I'd like to own a traditionally made sword this one is not the one as so many of you mentioned. Respect and cheers for your willingness to help! kind regards, Andreas
  14. Thank you very much for the confirmation Mr. Schicker! Could you estimate a decent price from a buyer's point of view for this katana? Or a personal opinion, how much you would be willing to spend for it would also be a great help. Many thanks in advance!
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