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  1. Thanks Michael for pointing out my mistake Corrected :-) I was trying to use X-ray to identify Mei Special X-ray for identifying defects in welds Unsuccessfully
  2. I am offering for sale a long Koto signed Tachi from Osafune School Late Nanbokucho / Oei era The tachi is signed "Bishu Osa", the remaining kanji are unclear NBTHK Tokubetsu Kicho papers and Sayagaki by Kanzan Sato - Bishu Osafune Masamitsu - Late Nanbokucho NTHK - Bishu Osafune Iemori - Oei era Both smiths are Bizen Kozori School The blade is with magnificient shape with strong clear Utsuri Nagasa 75.4cm Sori 2.4cm Motohaba 3.1cm Sakihaba 2.1cm Kissaki 2.7cm Nakago nagasa 23.1cm The blade its just a little suriage ( 6-8 cm ) Incl. a very good quality Shirasaya Price ... 12,400 EUR + PP fee or SEPA payment Including postage within the EU The complete photo gallery can be found here https://eu.zonerama.com/Nihonto/Album/6292432
  3. The book was printed in a limited number of 600 pieces Grey's offer price was "from the realm of dreams" Here you will find a few offers https://www.aoijapan.jp/刀装具 御家彫 名品聚成 / https://www.kosho.or.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=412842583
  4. Promised few photos after repairing an old polish Toranba present sea waves In the case of this blade, it is like a stormy sea in my opinion
  5. I recently sent the blade for new polish to Mr.Massimo Rossi, because the original polish was unsuitable for me In order to improve sales Today the blade came back to me and I must say that I thank the providence that the blade did not sell I end the sale and the blade remains part of my collection When I find the time and take new photos, I will publish what a sensitive and professional approach of a professional togishi can do This way too - Grazie mille Massimo
  6. It may be emphasized that there is no reason to wait If you participate in the project, the amount will only be reserved on your credit card If a sufficient number of applicants is found by May 13, then a payment will be charged and it will be confirmed Japan Art Expo 2022 In case of insufficient interest, the exhibition will realize and no fees will be charged
  7. I have a dream to add one Naginata to my collection for a long time In the end, I succeeded and I think it's quite a nice piece So I share just for the pleasure of the eyes of nihonto fans Hizen Shodai Masahiro Mei: Hizen no Kuni Kawachi Daijō Fujiwara Masahiro Kanbun yonen nigatsu kichijitsu (February 1664) Nagasa: 40.8 cm
  8. Reduce to 1.600 EUR incl. shipping in EU
  9. Nr.1 Showa Daimeito Zufu sold
  10. Nr.1 Showa Daimeito Zufu on hold
  11. Nr.7 Rokusho vol.34 sold
  12. Nr. 6 Meito Zufu sold
  13. I offer for sale a few books You can find more photos on the attached link where you can download the photos in HiRes All books are in condition : very good / excellent 1. Showa Daimeito Zufu, ( Showa 54 ) published 1979 Format B4, Hardbound/ clothbound, set of 2 books ( 290+340 pages ) Clear photos and description of 313 famous and most important sword in Japanese ... 180,- EUR https://eu.zonerama.com/Nihonto/Album/7805540?secret=IhBTj7A1EXS1mkGP5SCi96n0R 2. Tanto no Bi by Sano Museum, published 2009 Hardbound/ clothbound, format A4, 162 pages, index in English ... 100,- EUR https://eu.zonerama.com/Nihonto/Album/7805638?secret=0l01lruWYpRqA6goLT87uX8FQ 3. Masamune to sono deshi-tachi - A4 format, paperback, 170 pages Publication published by the Sano Museum in 2002. Table of contents in English. The quality of the Sano Museum photos is renowned ... 110 EUR https://eu.zonerama.com/Nihonto/Album/7042557?secret=hux37aHQB6yRK5cKiR8UxaR7k 4. Kotetsu and Kiyomaro – format A4, hardcover, 160 pages, Sano Museum 2009 Table of contents in English ... 140 EUR 5. Tokugawa bijutsukan zō-hin - 21 x 27 cm, hardcover, 214 pages, Table of contents in English. 100 sharp photos of blades, 140 photos of koshirae and Kodogu ... 120 EUR https://eu.zonerama.com/Nihonto/Album/7042635?secret=Fro0T8Xb32EOCLBv0nsBcDY6u 6. Meito Zufu, published 1935, 27 x 37 x 3 cm, hardcover, 230 pages Table of contents translated into English by Markus Sesko, kanteisho for each blade in Japanese. I sell this book only because after a long search I managed to buy Kokuho Token Zufu ... sold https://eu.zonerama.com/Nihonto/Album/7042587?secret=Q49hGQ3uCWfg99DYpbjE012k9 7. Rokusho Vol.34 Late Edo and Meiji Period sword guards and fittings Selection of Kiyomizu Sannenzaka Museum Collection format A4, Softbound, 96 pages. Description also in English. First-class photos ... sold https://eu.zonerama.com/Nihonto/Album/7042535?secret=vXfD7q5ijJtB5b23EKueF67G6 8. Nihonto Jiten by Fujishiro: set Koto + Shinto One book is missing the outer paper cover ... 110, - EUR 9. Token Bijutsu Meihin ( Japan version ) From 1980 to 1984 ( 276 to 335 ) Hardbound each year Missing oshigata of masterpieces in all magazines (In this state purchased in Japan ) ... 100, - EUR/ Set 5 books No additional charges within the EU Price + PP fees + postage
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