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  1. My best set. Probably not quite High class, but I like this simple beauty GOTO Kenjo
  2. Today I received the eagerly awaited book Soshu Den masterpieces by Junji Homma, published in 1975. The slightly larger dimensions of 52 x 38 cm (weight about 9 kg) allow many blades to be displayed in a 1: 1 scale. Really great photos and oshigata from 89 blades Maybe some Soshu fan can be inspired
  3. I agree with Chris People have in nature to believe that this is a bargain People buy miraculous water filters, pills after which you will immediately lose 20 kg or water for bald after which you will have a mane like in your twenties It is always a lack of information and education And there are always plenty of buyers
  4. Jussi, that's great job Again a very useful database I appreciate your selflessness. The amount of work and energy you share with us for free Thank you very much
  5. Congratulations Daniel. It is a nice blade in itself, the pass of Juyo only confirms its quality
  6. Here you will find several blades attributed to Masamune https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/g494819256
  7. It was not my intention to translate the kanteisho of each blade. Rather, create an English index with the dimensions and data given in the Shinsa document A full translation would be really great - but it's from the realm of dreams
  8. Brano

    what do you look for?

    1. Consistent and healthy jigane, bright hamon with lots of hataraki 2. correctly estimate the period especially for o-suriage blades 3. how many blades he created until he reached his peak form. What is most important in the production of a blade for a perfect result
  9. Great job Jussi. Juyo Nado Zufu must contain an estimated 13-15 thousand items. I didn't even think about this database, because of its large size. And you did it all by yourself. Admirable
  10. I tried to buy Index Tokubetsu Juyo Nado Zufu in English. I have approached several long-term collectors, but it is clear that there is probably nothing like that. I think such an index would be useful for many Nihonto enthusiasts So - are we able to get enough applicants to make the economic cost acceptable? (It is too expensive for an individual) My idea: Create a file in xls format (for filtering, sorting) with data available from TJ Nado Zufu - TJ Nado Zufu's number and the position of the blade in it - the name of the swordsmith - School - Den or not - Mei: mumei / zaimei / shumei / orikashimei - period or date if indicated - nagasa - sori - motohaba - sakihaba - kasane - kissaki If there are at least 20-30 of us, the fee per person should not exceed a few hundred USD Also, if there is a member among us who is willing to make a database for a fee - I would greatly appreciate it It's just an idea. I am enclosing the Meito Zukan Index, which I made for myself for better orientation in the publication Anyone who is interested, send me info to branislav.kalabus@gmail.com for better archiving of applicants Meito Zukan by Fujishiro.xlsx
  11. Peter, you may find love even with this piece https://www.samurai-nippon.net/SHOP/V-1868.html
  12. My last experience with AOI is as a month ago. It is true that the communication was lengthy and I had to send more e-mails. But in the end, everything went well
  13. It's not. The auction link just doesn't work This yes https://sword-auction.com/en/product/3156/as20445-刀荘司筑前大掾大慶藤直胤花押/
  14. The mounts are really very nice But the sugata is, in my opinion, Muromachi
  15. Thanks Michael. Your view of the matter is valuable to me. I will take your advice
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