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  1. Question for NihontoCollector Hi Luis, as it is not possible to send you a private message I use this option it's just ordinary curiosity Why do you react negatively to posts without explaining what you have reservations about?
  2. I offer for sale several books 1. Higo kinkō taikan Kanzan Sato 1964 390 € Higo Kinko Daikan 2. Kiyo maro seitan 200 nenkinen Sano Museum 2013 140 € 200th anniversary of Kiyomaro's birth 3. Tsuba no dezain Mitsuo Shibata 1993 60 € Design of Tsuba 4. Japanese Art and Design Christie’s London Christie´s 2004 50 € 5. Rokushō Vol. 34 sold Bakumatsu Meiji no tsuba Tōsō kinkō 6. Masamune to sono deshi Sano Museum 2002 100 € Masamune and his disciples 7. Kurihara Nobuhide no kenkyū NBTHK 1976 90 € Nobuhide Kurihara research 8. Tōkō tsubakō jiten Takanori Shimizu 1973 50 € Swordsmith Construction Code 9. Nihontō no okite to tokuchō Mitsuru Honami 1967 sold Rules and characteristics of Japanese swords 10. Tokugawa bijutsukan zō-hin 抄 3 Tokugawa Museum 1998 90 € Tokugawa Art Museum Collection Extract 3 11. Nihonto Juyo Bijutsuhin Zenshu vol. 2 140 € 12. Meito Zufu Junji Homma 1935 290 € Famous sword All prices + PP fees + shipping Sent from Slovakia - no additional charges within the EU
  3. Maybe it's just a parody on "how to care for a blade" ??
  4. I don't think that will be the case :-) I only saw a few blades attributed to Go ( all just pics ... hmmm ) and it was a slightly different level
  5. Because I don't have many alternatives Jacques I do not question Shinsa judgment I'm just wondering what alternatives can be found for "Den" I'm still at the beginning of learning and I will be for a long time In my neighborhood (and even in the surrounding countries) I do not know anyone I might meet from time to time and he will be willing to share with me his knowledge and experience
  6. Also this way Thank you very much for Jussi It is an unusual generous gesture that is often not seen today By the way, at today's translation prices, this database is worth $ 15-25k
  7. I use Sea freight from Japan for packages of books Without the possibility of tracking the shipment The package usually arrives in Europe 10-12 weeks after leaving Japan
  8. I recently received a new piece in my collection. The blade is a mumei with the attribute Den Tametsugu I know that the "Den" attribute is not unusual, it usually means that the blade also contains properties that are not usual for Swordsmith to whom the blade is assigned Therefore, I would like to hear your opinion If we didn't know Shinsa result who would you think of as a swordsmith ? For capacity reasons, there are only a few pictures If anyone wants to see the full gallery, they can find it here https://www.zonerama.com/Nihonto/Album/7069496
  9. Does anyone have an English translation of comments for book Showa Daimeito Zufu's for sale? It can be a printed or electronic version Thanks in advance
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