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  1. Ty all. Thank you for the advice! I will keep my eyes on the bidding 🧐 -Björn
  2. I noticed this a bit strange shape of a wakizashi. I was wondering if my eyes are right, it feels that the proportions are a bit of, long kissaki also... I feel, I need some more education in this one 😀 https://auctionet.com/sv/1763172-wakizashi-Japan-mei-kanda-ju-kanetsun-shinto-1597-1780-nagasa-38-cm
  3. Hi Kyle, I like the Kuroda kanon tsuba, but is the text in white? Best Björn
  4. Have been inspired a bit of this design with knobs, and gama hada, it is nice to work with your hands.
  5. Another One that sparked my interest. I like the design and the dots. Anyone seen it before. The seller show a photo of a similar one in a Book. And a Link for those who want to get it 😤 https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/t807932927?conversionType=search_yac_browsing_hisotry_list
  6. Thank you! As always need to study more 👍 Dangerous price intervall, do the sellers take that into account? As usuall when you finally saved up a good chunk you start to glance to the next budget step and then the next budget step...
  7. First, when I noticed it, I was like 250000 Yen. It cant be true. It was 2.5m Yen lol. Any way, been looking a bit for a blade with this form. Any reasons why not, except it is beyond my budget right now. https://www.toukenhataya.jp/goods/sword/sword_s1904.html Best Björn
  8. Thank you Jean! Ah yes, Akasuka been there a few times. I guess the brain picks the stuff it remembers 👍
  9. Hi, Monday again. Found this one in my taste also. Yes My taste is strange. Tadatoki, Akasuka? https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/t807045482?conversionType=mypage_watch_list Got outbidded, so I was wondering if the piece warrents a higher price or if I should be happy to be outbidded. Best Björn
  10. Yea, it really destroyed my day, talk about anticlimax. Feels like a only in Japan thingy.
  11. Hi all, I really wanted to get this tsuba, but seller withdrawed the auction in the last minute. So anyone can give information of this one and what school so that I can search for a similar piece. https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/l667744382?conversionType=mypage_closed_watch_list
  12. Thank you all. The path to enlightment is a looong and steeep one, but atleast for this one I liked the scenary and expected as much and most probably reflected the price. Alteast someone bidded the same amount as me, which always is good to know that I am not the only f*****ish fish out there. But low quality, ough, now I need to get me a good quaility kozuka so that my brain will be blown out. Thank you again for all the good information you get on the board -Björn
  13. Some pictures from the seller. The small recett on the back of the handle, could that be done to be fitted with the fuchi. Thus point to be a kozuka for nihonto? Best Björn
  14. Thank you Bob! No one, wants to bring the bad news 👍 I think you are right that it may be pressed. I think I see by shining light, that the metal is negative hollow in the opposite side. Or is that just a technique for making the shape. There are one part of gold wire missing in the horse rope, and I can see the recession were it was. So I think there have been some hands on work on it. I dont know if it for a western knife, it looks to be made to fit a kogatana and fits my only kogatana quite well. Do anyone have some pictures how these western knifes would have looked like it looks like now? Where these made after meiji restoration or second half of 20th? Still, if it is pressed it is ok for me. It is a nice piece and totally ok to have one of these types also. 😋. Next one will be more in focus to complement my other fittings. Knowledge is best experienced in hand. Still hurts a bit but it is what one could expect. Missed to take picture of the other end. Ty all Björn
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