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  1. I have no idea, and to little knowledge. But for the sake and fun of it I will guess shinto atleast, but as a side guess could be also be from the 11th period. -Björn
  2. Hi, noticed that there were a somewhat local auction here in Sweden. Variarity of items... Firearms - to repro to antiques. Depending on price - I will possible put a bid on a Yari or Naginata but most likely not since they need a lot of love and quality is possible not there for any cost of love. https://auctionet.com/en/themes/358-spring-weapon-militaria-sale?campaign=3239&utm_campaign=Kampanj+3239%3A+Vårens+vapenauktion&utm_medium=campaign&utm_source=campaign3239 Item 2191257 - Japanese? War horn - never seen one before. https://auctionet.com/en/2191257-stridshorn-Japan-in-the-form-of-a-seashell-late-19th-century Item 2193177- Waki - In better condition that most of the other nihonto in the collection. https://auctionet.com/en/2193177-wakisashi-mumei-koto-before-1596-in-shirasaya Item 2148444 - Armor set - akward eyes https://auctionet.com/en/2148444-armor-Japan-edo Item 2150542 - Waki - high sori shape? https://auctionet.com/en/2150542-wakizashi-Japan-may-izumi-kami-rai-kinmichi-shinto-shinshinto Item 2204716 - Armor set https://auctionet.com/en/2204716-armor-Japan-edo Item 2205164 - Waki - hmmmm Item 2205200 - Waki - iron fittings - higo? https://auctionet.com/en/2205200-wakizashi-Japanese-mumei-koto Item 2207030 - Naginata https://auctionet.com/en/2207030-naginata-Japanese-shinshinto Item 2205342 - Naginata https://auctionet.com/en/2205342-naginata-Japanese-mei-shinshinto Item 2207122 - Yari - Possible decorative against a wall - Tri edged? https://auctionet.com/en/2207122-yari-Japanese-with-hadome-mumei Item 2207177 - Yari - Decorative against a wall https://auctionet.com/en/2207177-yari-jumonji-yari-Japanese-mei-shinto
  3. I found it in a nihonto group on Facebook. Discussion and Study of... and posted as NBTHK exhibition. I can only guess the purpose.
  4. It was sold recently for 1000 USD. Really bad photos, why would anyone pay that amount. For me nothing looks authentic. Why would the or an auction firm list it as a Japanese Katana 1800-1900? Or is value going up. https://auctionet.com/sv/2095355-svard-katana-Japan-1800-1900-tal/images#image_5
  5. I noticed it also. I want it 🥰 but low on funds.
  6. Since I cannot edit. I have also "long time" ago thought of how cool it would be like a samurai, swinging a real sword around. But boys fantasy taken away, reality sets in. Those warriors having these swords trained long and hard and even then I dont think they were swinging them around. If I would want to go the route, with out a teacher. I would start with a wodden stick, then possible a kendo sword. Then do that for 10 years or so, then feeling that I have progressed on the way of the leaf. I would probably get a IAITO https://tozandoshop.com/collections/hyojun-standard-weight-iaito. Then, training with that for a couple of more years. If then not cured of foolish thoughts and thinking "Hmmm maybe zombies are coming someday" then a sharp iron sword is the way to go. If only want to whack at something in the yard, then probably it is easier to get an steel bar at the local store is a good idea. But I totally understand the cool thoughts and dreams, one could have to be a samurai. Just look at that hamon.... Iaito is the way to go. Dont destroy antiques, send them to me instead for safe keeping!
  7. https://www.aoijapan.com/katanamumei-attributed-as-kawachi-kami-sukesada/ https://www.aoijapan.com/katanasuzuki-kaga-kami-sadanori-not-guaranteed/ These would tickle my interest, but a few swing with a normal kendo stick usually cures my interest. If I was a sword user. I would probably would ask my sensei for advice and go to a store for tryout. If a lot of money and skill and would probably ask a smith. Forum is probably not good place except for general advice. So my advice, find a sensei. Buy a good solid training shinken? sword. Train, train and strive to be better for every time. And so on...
  8. Looks, similar to the shibuishi that I have made (light pink). Do you see any "silver" traces in the metal? You could try to stain it and compare the color or measure weight/volume ratio. From the color it looks be something like 70-80% Cu to some other metal. My shibuishi, with 25% ish silver/ 75% Cu + a bit of gold and tin, hasnt really darken for months. Shakudo, only tried small % of gold but the look is more or less similar to shibuishi (non-stained). Why is gold so expensive. As always my limited knowledge and experience is to be taken in to account Best B
  9. Hi, can you show nr 5 on the opposing Side? Best Björn
  10. Hi as the title says, Looking for toad - frog menuki and or FK set. All the best Björn
  11. Bizen - tick Utsuri - tick but not necessary Hamon - tick Length - tick Jigane - hmmm Auction - hmmm - personally would be more comfortable to buy from the forum or after seeing a blade live Period - tick Overall feel - half tick Koshirae is a bonus. My goal the past years have to save up to to be able to get a good quality sword, to a bit match my wakizashi, something you know "this is the one" and then the question is this one "the one" Or will I pass and then later curse myself. Though, this one. http://world.seiyudo.com/product/ka-010918/
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