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  1. Like i said i curretnly dont have my dslr and my smartphone doesnt like closeups. you might enjoy the photos from the website were i got it tho https://www.Japanese-sword-katana.jp/yari/2010-4011.htm
  2. Yeah, a naginata would be really nice. i dont have the storage problem, i just put it next to my samurai armor and it looks really nice
  3. Thanks for all the replies, ill try to answer them all. Mark, yes it fits the style well and i like it. its a small blade so the details are hard to see but its aesthetics work really well with the wakizashi i have (same school). with the last question i meant the monetary value. you can like a thing all you want but overpaying never is good. Jean, yes, i am not native in the english language so i just assumed it is the same. it is NBTHK Hozon papered. John, thats good to know. Jacques, thats a nice looking yari head. i like it. Marius, i will keep that in mind and maybe ask the seller if he shortened it. All in all im happy with my purchase and it fits well into my collection
  4. Hi everyone, recently i bought my first yari from e sword and it arrived yesterday. its attributed to kawachi no kami nonju kanesada its related to the yamato tegai kanenaga den and that was the main reason i got it since i really like that style. Its a small yari head which is only barely longer than 12 cm. What are your opinions on it? was it worth the price of 200K yen? i basically have no expirience with yari (sorry for the bad pics, i currently dont have my DSLR) Regards, Simon
  5. just looked through all the threads. your friend has a nice collection, especially the first struck me
  6. wasnt active the last few days. thanks Chris, that made it clear.
  7. another question. curretnly im reading a few books about nihonto and trying to educate my self about that topic in general. i still have a lot to learn and there is much i dont know. what impact does the damage of the sue bizen sword i shared above have on the swords value? i personally think it gives the sword a bit of "flavor" but how does the market see that?
  8. i did plan to send it to a shinsa anyway, it just had that document with it when i bought it so i thought id mention it. correct me if im wrong but isnt the "max length" of a wakizashi also 2 shaku? everywhere i only read "wakizashi length is between 1 and 2 shaku"
  9. im just reading through this whole thread now. truly a remarkable story. cant wait to see the blade in all its glory
  10. hmmm, maybe it is because of the picture angle or because of my yet untrained eyes, but the wrapping looks fine to me. the diamond cross sections are the same size and evenly distributed exept at the place where the menuki is at
  11. The Saya and the handle itself are pretty old. The wood looks like it has seen a lot. The seppa and tsuba also look quite old. The wrapping and the samegawa look relatively new. With fuchi and kashira I have no idea. They don't look beat up but they also don't look like they have been cast.
  12. Hi there, Its me again. This time I wanted to post my 2 katana that i own. both of them seem interesting, atleast to me. The one in koshirae couldnt be attributed to a smith(in the hozon certificate), the only information i have about it is that its mumei, sue bizen school and from the bunmei era (1469 - 1487). it also has a bit of damage at a specific spot (shown in the pictures). If anyone is able to find out more info about it, please tell me. The one in the Shirasaya is allegedly a Kaneharu Gen.3 piece (Kanbun 1661 - 1673). it isnt NBTHK papered but i have Japanese registration papers and an assessment document of an expert from germany. what i find interesting about it is that its length is 2 shaku down to the millimetre. so from the length alone it could be both a katana or a wakizashi. Now i first gotta save some money till i can make my next purchase.
  13. yeah, already got a book by sesko called "Leitfaden zum japanischen schwert".no idea if there is an english equivalent tho
  14. somebody pointed out that i mistipped the school name, its Yamato TEGAI Kanenaga den, not TENGAI like i wrote originally
  15. luckily i did my "junk" collecting with cheap new produced non Japanese swords first so when it came to nihonto i was already somewhat expirienced. i think i payed 3.5k € originally for it. and yeah i dont think that its a legit signature. im sure the seller would have pointed it out then
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