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  1. I agree, not much detail there. Mine shown below was acquired frm Andy at Nihonto.US. I found it severely underpriced at $75(after discount for bulk purchase) due to a small crack at 4 o-clock. Im lucky enough to live only a few minutes away so I can typically check his inventory out before it posts. Like this piece, many of my tsubas are from him and a very large collection that he sold(still some left) for a widow. http://www.nihonto.us/
  2. Very interesting to compare these 3. Other than the inlay, I see minor differences in how the iron is formed at 3 and 9o-clock, mainly in the angles and amount of curl in the iron. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Thanks Bruno, other than the last Heianjo mentioned by Jean, there is #4 Heianjo with waves and #6 Heianjo with flowers and vines. I love how detailed #4 is and the gold/copper mist/spray. #6 isn't as nice, the inlay isn't flush and some is missing but it still has a lot, definitely a flashy one!
  4. Thanks Jean, funny you bring that last one(Heianjo - hitsuana & leaf with zogan) up, it was the second cheapest of them all (due to a small crack). Definitely a unique motif, not sure why but wondering if the zogan was possibly added at a later date.
  5. Although the quality on most of these isnt amazing and a few are modern or not 100% done by hand, I know what I like and what drew me to each of these but curious if my tastes overlap at all with others. I would be interested in hearing which of these speak to other people. Which is your favorite?
  6. Thanks for the kind words everyone! Dale, the second tsuba was actually my very first piece acquired here on the NMB for pennies. I too can only describe it as 'amida'.
  7. 2020 wasn't all that bad, as I review the 2 dozen tsubas acquired during the year i am feeling quite pleased. A side/budget project of mine as I reserve/spend the vast majority of the funds on blades... https://imgur.com/gallery/pe1Dfbe
  8. Shared this on FB and forgot to post here before the busy weekend, my apologies, enjoy! Acquired this katana by Enomoto Sadayoshi(Mukansa) this past spring but has been in Japan until now for fresh shirasaya before having the honor to receive sayagaki by Tanobe. With a 74.2cm nagasa this blade was commissioned in 1986 for iaido master Sekiguchi to his exact specifications and was also a commemoration for ascending to 7th dan. Enomoto Sadayoshi (1908-2000) began his studies under Gassan Sadakatsu becoming one of the most prolific and active smiths of the century later receiving Mukansa. He worked in the styles of Soshu Den, Yamato Den and Gassan Den. Due to attachment limitations il attach a couple teasers, the rest can be found at the link below: https://imgur.com/gallery/YH8Pbls
  9. The pictures are all "before any work"? I assume any buyer would need current pictures post work.
  10. #1 is an exceptional beauty!
  11. He was selling a couple on FB which is where I did my communication with him but he also sells prints here: https://fineartamerica.com/art/allan+lee
  12. Allan Lee does some nice ones too if your artistically handicapped like myself (sorry for the glare)
  13. My experience a few months back went smoothly but probably because it was just a tanto. I similarly used "9706.00.00" and stated "Japanese antique over 100 years old".
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