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  1. Thank you Thomas for your help! Despite intensiv research on the subjekt of Yasukuni, I'm seeing this beautiful book for the first time.
  2. In my opinion a beautiful Poem, which is of course appropriate for the Yasukuni-shrine and of course written by a "living God" at this time... Thank you!
  3. Hello Jean thank you for your kind Message! Tickness is around 1,1 cm very thick my writing mistake, sorry! The seller a Japanese, wrote "Buddhist, relation I own belive more of Shinto, related to the Yasukuni-shrine ?
  4. G'day Friends it would be nice, if someone can help me with translation..... The measurements of this nice Medal is diameter 12,0 cm and 3,0 cm thick... Thank you in advance! Volker
  5. Dear Gentleman Short while ago I found this beautiful book from Yasukuni-shrine, tied in violet velvet... maybe someone here can help me to find out the meaning of this rare book.....?? Lot of photos inside... It seems to be about the importance of the yasukunishrine during the war.... Unfortunately my Japanese is too bad .... Thank you in advance! Volker
  6. Hello friends looking for a copy of the Bungo Tomoyuki Katana with cutting Test, depicted in Fuller&Gregory "Military swords of Japan 1868-1945". Many thanks in advance!!! Volker
  7. please enjoy with luck and the help of a former friend my cherished Yasunori( Kenzo Kotani san), Tanto, long in the collection of my Friend Herman Wallinga,who sadly passed away to much early....!!! signed Geishu( Geinan) ju Norimitsu saku and "showa shishi nen ni gatsu hi" Febuary 1932 This is his early signature prior to his entering the Tanren Kai It is 11 and 5/16 in lenght Hamon is beautiful midare in ko-nie, with nijuba and sanjuba in the monouchi, slight sori beautiful jihada of O mokume, mixed with Itame...Ji nie ubu Nakago with very nice horimono (not atobori) and dates to the dates to the baldes time of production..." dragon chasing the scared juwel"
  8. what a find ! thanks for sharing Bill!
  9. I know the leather sofa..... please never put a bare blade on a leather sofa...... you have a nice sword!!!
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