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  1. Volker62

    Tsuguhira Katana

    Steve great find! very thick tsuba, '94 pattern shin gunto, is the Kabuto Gane pinned ? Perhaps you can send some close up pictures from blade and koshirae?
  2. Volker62

    Tsuguhira Katana

    looks like a nice sword, congrats! I also own a beautiful Tsuguhira Katana shodai The end of the Nakago looks "Iriyamagata" shape,which is typical for the first generation, fujishiro ranked him Jo saku, Hawley 60 points, sharpness "wazamono" student of Sandai Echizen Yasutsugu Kanbun to Enpo periode 1661-1673
  3. Hi Guys Got recently a very nice D-Guard sword, early Meiji Periode which has a long, (two hand Hands) Handle. The D-Guard bow has a solid/ integrated fuchi.....! It looks like, it was made from one piece....very costly Can give someone give me more information? Most unusual. Thank you in Advance!!
  4. well said Robert Gassan Sadkatsu was one of the few who, clould manufacture in every tradition..
  5. Bob in my humble opinion, not not exactly typical for this smith ?
  6. surprising,what some officers took with them to the war... thanks for sharing!
  7. one of my one's is also on a '94 Gunto
  8. if you think about logic, it would be quite an effort, if this Tanto with all its accessories would be a fake... the Hada looks a bit ????
  9. supplement... Mikazuki mens "Crescent moon"
  10. Beautiful rare Shin Shinto long Katana with Name "Mikazuki Maru" made by Etchu no kuni Takagawa kore o tsukuru Naritomo dated Genji gannen hachigatsu kichijitsu (Aug. 1864Jh)
  11. translation by Markus "Mikazuki Maru" Etchu no kuni Takagawa Naritomo kore O tsukuru Genji gannen hachigatsu kichijitsu
  12. Not for sale! One of my beloved rarities.. in Kyu Gunto with double hangers
  13. many many thanks Steve for your kind and informativ translation!! Volker
  14. there are also beautiful moments from time to time recently I asked an "old companion" about this beautiful flag. Got his answer immediately,as usual.... to my surprise he wrote me, that he would like give this to me as a gift, a gift of friendship after many years! Doug thank you so much! Perhaps some one can help me to translate some of the meaning of the flag...! Thanks in advance!
  15. Stephen willingly, the Tokushima Nihonto Toshin Tarenjo smiths like Masakuni,Mastomo, Masashige,Masaharu ect. ect.
  16. "wanted" swords made at the Toshin forge WWII
  17. my untouched, like new type 3 shin Gunto was in a prominent collection for over 42 years and came with this original rotten, blue brown company officer tassel....
  18. Bruce Unfortunately I have not been able to find out much about this Koshirae.. What a pity! maybe some guys here on the board know something about it? I my self saw one of these Koshirae with a "Juyo" fukuoka Ichmonji balde ,here in Europe
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