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  1. oh forget to mention your sword has ful dress file marks, (Kesho) on its nakago, earlier works if I remember correctly are kiri file marks.....
  2. well known smith highly rated, congrats! sometimes his blades are with imperial special date..
  3. wow what a nice sword! what a nice crafted and signed Horimono, congrats!
  4. Hi Ronnie


    congrats your collection is amazing,if you ever decide to sell your Gendai wakizashi, please feel free to contact me.



    Regards from Germany




  5. also two piece solid silver ....
  6. on a O- wakizashi from my collection, a very nice work thank you Bruce!
  7. papered rare long Tanto by Kotani Yasunori, signed " Geinan ju Kenzo Saku" Showa sichi nen Ni gatsu this crisp detailed Horimono's style of dragon the overall style of the Dragon shows a delightful Umetada flavor with its twisted tail chasing the pearl
  8. Hi Ronnie Thanks for sharing, congrats maybe we can get some close up pics?? Hada, Hamon ...... year ago I saw a Sa Nobumitsu made in soshu den
  9. many thanks again Ray and Peter this Yari was a purchase on ebay, few days ago... Volker
  10. Gentleman thank you very much for your efforts illustrated the whole signatur of both, the Yasri's nakago as well its beautiful old shirasaya with sayagaki for me it looks "Taka"
  11. Hello fellows perhaps someone can help me, to translate this old sayagaki date.... Thank you in advance!
  12. Hi Bruce yes its the number of the photo from it's NTHK Paper.. George There are various theories about the two cutting test's 38 years apart.... fairly rare! This blade is extremly healthy and also has a little ubu-Ha
  13. Meibun, (signature) Mutsu Daijo Miyoshi Nagamichi Toshiro ( the first cutting test On a day in the second month of kowa 2 (1802) (The blade was tested) by cutting through the armpits (o- wakige) by Mr. Ito second test: By Mr. Yuda Takenao on 21st day in the third month 11 the year of the rat,(1840) by cutting through the armpits (o-wakige)
  14. Moriyama san. thank you again, now the weekend can start
  15. I'm so sorry I promise improvment Piers thank you! Thank you very much John!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Good Morning Gentleman Need help with the translation of this nice Yari and the sayagaki of its saya... I guess Takemichi??? Thank you very much in advance!
  17. Thank you John Wow impressive collection!!!! Do you also own a Yasutoshi?? I've seen very very few of them...
  18. Brian hello yes I was in contact with him and his granddaughter Mayuko for serval years. He was very pleasured, that one of his swords come to germany. with his Granddaughter, who was able to speak and wrote english,he was happy to write to me and gave me some very nice presents, which I appericate so much. Finally he wanted my letters in his coffin, a great honor for me...
  19. found this on Yasutoshi's handle. perhps a note of the Koshirae maker?
  20. two photo's of Kotani san. Yasunori one in traditional clothing at Yasukuni other shortly before his death, in the home for aged.......... please enjoy, he was a nice man !
  21. sorry forget to mention the blade from Kotani Yasunori is dated showa 13. year. 12. month
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