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  1. Hi, Yes it's a real type 95 NCO machine made shin-gunto. If you want do educate yourself take a look at here : http://ohmura-study.net/957.html#6http://ohmura-study.net/957.html#6
  2. Nice story and a gunto in awesome condition
  3. Hello, You must have seen this beautiful muramasa tanto for sale : https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/t794351476 just sold for 300 000 yens I got few questions, knowing the tanto is not NBTHK certified, what shows that it is 2nd Gen Muramasa if it is ? Gunome midare perfectly executed ? What prove the authenticity of his history ? Seller says it was handed down as a relic of the famous general, Yukimura Sanada. Rokumonsen ? Or is it gimei ? I assume that could be a museum piece, what would be the real value of this ? Thank you
  4. Thank you very much for taking the time to help me Pietro, will get this one for sure.
  5. Oh ok I see thank you for your comments. I will have to get more experience.
  6. Thank you Brian, the seller wants 290$ for them so I think it is a good deal. I know they are not fantastic but they look to be good exemples of intersting kozukas. Is it difficult to date them ? I would be glad to educate myself. Thank you for your comment Pietro.
  7. Hello, I would like to educate myself about kozuka, do you guys have good articles to read please ? Because watching masterpieces sublime work from yuhindo without knowledge is a bit useless. Also I'd like to buy these but I don't know what is the real value. Thank you
  8. Hello Rodriguez, You should take a look at this : https://www.experts-cnes.fr/actualites-experts/secrets-dexpertise-presente-par-frantz-fray/ . (in french)
  9. Here are some better pictures if you need to compare : https://imgur.com/a/iaCqdrN
  10. I mean, I try to find some that sold, but that goes between 300€ and 17k€ so I was looking for someone who have much more knowledge than me. Thank you for your answer.
  11. Can someone give me a rough estimate of this statue? I can provide more photos if needed.
  12. Really ? I can't really figure out ahah Could you tell me more ?
  13. Hello Rich, Thank you. I just found out the signature is Genryusai Seiya, if you have any infos about him and his works let me know please.
  14. Hello to everyone, This is my first post on subjects other than Japanese swords and I am really devoid of knowledge about this kind of art. So: Here is a bronze tiger statue I have, I bought it years ago. I was told it is called a "double patina" statue and It is from meiji era. It is also "signed", I have already seen this signature on other statues but also, as I am not Japanese speaker, I can't find anything on google. It measures 45,5 cm (17,71654 inches) from the tail to the head and 20,5 cm (7,874016 inches) of heigt (from the front paw to the nose) I would love if you guys tell me what's the real value of this and would really appreciate to know some history about the maker and this type of statue. I am sorry if it is not the right category to talk about this. Thank you really much Carl
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