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  1. Hello, they sent me documents in French : ►First one is just about the signature ►Second : This sword was made by the armorer BIZEN OSAFUNE in the year 2 of the Oei era. (538 years ago, i.e. 1394 CE) A renowned performer in the city sabers himself as an artistic masterpiece and practical value OSAFUNE is a city name[...] Saber having nearly 540 years is of great value by its original form preserved intact. The gold ornament was made around the Genroku era (250 years ago) ►Last one : born Marie Josephe .... MEYER born 25th of January of 1908 in Duisans Widow of Mr René Henri Robinet born 16th of February of 1905 in Toul Sword acquired from the 5th of General Claudel (gift of the Emperor of Japan at the beginning of the century to General Claudel.) [adress of mr Robinet]
  2. No only photos of the blade including the tang and of the mounts.
  3. More photos I got : https://wetransfer.com/downloads/7fa320879899efd5398dd46b9e15078320200914093906/7f722a134c2754336b07b56747d35c8920200914093906/ddc735/grid
  4. Only colors change from the other koshirae, very nice !
  5. That's why I shared it, it is obviously worth but not everyone is able to put this much money. Could you show the koshirae you are talking about ?
  6. Hello, This a superb tachi , blade by Hidesuke , 21st september. Gift from Japanese emperor according to the description. I know I will not bid on this one so I prefere that a member of this forum get it and show us this beauty. Good Luck : , https://www.interencheres.com/meubles-objets-art/grenoble-belle-vente-classique-277024/lot-24923002.html
  7. I've seen a tanto with the exact same mountings on an auction website, signed Fuyuhiro sold for very low price around 600$. It is surprising to see this. Carl
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