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  1. javen81

    Project Funding

    Hi Ken, That would be great if I could get a ballpark, I have never sold fittings before. Javen
  2. javen81

    Project Funding

    I am trying to fund a polish and have this extra laying around but don't know much about it. Can anybody tell me a little bit more? I know they are handachi style.
  3. I got Omi Kuni Junin Fujiwara Nagatoshi...... and thats it for now. Sorry
  4. I have already had to sell my yoshichika and kanenaga as well but it will pass and I'll be knee deep in beautiful nihonto soon after. Not that I would keep them on the floor though of course.
  5. Good Advice but unfortunately the settlement already happened. So this is kind of a must sell situation but if I can get a lower end katana as a study piece until my finances are good again then I will survive.
  6. Katana plus cash, cash is the main factor due to divorce lol
  7. Also willing to do a partial trade
  8. Willing to entertain all offers though trying to move it quickly
  9. So I got it reappraised and am asking 7,000. It is an unusual naginata. Here is what Bob wrote me. Javen, Now I remember that the sword was unusual because it had a katakiriba shape which I had never seen on a naginata before. It was signed with the MASA in the SEI rather than SHO kanji. It was one of 5 koto makers but now I don't remember which smith I had determined it to be. I could take it on consignment but you might do better to take it to the Aug SF show and sell it there. what such a piece would bring I am not sure but if it were mine I would ask $8k and see what happens. You need to determine how much money is involved and then go from there. How fast do you want to move it out? I guess all these will help with price and selling it. Bob Benson
  10. Sorry about not putting a price. I was offered $10,000 5 years ago at a sword shop so I will ask that.
  11. http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/6082-naginata/ Hate to sell my naginata but I don't have the funds to get it papered and refit like it deserves. Here are some photos and the link above is a discussion about it. Polished by Bob Benson some years ago and a beautiful piece. I am not sure what kind of price to put on here, I know its worth quite a bit. http://s922.photobucket.com/user/javenlauralysha/library/naginata?sort=3&page=1
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