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  1. In my opinion ...... 義理公之仰賜 (Yoshisato/Yoshitada ko no ose o tamau/tamawaru)
  2. k morita

    date ?

    Hi, Not a date. #1 pic is the smith's age. 七十三翁 means 73 years old man.
  3. Hi, #2 pic: The title of the Waka poem: 水月(Suigetsu) The moon reflected on the surface of the wate. #1 pic: The Waka poem: 山のすゝき、いづれはゆりて、水の面に、うつれる月の、影の涼しき。 (free translation in English): Japanese pampas grass and the moon reflected on the surface of the water,that feels so nice and cool.
  4. Hi, 火ばし(hi-ba-shi) means tongs.
  5. Hi, Katakura Masaharu is 片倉正晴 in Kanji. Ushu,Yonezawa Shinshinto smith.
  6. Hi, The carving on the Tsuba is a famous maxim/Proverbs of TAKEDA Shingen. pic #1: 人は城、人は石垣、人は堀、 (Hito wa shiro,hito wa ishigaki,hito wa hori, ) People are castles, people are stone walls, people are moats, Mei is 秀斎(Shusai/Hidesai,gago) and 直忠(Naotada). pic #2: 情けは味方、仇は敵なり。 (nasake wa mikata,ada wa kataki nari.) Sympathy is needed to the peoples,and Don't be passionate.
  7. Hi, R: 明治戊辰之役率兵戦于城州我公嘉其功 L: 賜此刀取會朝清明之義名曰曙丸  路郷誌 Nickname of this sword is "AKEBONO-MARU" 曙丸 . (AKEBONO means dawn/daybreak .) Wrote by Michisato(?) 路郷誌 .
  8. Nice set ! The mei says Asai Ryoun, 浅井良云
  9. Hi, Mei says Fukumoto Kanemune 福本兼宗 , not Kaneie.
  10. Hi, The mei says Sankei + Kao 算経 http://www.shibuiswords.com/ELsankei-seal2.html
  11. Hi, 1st kanji is 明 . WWII era Seki smith Akitoshi 明寿 ,real name OHNO Yuichi 大野勇一 .
  12. Hi, The signature says Jakushi(若芝).
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