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  1. Hi, According to Honma's Meikan. The mei reads Kiyokuni(also Kamikuni). Worked in Tokyo and Nagano prefecture.real name was SAKURAI Saiji. RJT smith.
  2. Hi, Chinese poem by Zhang Jiuling(673–740)the Tang dynasty. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zhang_Jiuling 海上生明月 天涯共此時情 人怨遙夜竟 夕起相思 滅燭憐光 滿披衣覺露 滋不堪盈手 贈還寢夢佳期
  3. Hi, A Japanese postcard on around '40s. At the China front. A transport soldier and a sword(NCO sword T-95 ?), and the horse cap is cute. Maybe T-95 sword?
  4. Hi, Not Masayuki but Masamichi. Date: 甲申六月吉日 (June,1944) Mei: 山城国(Yamashiro no kuni = Kyoto)  正道作 (Masamichi saku). His family name is Morita.
  5. Hi, Attached paper of the Saya says the blade is Dotanuki .
  6. Hi, Nice Makie Box,and Waka poems. I also do not keep books on lacquer artists. The signature says 黙宗 (Mokusō + kao)(?).
  7. Hi, Maybe a good sword, The signature says "Higo-ju Tadatoshi" (肥後住忠利). Date is August 1943 (昭和十八年八月日) His family name is Kumabe 隈部
  8. Congratulations Mr,Ian B. Your Norishige sword on TV news in Japan . https://www3.nhk.or.jp/lnews/kagoshima/20220224/5050017950.html
  9. Hi, The 1st liner, 一五一六号 #1516 豊島様 (for)Mr,Toshima or Toyoshima or Tomishima. The 2nd one. #???13
  10. About the mei. Normal reading of the mei is SUKENOBU (亮信).
  11. Hi, His family name is Terada (寺田). Terada Morinobu (寺田盛延) was RJT smith.
  12. Hi, Rare yari, i think. 酒蔵正吉作 (Sakakura Masayoshi)
  13. Hi, The signature says Takeyama Yoshiomi  (武山義臣)
  14. 城蘓岳 Jo Sogaku. Maybe Jo is a family name ,Sogaku is a pen name. Sogaku means Aso mountain,kumamoto.
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