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  1. Hi, Maekawa Kanetsugu 前川兼継作之 Seki smith ,WW2
  2. Yes, Nagato. 長門国住藤原廣太郎 Nagato-no-kuni -ju, Fujiwara Hirotaro.
  3. Hi, Mei says Yurakusai (遊洛斎) .
  4. Hi, Mei says Kataoka Kunihiro 片岡国廣 . Seki smith,WWII.
  5. Hi, 二龍争玉松間月 Ni ryu tama o arasou sho-kan no tsuki. Meaning is: The Moon between two pine trees looks like Two dragons fighting for a gem.
  6. Hi, Date is August,1939.(昭和己卯年八月日),Showa 14th year, August.
  7. Hi, It's not a Mon but nameplate. It's carved as family name YOSHIDA (よしだ).
  8. Hi, Kogatana mei says Ozaki Gengouemon Suketaka. 尾崎源五右衛門助隆
  9. Hi, 三重県人会 林正弥君  To Mr,HAYASHI Masaya, From association of people from Mie Prefecture.
  10. Hi, It's a Waka poem on Heike-monogatari(The Tale of the Heike). ほととぎす名をも雲井に上ぐるかな、弓張月の射るにまかせて。 Hototogisu na o mo kumoi ni aguru kana, Yumi-hari-zuki no iru ni ma ka se te.
  11. hi, The actual date on the nakago is Tensho 11th or 12nd year, 2nd month (1583/1584)to me,
  12. Hi, 1976-- The sayagaki was written. An important date is Tensho 10th year, 2nd month(1582).
  13. Hi, The Kanji reading on the twitter is also wrong. Correct answer is: 裏年紀好資料之一也  The date of Ura-side is one of excellent material (of this smith).
  14. Yes, 7th,1860. by Chikuyo-sai Tomochika.
  15. Hi, Maybe it says Inaba 伊奈波 . But it's very unskillful characters.
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