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    Collector of art, dolls, and nihonto related to Japanese women warriors. Currently looking for naginata and Kaiken tanto. Also tosogu with portrayals of famous or literary or mythical women.

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  1. Hi, I would be interested the 3 piece Haynes index and also the Yari book. Cheers, Kathleen
  2. Hi, Stephan. I may be interested in this whole group. What are the shipping costs to San Francisco in the USA? Cheers, Kathleen
  3. Recover well, Brian! Good vibes ordered, Kathleen
  4. Just wondering what the "shindig line" is ...
  5. Beautiful tanto! Congratulations!
  6. I'm considering going, since I live here in San Francisco. I haven't left the house in 3 months, though, and I don't know if I'll feel any safer until I have a vaccine. ????
  7. Happy birthday, Grev! I love the fox samurai tsuba!
  8. Warrantso, The purpose is protection. Like deodorant. Only sharper. I think I'm getting corono-giddy...
  9. Nooooo PLEASE keep posting Malcolm. I am another ukiyo-e lover, and I find your posts delightful!
  10. Malcolm, that Chikanobu print is also one of my favorites. Some castles were known to use women from samurai families as guards. I think the women in the print, rather than fighting the fire, are guarding the evacuation from the castle.
  11. I like #2, far and away. Both the positive and negative spaces share a flow and a delicacy. In the others, the tree trunk is too heavy and clunky. #5 looks like someone took a bite out of it.
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